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I mostly search for debug menus and unused stuff in some of my favorite games then find a way to enable them. Below is what I have found so far. More neat findings will be added in time. Feel free to contact me about anything on my talk page or my Twitter.


Contributions / Discoveries

Nintendo 64

  • BattleTanx Unused levels + weapons + pickups + hidden cheats.
  • Buck Bumble Discovered a hidden cheat that doesn't require a cheat device.
  • Famista 64 Debug menus x2 + sound test menu + unused function.
  • Flying Dragon 40 hidden passwords + 4 unused passwords + unused character.
  • Glover Unused main menu + extra levels in the level select menu.
  • Jet Force Gemini Unused weapon + Kiosk demo unused song not in final release + debug cheats + unused hires mode + debug objects.
  • Star Fox 64 Unused Shield (later in the 3DS version) + unused planet paths + unused voices + unused laser types + unused engine color.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Debug save file + leftover stuff from OoT. Sun's Song, Saria's song, animations, triforce transition, items, probably more that I forgot.


PlayStation 2

  • Air Debug mode.
  • Catwoman Debug menu, level select menu, debug camera.
  • Dark Cloud Debug menu x3 + debug camera x2 + debug modes.
  • Die Hard: Vendetta Discovered several hidden cheats and unused cheats for the PlayStation 2 version.
  • Everblue Unused opening sequence + unused text.
  • Gungrave Debug menu + camera debug tool.
  • I/O Debug menu.
  • Interlude Debug mode / menu + progressive display mode.
  • Shinobi Debug menu + 2 unused maps.
  • SSX Debug display + hidden cheats.
  • War of the Monsters Unused levels + text + network mode findings. Found an entire section of hidden cheats as well.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Portable


Games That Use The Same Debug System

A.I's Debug System (N64)

Likely first started in Bomberman Hero.


It's not clear what developer made this engine.

Eighting's Debug Engine

GZMVS Visual Novel Engine

This engine is possibly created by Visual Art's. This might have first appeared in Air (PlayStation 2)

HuneX's Debug System (v2)

Likely first started in Duel Savior Destiny. Try looking for something like "H3D VER 1.01 / UPDATE 2004.01.22", "DEBUG", "MEMORY", or "SCRIPT JUMP KINSI" to see if a game may have this mode.

KID's Visual Novel Engine (v1)

Likely first started in the PlayStation game, Yume no Tsubasa

KID's Visual Novel Engine (v2)

Likely first started in Pizzicato Polka: Suisei Genya (PlayStation 2).

Koei's Hanakanaru Engine

Metro's Debug Engine

The first version of this engine likely started in Dance Summit 2001: Bust A Move.

Saffire's Debug System (N64)

Unknown Debug System

It's not clear what developer first made this engine.

Games That Have Possible Debug Menus

Stuff that I'll probably never get around to doing.


  • Getter Love!! Cho Renai Party Game has text from test scenarios or a debug menu if I remember correctly.
  • Centre Court Tennis has text for a debug display that gets enumerated at run-time iirc.


  • All of the 3DO Army Men games for PlayStation 2 have debug menus that need to be re-hooked in order to work again.
  • Tales of the Abyss (PlayStation 2) Might have a debug menu. At 00BC1950 in RAM is handful of debug text.
  • Yumeria has several somewhere. My notes label function 0x00199ED8 as a "battle debug".


Game Notes / Random Codes

Random code stuff I've made for myself to aid my TCRF research. They might be of use to someone.

More codes can be found over here that I've made as well.

Nintendo 64

007: The World Is Not Enough (Nintendo 64) Prototype

Replaces FPS.Position With Memory Debug Info
80007CDD 0002
81007CDE 0106
L+A For Debug Menu In Main Menu
D10EA228 8020
810EAEE2 9170

Choukuukan: Night Pro Yakyuu King (N64)

List of uncalled functions:


Dinosaur Planet 64

Toggle byte at 0x800B4A58 to cause a respawn.
Byte at 0x805C3C5B is the current player. 00 = Fox, 01 = Krystal
Player address at 0x804EC674. Below are some known locations in the player context:

+ 0x8 = Player size
+ 0xC = X Axis
+ 0x10 = Y Axis
+ 0x14 = Z Axis
+ 0x360 = Animation ID (16-bit)

Levitate Version 1 (Press L)
814EA390 0802
814EA392 6C2D
814EA394 8FBC
814EA396 0030
8109B0B4 8FBF
8109B0B6 0034
8109B0B8 3C04
8109B0BA 800A
8109B0BC 8484
8109B0BE 7DC0
8109B0C0 2405
8109B0C2 0020
8109B0C4 14A4
8109B0C6 0003
8109B0C8 8606
8109B0CA 0010
8109B0CC 24C6
8109B0CE 0025 < change this value lower if you go too high
8109B0D0 A606
8109B0D2 0010
8109B0D4 0813
8109B0D6 A8E6
8109B0D8 0000
8109B0DA 0000
Levitate Version 2 (Press L)
814EA390 0802
814EA392 6C2D
814EA394 8FBC
814EA396 0030
8109B0B4 8FBF
8109B0B6 0034
8109B0B8 3C04
8109B0BA 800A
8109B0BC 8484
8109B0BE 7DC0
8109B0C0 2405
8109B0C2 0020
8109B0C4 14A4
8109B0C6 0003
8109B0C8 8606
8109B0CA 0010
8109B0CC 00C5
8109B0CE 3022
8109B0D0 A606
8109B0D2 0010
8109B0D4 0813
8109B0D6 A8E6
8109B0D8 0000
8109B0DA 0000

If one of these codes throws you under the map, try the other version.

