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Sonic and the Secret Rings

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Title Screen

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: March 15, 2007
Released in US: February 20, 2007
Released in EU: March 2, 2007
Released in AU: March 8, 2007

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Created so Wii owners wouldn't feel left out when Sonic '06 released (contain your laughter), Sonic and the Secret Rings is the first game in the Sonic Storybook Series, taking place in the Arabian book of One Thousand and One Nights. Sonic gets a flame arrow to the chest that counts down to his death, forcing him to collect the seven World Rings to survive.

Unused Audio

To do:
Document remaining unused audio.


Sonic has a number of unused voice clips. One seems to be for leveling up, and others feature Sonic calling out for the game's elements of wind, darkness, and fire. Notably, in Japanese Sonic says "Hell!" for darkness.

String Name English Audio Japanese Audio Transcript
Level up!
Darkness! (Hell!)

Menu Descriptions

There are a plethora of unused voice clips wherein Sonic describes the game and its main menu to the player, like the cast does in the Sonic Adventure games or Omochao does in Sonic Heroes. A cute detail is that Sonic has a line for wishing the player a happy birthday based on their Wii system's birthday data.

String Name English Audio Japanese Audio Transcript
Let's go on an adventure into the world inside the book!
This is Single-Player Mode.
This is where you get to play through the game's story.
This is Versus Mode!
You can even play this mode by yourself.
Play different minigames here!
Extra Mode!
This is where you can check out all the cool stuff you collected.
Check out all the cool stuff you collected!
SYS03_H03_SN Options!
SYS03_H04_SN You can change the game settings here.
SYS03_H05_SN You can change different game settings.
Select a game file.
Select a file to load.
SYS04_H05_SN Select "new" to start a new game.
Is this the file you want?
Is this okay?
Hold the Wii Remote sideways.
To play this game, you gotta hold the Wii Remote sideways.
To play this game, hold the Wii Remote forward.
Disconnect the Nunchuk from the Wii Remote.
Choose a world!
Choose a world to play!
Select a mission you wanna play.
Select a mission and let's go!
Choose a mission!
Are you ready?
This okay?
Are you all set?
Yeah, you got it!
Level up!
Cool! New minigame unlocked!
SYS13_H01_SN Now there's more missions to select from!
SYS14_H01_SN You can select more worlds now!
SYS15_H01_SN Sand Oasis, the desert world!
SYS15_H03_SN Dinosaur Jungle, the prehistoric forest!
SYS15_H05_SN Evil Foundry, the blazing castle!
SYS15_H07_SN Levitated Ruin, the floating skyway!
SYS15_H09_SN Pirate Storm, the fierce whirlwind!
SYS15_H11_SN Skeleton Dome, the mysterious lost kingdom!
SYS15_H13_SN Night Palace, the mysterious floating castle!
SYS15_H15_SN You gotta learn the game's basic controls.
SYS15_H16_SN You wanna customize my skills?
SYS16_H01_SN Select a deck.
SYS17_H01_SN Equip this deck?
SYS17_H03_SN Customize this deck?
SYS18_H01_SN You need more Skill Points.
SYS19_H01_SN I can't equip this skill!
SYS20_H01_SN I can't use this skill.
SYS21_H01_SN Ready?
SYS22_H01_SN Are you sure you wanna restart?
SYS23_H01_SN Are you really sure?
SYS24_H03_SN Select something you wanna view!
SYS24_H05_SN Select the special thing you wanna view!
SYS25_H01_SN Listen to the game's music.
SYS26_H01_SN Check out the in-game movies.
SYS27_H01_SN Let's listen!
SYS28_H01_SN Choose a movie to watch.
SYS29_H01_SN Darn! That's not selectable yet.
SYS30_H02_SN Wanna play this?
SYS30_H03_SN This one okay?
SYS31_H01_SN Choose a setting to change!
SYS32_H01_SN You can change your TV display.
SYS33_H01_SN You can tweak the sound settings.
SYS34_H01_SN You can turn Wii Remote vibration on and off.
SYS35_H01_SN You can switch save files.
SYS36_H01_SN You can change language and voice.
SYS37_H01_SN You can change the game's language.
SYS38_H01_SN You can change TV display settings.
SYS39_H01_SN Select Wii Remote vibration setting.
SYS40_H01_SN Choose the characters' language.
SYS42_H00_SN Select the on-screen language.
SYS44_H00_SN Select a language.
SYS45_H01_SN You can turn WiiConnect24 on and off.
SYS47_H00_SN Do you wanna delete your Sonic and the Secret Rings data?
SYS47_H01_SN Do you wanna delete your game data?
SYS48_H01_SN This will delete your adventure data.
SYS49_H02_SN Do you really wanna delete your Adventure Mode data?
SYS50_H01_SN Are you sure you wanna delete this?
SYS51_H01_SN Are you sure you wanna delete this file?
SYS52_H01_SN Choose your sound setup.
SYS53_H01_SN Select your TV setup.
SYS54_H01_SN Do you wanna make a new file?
SYS55_H01_SN Start without saving?
SYS56_H01_SN Are you sure you wanna format?
SYS57_H01_SN Something's gone wrong!
Happy birthday!
SYS58_H06_SN You've got mail!
SYS58_H08_SN You've got a new message!