Press D-Pad Down to Teleport Tricky to Player
814FD888 0802
814FD88A 6C37
8109B0DC 3C02
8109B0DE 800A
8109B0E0 8442
8109B0E2 7DC0
8109B0E4 2403
8109B0E6 0400
8109B0E8 1443
8109B0EA 0007
8109B0EC 8E5C
8109B0EE 00E4
8109B0F0 8F82
8109B0F2 000C
8109B0F4 8F83
8109B0F6 0010
8109B0F8 8F9C
8109B0FA 0014
8109B0FC AE42
8109B0FE 0000
8109B100 AE43
8109B102 0004
8109B104 AE5C
8109B106 0008
8109B108 8E45
8109B10A 0000
8109B10C 0813
8109B10E F624
8109B110 8E46
8109B112 0008

Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 2: Oni Shuurai! Shiren-jou!

Notes page.

Harvest Moon 64

USA code:

Map Modifier (Hold L when entering an area)
D113D456 0020
8106E884 2402
D113D456 0020
8106E886 ????
D113D456 0000
8106E884 9022
D113D456 0000
8106E886 47C0

0056 might be unused.

Jet Force Gemini USA

Hires Mode + Hires Widescreen Toogle
810A392E 01C0
810A3932 0150
810A3936 0140
810A393A 00F0
800A3943 0003
810A3956 01C0
810A395A 0150
810A395E 0140
810A3962 00B4
800A396B 0003
all weapons
800A5078 0001
infinite ammo
800A5074 0001
infinite health
800A5070 0001
all levels
800A5068 0001
disable cross-hairs (SubDrag)
800A508C 0001
Unknown cheat spot? (game reads this when entering a map / level - not sure what this does)
800A507C 0001
All Cheats Unlocked In Options
800FF392 00FF
Music Mod
800A0698 00??
Debug Mode (Kiosk Version)
800A3B24 0001

PlayStation 2

10,000 Bullets (EU)

Press L3 for Debug Menu
D0A1963C 0000FFFD
207FB464 00000000

Text is invisible in this menu. Below is the text that would have appeared:


007: Nightfire (PS2)

Car Missions:

On Foot Missions:

Multiplayer Levels:

120-en no Haru: 120 Yen Stories [SLPM-65843]

Unlock Everything - You will need to play each route once to unlock everything in that character route select.
20132E24 0C73AA40
21CEA900 ADE40A00
21CEA904 ADE40A04
21CEA908 ADE40A08
21CEA910 03E00008
21CEA914 ADE40A10
2013A494 AE600080
2013A4B4 AE600084
2015AF5C 00000000
2015D98C AEA00068
First Image in CG Mode Replace
101E1708 0000xxxx

Abarenbou Princess [SLPM-65054]

Unlock Every Main Menu Option. This unlocks all the treasure, cards, 3D viewer, pictures and sound test options.
00516270 00000001
2022B4E8 03E00008
2022B4EC 24020001
20228260 AC520008
20228294 AC49000C
202282CC AC490010
20228304 AC490014
2022833C AC490018
D03EB590 00000024
2016DFE4 A4E40000
D03EB590 00006AD8
2016DFE4 A4E30000
2016DFE8 A4430002
20160BA4 00000000

Akai Itou

0048E904: Current images loaded in CG mode. (Not real IDs)
00232570: Image IDs from disc (16 bit). Replace with other IDs to get a different image. Max images appear to be 0x0808

Unlock All CG (Probably only works if you have no save data)
0014CF32 00000046

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia (USA)

Force Play Event L3+R3 (while on a field location)
10D253FE 0000????
201984F0 5040000B
201984F0 00000000
Force Enemy Encounter
201D3EF0 2405????
Overworld Character Mod
10D27BF0 0000????
Aurica: Let's read a Book Graphic Mod
10813E74 0000????
00AF = Japanese Help pages
Unlock Extra Options stuff:
All Cards + Monsters
20C565E0 01010101
20C565E4 01010101
20C565E8 01010101
20C565F8 01010101
20C565FC 01010101
20C56600 01010101
20C56604 01010101
20C56608 01010101
20C5660C 01010101
20C56610 01010101
20C56618 01010101
20C5661C 01010101
20C56620 01010101
20C56624 01010101
20C56628 01010100
20C5662C 01010101
20C5663C 01010101
20C56640 01010101
20C56644 01010101
20C5664C 01010101
20C56650 01010101
20C56654 01010101
20C56658 01010101
20C5665C 01010101
20C566B0 01010101
20C566B4 01010101
20C566B8 01010101
20C566BC 01010101
All Music
20C56AE8 01010101
20C56AEC 01010101
20C56AF0 01010101
20C56AF4 01010101
20C56AF8 01010101
20C56AFC 01010101
20C56B00 01010101
20C56B04 01010101
20C56B08 01010101
20C56B0C 01010101
20C56B10 01010101
20C56B14 01010101
20C56B18 01010101
20C56B1C 01010101
20C56B20 01010101
20C56B24 01010101
20C56B28 01010101
20C56B2C 01010101
20C56B30 01010101
20C56B34 01010101
20C56B38 01010101
20C56B3C 01010101
20C56B40 01010101
20C56B44 01010101
20C56B48 01010101
20C56B4C 01010101
20C56B50 01010101
All Movies
20C56AC8 01010101
20C56ACC 01010101
20C56AD0 01010101
20C56AD4 01010101
20C56AD8 01010101
20C56ADC 01010101
20C56AE0 01010101
20C56AE4 01010101
All Gallery
20C56A64 01010101
20C56A68 01010101
20C56A6C 01010101
20C56A70 01010101
20C56A74 01010101
20C56A78 01010101
20C56A7C 01010101
20C56A80 01010101
20C56A84 01010101
20C56A88 01010101
20C56A8C 01010101
20C56A90 01010101
20C56A94 01010101
20C56A98 01010101
20C56A9C 01010101
20C56AA0 01010101
20C56AA4 01010101
20C56AA8 01010101
20C56AAC 01010101
20C56AB0 01010101
20C56AB4 01010101
20C56AB8 01010101
20C56ABC 01010101
20C56AC0 01010101
20C56AC4 01010101

Atelier Iris Eternal Mana (USA)

Mixing debug < put this on the wiki sometime
201ABCF4 0C065AE4
Giant Player Sprite
20FA4CDC 40800000
20FA4CE0 40800000
Art01 (image in gallery replacement)
109C2FB4 0000????
00a0 - ???
00b0 from dev's computer
Remove Gallery Assets (turn on inside gallery to see full image)
2019D33C 00000000
2019D674 00000000
2019D678 00000000
2019D680 00000000
2019D684 00000000
Player Sprite Modifier (in town maps)
10FA4C18 0000???? (might be 10FA4C1A 0000???? I can't remember)

Atelier Iris 2 (USA)

Replaces the song "Grueling Spirits" with "Duke of Stratosphere" from Atelier Iris 1 in Bonus's Music option.
2046667C 00000049
20466688 00725E18
2046668C 007CF4C8
Replace "Image Board" in Gallery
0068B9DC 000000??
1F - 21 unused
24 unused from first game
26 ??
37 - ???
46 ??
4C from first game?

Atelier Iris 3 (USA)

Test Message thing (triangle in game)
201E80B4 0C0510A5
Unlock extra option at main menu
00B3B84F 00000003
Force Enemy Encounter Type (might be some unused enemies)
208FFF00 2404????
208FFF04 AFC40000
208FFF08 AFC50004
208FFF0C 03E00008
201F51B0 0C23FFC0
201F51B4 00000000
Force Background in Battle (might be some unused BG graphics)
208FFF14 240F????
208FFF18 A60F0162
208FFF1C 8FCF0000
208FFF20 85EF0162
208FFF24 03E00008
201F4CD8 0C23FFC5
201F4CDC 00000000
Overworld Char Mod
10C05C70 0000????

008F6AB4 party members
03 = Ewan (beta?) has mug as a skill

Big Characters
20C05C7C 3FFFB852
20C05C80 3FFF999A

Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd

Unlock all characters
00388250 000000FF

Unlock All Stages
1038825C 0000FFFF

Bloody Roar 3 (USA/JP)

USA Codes

Re-enable Debug Menu In USA Version
2016D56C 0C060118
2016D570 00000000

With the above code on, simply enter Practice Mode.

JP Codes

Normal Debug Menu Modifier
001F3819 0000000?

Replace ? with:
5 = model viewer mode
6 = another model viewer mode (in a test map)
7 = image viewer mode
8 = another viewer mode

To get to the debug menu in the Japanese version, press L2 + Circle over the Options menu.

Here are a few screenshots of the modes.

Dance Summit 2001: Bust A Move (SLPM-62029)

Debug Menu (Replaces Option > sound menu)
E0024638 01EF69E8
21EF69EC 00244418
002444E8 00000002

Teammode replace (in main menu, enter option with code on)
202770A0 ????????

???????? =
00252718 level editor
0024ED68 model / animation viewer

Here is a few screenshots of the debug menus.

Dark Cloud (JP Store Demo PAPX-90501)

Master Code
901163D8 0C04589E

Run-time debug menu
001409AC 00000007
20140A28 10000005

Dungeon debug menu (press L3 in dungeon)
D1C56C82 0000FFFD
202860E0 000000DC

Remove Demo Time Limit
20142020 03E00008
20142024 0000102D

Dragon Quest VIII

US codes:
203D19B0 40A00000

Fast running
10185028 00004040

Gigantic Heroes
20B3C380 3FF00000
20B3C384 3FF00000
20B3C388 3FF00000
20B3D2A0 3FF00000
20B3D2A4 3FF00000
20B3D2A8 3FF00000

JP codes:

Max Stats
203EA830 000003e8
203EA860 03E803E8
203EA864 03E803E8
203EA930 03E803E8
203EA934 03E803E8
203EA898 000003e8
203EA8C8 03E803E8
203EA8CC 03E803E8

203B263C 40A00000

Run Faster
10187174 00003EFF
101871A4 00004000

Disable Random Encounters
20181F44 00000000

Camera Height address 0x00B34C54

Double Wish

Unlock Omake Menu
201E36A8 00000004

Unlock All CG
2012A5E4 0C0589BE
2012A5E8 2402FFFF
201626F8 A0621720
201626FC 90621720
20162700 03E00008
20162704 00A21006

Ephemeral Fantasia (USA)

Enable Test Battle At All Times (NsEncount_GetHandleTest)
2023820C 00000000

Start a battle with the above code for it to take effect.

While the above code is active:

Monster 1 Modifier
1034D9A0 0000????

Monster 2 Modifier
1034D9A8 0000????

Monster 3 Modifier
1034D9B0 0000????

Monster 4 Modifier
1034D9B8 0000????

Fatal Frame (USA)

Enable Debug Menus
D0252402 0000FFFB
00343074 00000009
D0252402 0000FFFB
00357BEA 00000000
202131C0 00000000
00214FD8 0000000D
D0252402 0000FFFD
0025237C 0000000C
D0252402 0000FEFF
0025237C 00000004
D0252402 0000FDFF
0025237C 0000000A
1021C348 00004E32
20352E28 003FFFF4
203FFFF4 DFBF0000
203FFFF8 08087262
203FFFFC 27BD0010
D0252402 00007FFF
0025237C 00000009
20352E24 003FFFE8
203FFFE8 DFBF0000
203FFFEC 08087366
203FFFF0 27BD0010

With the above code on, at the main menu, press:

  • R3 for root debug menu.
  • L3 for Debug Menu.
  • R2 for Free Mode debug menu.
  • Square for alternate Battle Mode debug menu.
  • L2 to return to main menu.

Here are a few screenshots of these menus.

Galaxy Angel (SLPM-65254)

Unlock All Images In CG Album (might only work on a new game)
0094FADC 00000001
4094FAE0 000F0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000

Galerians: Ash (SLES-51343)

Debug Menu
201BEED0 00000000
201BEED8 0C04A9BA
201BEED0 10800003
201BEED8 0C071BE2

Menu is invisible but still works. Controller 2 is needed to toggle / navigate menu. Press L3 in game to enable, R3 to disable.

Gladius (USA)

0051B8F4 00000001  UIStretch  - works
0051C0E8 00000001 BattleHumanVsHuman Always set the second team up as a second human player
0051C0F0 00000001 BattleAIVsAI Always set the first team up as a second AI player
0051C0F0 00000001 BattlePlayerAsAI Always set the first team up as a second AI player. Give prizes as if regular player
0051B91C 00000001 DbgRndPlacement Force random placement on formation screen
0051B914 0000000? BattleAISimDebug AI Attack Sim Console Log - 1=summary 2=full
0051B918 00000001 BattleAISkillFloatText Draw AI active skill floattext when giving orders. 1 = yes (default), 0 = no
0051BC3C 00000001 BattleAutoWin Force team 0 to always win  works
0051B90C 00000001 ShopItemDebug Show equipment allowances and equipment styles in the shop
0051B910 0000000? BadWeather Force rain or snow  - works
0051BA44 00000001 ItemsNoUgly Ugly items are not equipable
0051B904 00000001 CutSceneLoop Loop CutScenes Until Square
0051B8FC 00000001 TurboGameMode Speed through game  - works
0051B900 00000001 TurboStoryMode Speed Through Story  - works
0051B8F0 00000001 ShowVersion Show version info on main menu - works
0051BC40 0000000? KeroCursorDrawMode 0=both 1=grid 2=spinning  - works
0051BC1C 00000001 KeroFXTest Temporarily play the stun FX on all characters for testing (doesn't work)
0051BC20 00000001 KeroNoDeath Restore all hit points when a death would occur  - works
0051BC10 00000001 KeroVideocapture Minimal extra drawing works disables HUD - works
2051BC30 00000001 KeroAlwaysHit 1=Always hit in battle, -1=Always miss  - works
0051BC38 00000001 KeroMetersNormal Meters always return NORMAL - works
0051A9E8 00000001 KeroDebugMenu Access debug options in the pause menu - works

Guncom 2 (EU)

Debug Menu Enable
20299AE8 00000001

Not fully sure what buttons active the menu, but you need to press certain buttons in order to bring up the menu in game. The text is corrupted via emulation. It is possible the font for it has been removed.

Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo - Harukaze no Okurimono [SLPM-55263]

Unlock everything
003C4A93 00000001
203C4A94 01010101
203C4A98 01010101
2010B090 03E00008
2010B094 24030001
First Image in Gallery Replace
103B2BA8 0000xxxx (real values start somewhere around 71E0 I think)

Happy! Happy!! Boarders in Hokkaido

NPC editor menu located at: 00143520 (npc_edit_task). Expects something in A0 (probably a RAM location) and V0 (probably something related to controller inputs).

0014D610 DebugDataDisp

Hermina to Culus: Lilie no Atelier Mou Hitotsu no Monogatari (SLPM-62122)

All Omake
404A0380 00770001
01010101 00000000

Hoshigari Empusa

_00HOSI_DEBUG - Select first menu option, but it doesn't seem to load graphics
20292AA0 4830305F
20292AA4 5F49534F
20292AA8 55424544
20292AAC 43532E47
20292AB0 00000052

Jet Ion GP (EU)

Debug mode. Restart current race with this on
205C13CC 00000005

Jonny Moseley Mad Trix

USA codes:

Toggle the following when in-game (replaces pause menu):

Debug Menu (L3 + D-Pad Up)
E008FFEB 00382442
202E4168 75626544
202E416C 654D2067
202E4170 0000756E
202E4174 00000000
20158D6C 00000000
10158DB4 00000011
00158DAC 00000020
20158DBC 24020010

Culling Menu (L3 + D-Pad Right)
E008FFDB 00382442
202E4168 6C6C7543
202E416C 20676E69
202E4170 756E654D
202E4174 00000000
20158D6C 00000000
10158DB4 00000011
00158DAC 00000020
20158DBC 24020010

Physics Menu (L3 + D-Pad Left)
E008FF7B 00382442
202E4168 73796850
202E416C 20736369
202E4170 756E654D
202E4174 00000000
20158D6C 00000000
10158DB4 00000001
00158DAC 00000020
20158DBC 24020004

Pause Menu (L3 + D-Pad Down)
E008FFBB 00382442
202E4168 656D6147
202E416C 75615020
202E4170 4D206573
202E4174 00756E65
10158DB4 0000008C
00158DAC 00000064
20158DBC 24420010
20158D6C 0C0589F0

Kaitou Apricot Kanzenban

New Game = Debug Mode (System Flag doesn't work)
205359E4 07808910
205359E8 808A1000
205359EC 8B10001E

Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix

Master Code
901EB8D8 0C07ADDE
Replace Options Menu (from main menu) with Level Select + Camera Debugger
2020F8AC 00140518

A screenshot of the mode.

Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix 2

Master Code
9030AC58 0C0C2ABE
Debug Camera Mode (Press L2 + R2 in game to enable, L3 to disable)
D0830DC2 0000FCFF
20466E54 00000004
D0830DC2 0000FFFD
20466E54 00000001
Debug Info Display (Displays door names, enemy names, spawn points, etc)
201AD7A4 1000020C
201ADFE8 00000000

A screenshot of these modes.

With Debug Camera on, press select to enter the camera menu.

Like the first game, there is a free camera cheat as well.

  • 1. Pause the game with SELECT (1st controller).
  • 2. On the 2nd controller now, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O.

Klonoa_2-2001-06-04 SLUS-28004

Press L3 For Debug Menu
D034FC82 0000FFFD
20303F38 00000001

Legaia 2: Duel Saga

Enable Debug Mode (USA Version)
204A4200 00000000

With the above code on, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to bring the debug menu on screen. You can also press R2 for debug memory usage information and Select + Start for another debug option.

Love Drops

All Gallery
4028205C 00060001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
10282074 0000FFFF
00282076 000000FF

All Music

Need for Speed: Underground 2 (USA)

Improve all cars' performance
20309B5C 3C014010
Track mod
20548600 0000xxyy
xx= game mode
0F = circuit
10 = sprint
11 street x
12 underground
yy= level (these have really odd values)
Super NOS
2030A68C 3C020020
2030A690 34420000
2030A694 00000000
2030A698 00000000
2030A69C 00000000
2030A6A0 00000000
2030A6A4 00000000

Majokko A La Mode

Apply the below code to unlock all special menu items.

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
901A9A38 0C06A636

Unlock All Special Menu Items
202D614C 00000004
201339A8 0C05A920
2016A480 A04119A0
2016A484 03E00008
2016A488 904319A0
20133938 0C05A923
2016A48C 24040001
2016A490 A0441508
2016A494 03E00008
2016A498 90441508

Modifying the 16 bit value at memory address 0x001EC794 will change the second row image in the CG gallery to something else.

Mega Man X: Command Mission (E3 Version)

Enable Debug Menus
2017C2A8 00000000
D0430B02 0000FBFF
2040E994 00000001
D0430B02 0000F7FF
2040E994 00000004
D0430B02 0000FEFF
2040E994 00000005
D0430B02 0000FDFF
2040E994 00000006
D0430B02 0000FFFE
2040E994 00000007
D0430B02 0000FFF7
2040E994 00000008
D0430B02 0000EFFF
2040E994 00000002
D0430B02 0000DFFF
2040E994 00000003
D0430B02 00007FFF
2040E994 00000009

While the game is booting up, press and hold one of the following buttons:

  • Hold L1 for Stage Select.
  • Hold R1 for Battle Debug.
  • Hold L2 for Music Test.
  • Hold R2 for Cutscene Viewer.
  • Hold Select for Face Test.
  • Hold Start for Message Test.
  • Hold Triangle for Edit Mode.
  • Hold Circle for ???.
  • Hold Square for GFX Test.

Here are a few screenshots of these modes.

Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy (USA)

Saved In Map Modifier (save game with this code on))
10E38DA0 0000???? 00EE - 012F all unused
Save Coordinates (position for the map you saved it - all float points)
20E38DA8 ????????
20E38DA4 ????????
20E38DAC ????????
Force Enemy Encounter
201ECC1C 2410????

Natsu Shoujo: Promised Summer

Unlock All Omake
2021F274 00000001
201319EC 0806DD74
201319F0 2402FFFF
201B75D0 AC620008
201B75D4 8C620008
201B75D8 0804C67D
201B75DC 00A21007

Oni 2

Display Debug Info
204D5D50 00000001

Persona 3 FES USA

Level modifier codes. Cutscene modifier codes

Puyo Puyo Fever (Japanese PS2 Demo)

Press L2 + Circle for options menu, or L1 + Circle for dev menu while in the main menu.
D03C77C2 0000FEFF
201CB388 00000000
D03C77C2 0000FBFF
201CB388 00000000
D03C77C2 0000FBFF
001CB368 00000004
D03C77C2 0000FFFF
201CB388 00002810
D03C77C2 0000FFFF
001CB368 00000003

Quartett! The Stage of Love

Apply the below code to unlock all extra options.

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
901157F0 0C0455A4

Unlock Everything
201E2644 00000001
2018C724 0C04AF64
2018C728 24010001
2012BD90 00431021
2012BD94 AC410CD0
2012BD98 03E00008
2012BD9C 8C420CD0
2012BDA0 00431021
2012BDA4 AC410C80
2012BDA8 03E00008
2012BDAC 8C420C80
2018B404 0C04AF68
2018B408 24010001

Rosario to Vampire Capu 2: Koi to Yume no Rhapsodia [SLPM-55189]

All Gallery and Music
40258A04 000B0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000

School Rumble [SLPS-25540]

Unlock All Gallery Images
201A2B84 24030041

Scarlett: Nichijou no Kyoukaisen [SLPM-55079]

Omake unlock
0053DF0C 00000001
All Chapters
104831AC 000003E8
All Chapters + nozomi story
204831AC 000F03E8
All Sanarara Short Story
004831B0 00000007
First Image Replace in CG Mode
102825F0 0000????
20168D54 00000000

Unused values for ???? can be found by clicking here.

Silent Hill 2 0.10

Main Game State (changes between game states. pause menu, in game, etc)
010F0888 000000??

Enable Title Test Modes (Main menu options open up. note: some levels will crash)
0116D788 000000??

01 = contains some levels to choose from
02 = contains only two levels

Change jump_menu_select modes
011B6990 000000xx

0B = starts you out with some items
91 = starts you out with even more items

Change "New Game" map to load
0033BE30 000000?? 

01 = stage_tgs_trial
02 = stage_toilet
03 = stage_observation
04 = stage_forest
05 = stage_town_east
06 = stage_apart_e1f
07 = stage_apart_e2f
08 = stage_toilet
09 = stage_apart_e3fe
0A = stage_apart_w1f
0B = stage_apart_w2f
0C = stage_apart_stair
0D = stage_apart_out
0E = stage_town_west
0F = stage_bowling
10 = stage_to_heaven
11 = stage_heaven_night
12 = stage_hospital_1f_f
13 = stage_hospital_2f_f
14 = stage_hospital_3f_f
15 = stage_hospital_rf_f
16 = stage_hospital_1fw_b
17 = stage_hospital_2f_b
18 = stage_hospital_3f_b
19 = stage_hospital_bf_b
1A = stage_hospital_pass
1B = stage_society
1C = stage_delusion_2
1D = stage_delusion_3
1E = stage_prison_n
1F = stage_prison_s
20 = stage_prison_bf
21 = stage_labyrinth_w
22 = stage_labyrinth_e
23 = stage_labyrinth_n
24 = stage_eddie_boss
25 = stage_lake
26 = stage_hotel_bf_f
27 = stage_hotel_1f_f
28 = stage_hotel_2f_f
29 = stage_hotel_3f_f
2A = stage_hotel_bf_b
2B = stage_hotel_1f_b
2C = stage_hotel_2f_b
2D = stage_hotel_3f_b
2E = stage_hotel_fire
2F = stage_end_recovery
30 = stage_end_maria
31 = stage_end_suicide
32 = stage_end_maria
33 = stage_end_dog

Unlimited Item Usage & Ammo
201ADA48 00000000

Enable Mini Map Button Combo (Press L2 + L3 to enable / change the mini map. Internally known as "enDrawRadar")
0122B315 00000001

Skip PSS videos
2028AE30 03E00008
2028AE34 0000102D

Replace New Game movie
D1F01F76 00002444
11F01F74 0000????

20A8 = toilet.pss
20A0 = saikai.pss
2098 = rouya.pss
2090 = open_voc.pss
2088 = open_bgm.pss
2080 = murder.pss
2078 = korosu_b.pss
2070 = korosu_a.pss
2068 = knife.pss
2060 = hei.pss
2058 = hakaba.pss
2050 = gero.pss
2048 = ending.pss
2040 = end_dog.pss
2038 = deai.pss

Fix Debug printf Messages
201E21A8 27BDFFF4
201E21AC AFA50000
201E21B0 AFA60004
201E21B4 AFA70008
201E21B8 8FA40000
201E21BC 8FA50004
201E21C0 8FA60008
201E21C4 0807C408
201E21C8 27BD000C
201C6AA0 0807886A
201C6AA4 00000000

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army (USA)

Debug Menu Kari (deactivate once on - doesn't work)
203B3194 002AFB90
20E0D55C 00000001
model viewer in game L3 + R3
D04FD1C2 0000FFF9
203B3194 0010DF88
201AEC38 0C068534
Enemy Encounter Modifier
20E0D558 0000xxxx

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (USA)

Notes page.

Shin Seiki Evangelion - Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku with Asuka Hokan Keikaku (SLPM-65334)

Minus the code "Force Display Image", everything should save to the memory card if you choose to save your game.

Master Code
901176F8 0C045D66

Force Display Image (in album mode)
201DE124 2402????
201DE13C 00000000

Unlock Asuka (In Main Menu)
0028D9C8 0000001F

AYANAMI Mode Codes:

All Event

All Ending

ASUKA Mode Codes:

All Asuka Ending

All Asuka Event

Sub Rebellion (USA)

Small Debug Menu R3 on, L3 off in options menu.
D0270C02 0000FFFB
20D34200 001E4808
D0270C02 0000FFFD
20D34200 001D7568

Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi

Only tested on the SLPS-25822 version.

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
901152D8 0C04545E

Unlock Everything
E0150000 0068AD2C
1068AD3C 00000101
0068AD3E 00000001
1068C21A 00000101
4068C220 001A0001
01010101 00000000
1068C284 00000101
0068C286 00000001
1068A978 00000101
1068AD2E 00000101
0068AD34 00000001
2068AD30 01010101
0068AD47 00000001
1068AD48 00000101
1068AD52 00000101
0068AD54 00000001
0068AD5D 00000001
1068AD5E 00000101
1068AD68 00000101
0068AD6A 00000001
0068AD73 00000001
1068AD74 00000101

Suzunone Seven: Rebirth Knot

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
90221C78 0C0886C6

All Extra Options Unlocked
004A53CA 000000FF
20173268 0C06C7E8
2017326C 020D6823
201B1FA0 2402FFFF
201B1FA4 A1C20BD0
201B1FA8 03E00008
201B1FAC 91CC0BD0

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Prototype

Music Mod
2011216C 240500??
Enable Invincible
205D56C8 00000001
Enable Infinity Ammo
205D56B0 00000001
Select + L1 to Disable Collisions, Select + L2 to Enable
D0639242 0000FBFE
205D56D0 00000000
D0639242 0000FDFE
205D56D0 00000001

Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced [SLPM-55052]

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
90110258 0C04403E
Unlock all Gallery (Doesn't save to memory card)
202AE0C8 2402FFFF
Unlock all Gallery (Saves to memory card)
202AE0C8 0C04F728
202AE0CC 2404FFFF
2013DCA0 AC440000
2013DCA4 8C420000
2013DCA8 03E00008
2013DCAC 00451024

The Sims 2

The below codes are for the USA version of the game. The text below follow this format: code to enable the developer option, developer label, developer comment

00520EF8 000000?? override_ngh_tutorial_stage Used to override the tutorial stage value in the ngh file
00520EF9 000000?? override_ngh_tutorial_house Used to override the tutorial house number in the ngh file
00520F20 00000001 enable_modal_dialog_timeout Used to let modal dialogs timeout for autotesting
00520EFC 00000001 enable_display_anim_names Used to display the current animations being played. Warning: doesn't work on ps2 currently
00520F00 00000001 enable_anim_preload_checks If this cheat is enabled it will check if animations have been preloaded before attempting to play it
00520F04 00000001 dont_check_savegame_version If enabled the savegame version check is ignored
enable_3d_wall_fade If enabled the 3d wall fade system is used instead of 2d system (enabled by default)
00520F0C 00000001 display_performance_metrics Used to display the fps and cpu
00520F10 00000001 display_text_boundaries Used to highlight the boundaries on the TV where text can't touch
00520F14 00000001 display_flash_messages Used to display flash output in optionmenu.cpp and charedpanel.cpp
00520F18 00000001 display_motive_values If enabled motive values are displayed as numbers
00520F1C 00000001 disable_edith_dialogs If set edith dialogs are disabled
00520F24 00000001 disable_object_highlighting If set object highlighting is disabled
00520F28 00000001 enable_test_text_screen.Enable to get text test screen instead of main menu
00520F2C 00000001 enable_help_screen_number_display Enable display of help screen number with pda
00520F30 00000001 mux_win32_emulates_xbox_buttons Enable for Win32 build to use Xbox button images
00520F34 00000001 mux_win32_emulates_ngc_buttons Enable for Win32 build to use NGC button images
00520F38 00000001 mux_win32_emulates_ps2asia_buttons Enable for Win32 build to use PS2 Asia button images
00520F3C 00000001 enable_flash_bounding_boxes Enable colored bounding boxes used by flash text
00520F40 00000001 enable_flash_debug_messages Enable flash debug messages to output window
00520F44 00000001 enable_apt_debugger Enable AptDebugger
00520F48 00000001 display_autonomy_score Display the relative autonomy score for all objects in the lot (for player 1's selected sim)
00520F4C 00000001 enable_hdd_support Enable hdd support (enabled by default)
00520F50 000000?? skip_to_lot if not 255 then skip mainmenu & cas and go straight into lot (1..16) specified
00520F54 00000001 use_flash_catalog Use Flash file for Catalog (enabled by default)
00520F58 00000001 use_flash_pause_menu Use Flash file for Pause Menu (enabled by default)
00520F5C 00000001 enable_lightweight_hud enable lightweight HUD - invisible hud
00520F60 00000001 wants_and_fears_log_autocapture Wants and Fears CUI log will automatically capture to a file
00520F64 00000001 enable_character_diagnotics Used to display diagnostic information on the current sim
00520F68 00000001 enable_build_past_fire_code If enabled can build without regard to fire code
00520F6C 00000001 skip_assert_waitforbutton If enabled will skip the WaitForButton code when ASSERTS occur
00520F70 00000001 default_vibration_off If enabled will disable vibration by default
00520F74 00000001 sequence_lots If enabled will transition lots after spending a random amount of time on each
20520F78 ???????? (float value?) sequence_lots_min_sec minimum time on sequenced lot (in secs.)
20520F7C ???????? (float value?) sequence_lots_max_sec maximum time on sequenced lot (in secs.)
00520F80 00000001 sequence_lots_ff If enabled will fast forward during in-lot time of sequencing lots
00520F84 00000001 force_auto_skin_change If enabled, the Sim will randomly change skin continuously
00520F88 00000001 enable_free_items If enabled all items don't cost any money when bought
00520F8C 00000001 enable_object_catalog If enabled the build/buy has all the objects in the game available
00520F90 00000001 show_selector_names If true, the build buy dialog shows selector names
00520F94 00000001 enable_clothing_catalog If enabled the CAS has all the clothing in the game available
00520F98 00000001 enable_unlock_all_xam_items If enabled all ringtones and xam skins appear in the xam
00520F9C 00000001 enable_unlock_all_lots If enabled all lots are unlocked
00520FA0 00000001 enable_freeplay_available If enabled freeplay mode is unlocked
00520FA4 00000001 enable_edith_debug_interactions If enabled all edith interactions flagged as debug only will be available
00520FA8 00000001 enable_all_objects_moveable If enabled all objects can be moved
00520FAC 00000001 enable_cheat_menu If enabled the cheat menu is available. Note that this is for the old cheat menu, which is only available if the exe is completed with USE_OLD_CHEAT_MENU defined
00520FB0 00000001 enable_build_buy If enabled the build buy is available
00520FB4 00000001 enable_unlock_all_lot_shopping_items If enabled all shopping items on items belonging to the current lot is available
00520FB8 00000001 disable_double_speed If enabled double speed is disabled
00520FBC 00000001 disable_player_inventory_requirements If enabled interactions and such that require certain items in inventory are available regardless
00520FC4 00000001 dump_action_queue_images If enabled, action queue images for every object will be generated when 'Development Menu' is selected on the main menu
00520FC0 00000001 force_rain Used to force rain effects on
00520FC8 00000001 god_mode If enabled disables motive decay, makes general cheats available on gnome, and turns on all item and money related cheats
00520FCC 00000001 enable_all_player_cheats If enabled, gnome is revealed and all player cheats are enabled
00520FD0 00000001 enable_development_menu If enabled, development menu is available on main menu
00520FE4 00000001 enable_default_as_male If enabled CAS starts of with a male character as default
00520FE8 00000001 enable_npc_editing If true, NPC configuration options will be available in CAS
00520FEC 00000001 enable_grandparent_editing If true, grandparent configuration options will be available in CAS
00520FF0 00000001 enable_costumes_editing If true, costumes configuration options will be available in CAS
00520FF4 00000001 enable_cas_circle_cheat Enable circle button to CAS shopping
00520FF8 00000001 enable_cas_extra_debug_info enable the availability of extra CAS debugging info, including the L1 debug menu
00520FFC 00000001 enable_cas_genetics_screen Go to the Genetics screen at CAS startup (as opposed to the traditional basics screen)
00521000 00000001 enable_sound If set enables sound. Otherwise sound is turned off
00521004 00000001 force_sync_head_revision_qdata If set it forces the head revision qdata to be used
00521008 00000001 skip_startup_movies If enabled the intro movies won't be played
0052100C 00000001 enable_wireframe_and_hotloads Enable to allow wireframes and hotloads
00486878 00000001 tree_sim_prim_profiling_on Remembers and toggles Tree Sim primitive profiling on or off.  Can also be set from the Edith Testing dialog
2048687C ???????? tree_sim_prim_threshhold Sets the time in ms before a prim Trace is triggered.  Can also be set from the Edith Testing dialog
20486880 ???????? tree_sim_tick_threshold Sets the time in ms before a tick Trace is triggered.  Can also be set from the Edith Testing dialog
00486884 00000001 tree_sim_prim_trace_only Edith Only: Signals Edith to trace only, not Treeassert.  Can also be set from the Edith Testing dialog
10486874 0000???? number_prims_per_tick_before_error Number of primitives a single object can execute in a tick before we consider it an error. Used to track large loops
00486738 00000001 use_scaled_interaction_choices Turns on smart range adjustments for sims.  When in good mood, picks from top 10 choices.  When in bad mood, picks from the top few
0048673C 00000001 dump_person_interaction_scores Causes the Simulator to output TFBA scoring and Sim Motives to the output window
00486740 000000?? (default 0x0A) dump_person_interaction_count Dumps the #n top scores for the Sim to the window
00521010 00000001 display_game_assets_in_cas For debugging in-game assets in CAS

Trouble Fortune Company * Happy Cure

Enable Code
90196BB8 0C065A96

Unlock All Memories and Omake Menu
401B8930 000E0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000

Unlock All CG Mode Images

Uchuu no Stellvia

Apply the below codes to unlock items in the Extra menu.

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
9016DE38 0C05B736

Unlock All Gallery
007B8E73 00000001
407B8E74 00200001
01010101 00000000

Unlock All Movies
107B8E1E 00000101
407B8E20 00140001
01010101 00000000
107B8E70 00000101
007B8E72 00000001

Unlock All Cards
407B8D90 00230001
01010101 00000000
107B8E1C 00000101

Unlock Voice Previewer & Simulator Room
107B8F0C 0000FFFF

Virtua Fighter 4

Notes page.

Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary

There's several unused stages here. I'm not sure what they all are though.

force stage
20734808 000000??

00 = ROM
01 = NYC
02 = CAS
03 = SUI / AQUARIUM unused
06 = WAV / WAV STAGE unused
07 = TEST1 / TRI1 STAGE no music
0D = DEBUG1 / DEBUG1 STAGE < glitched opening cutscene
0E = DEBUG2 / DEBUG1 STAGE < glitched opening cutscene same as above?
18 = VF01
19 = VF02
1A = VF03
1B = VF04
1C = VF05
1D = VF06
1E = VF07
1F = VF08
20 = VF09
21 = ROM_OLD
22 = NYC_OLD 
23 = CAS_OLD
24 = SUI_OLD < probably unused
25 = YAM_OLD
26 = UMI_OLD
27 = DUR_OLD
28 = DJO_OLD
29 = GDN_OLD

Warriors of Might and Magic (USA)

Put controller 1 as keyboard
10133E04 00002D08

This sorta enables a debug menu when pressing d-pad left. It doesn't enable the other modes.

Way Of The Samurai 2 2004-02-10

This build has debug features enabled by default. The debug features only work while in-game.

R1 + L2 Freeze gameplay.

Debug menu button combinations:

L3 + R3 = Main debug menu.
L1 + R1 = Flag menu?
R2 + L2 = ?

WinBack: Covert Operations (USA)

Level Warp (L3+R3 in single player)
D0290F10 00000600
20290FF0 00??0001
Gun Model Changer
201F4660 2402????
Unlimited Ammo + All Weapons and Items
20347414 010101FF
20347418 01010101
2034741C 01010101
2013F568 00000000
2013F54C 00000000
2013F530 00000000
2013F59C 00000000
2013F578 00000000
Rapid Fire Pistol
10354230 00000000
10354258 00000000
D0290F10 00000088
002914C0 00000000
2013F43C 140001DA
Pistol Shot Modifier
00348DE0 0000000?
0 Pistol
1 Machine Gun
2 Shotgun
3 Rockets

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Forever

New Game = Debug Menu (invisable)
004C484C 00000000

Zoids Struggle

SLPM-65748 codes:

Enable Debug Menu at Boot (after memory card screen)
204050A0 001015F0

Zone of the Enders 2 (Japanese Demo)

The codes will only effect the Japanese standalone demo version of this game (SLPM-61035 with the CRC32 of 3AFED800). The debug menu can also be found on the Dengeki D57 and OPM demo discs (though I forgot which volumes).

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
90195288 0C06544A

Enable Debug Menu in Pause Menu (Press L1 when pause menu is open)
001045F2 00000069

Re-enable printf info
2018F5D8 08065344

Here's a few screenshots of this menu.

PlayStation Portable

Persona 3 Portable (USA)

_C1 debug menus set 1
_L 0xD0695BD1 20000001
_L 0x20194838 0E25234F
_L 0xD0695BD1 20000002
_L 0x20194838 0E29A13F
_L 0xD0695BD0 20000008
_L 0x20194838 0E29AE6B
_L 0xD0695BD0 20000001
_L 0x20194838 0E29A89D
_L 0xD0695BD1 20000000
_L 0x20194838 0E23FDC1

With debug menus set 1 on, press the following buttons in game to enable various debug menus.

  • L1+Triangle=Item Editor
  • R1+Triangle=Party Editor
  • START+Circle+Triangle=BUSTUP VIEWER

For more accurate results, hold the first button then press triangle.