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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (Nintendo 64)

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Title Screen

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Developer: 3DO Company
Publisher: 3DO Company
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: September 30, 1999
Released in EU: April 14, 2000

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

First release in a trilogy of "Sarge" games in the Army Men series which were ported excessively. Frustrating for its poor collision, slow-as-molasses controls and poorly-functioning radar, and its tendency to kill you near the end of very long levels without extra lives or a way to continue.

To do:
Potential debug menu.

Debug Display

Army Men Sarge's Heroes N64 Debug Display.png

Enter THDTST as a cheat. Once entered, the message "Test Info" will be displayed, confirming the code input.

Version Gameshark code
US 801599E7 0001
Europe 8015E417 0001

Here's an overview of what these values refer to:

Value Reference
548 X Position
76 Z Position
745 Y Position
157 Facing Direction (out of 360°)
0 ???
544 X Position (Alternate 1)
76 Z Position (Alternate 1)
749 Y Position (Alternate 1)
552 X Position (Alternate 2)
96 Z Position (Alternate 2)
741 Y Position (Alternate 2)

The alternate X/Y/Z positions track certain parts of the player's body, whereas the main set refers to the entire body.

Disabled Passwords

Present in the ROM are five additional passwords that are dummied out thanks to an inability to enter lowercase characters. To re-enable these, remove the three lowercase Zs. Interestingly, the "All Levels" cheat is displayed after finishing the final level, complete with the three Zs at the beginning. This seems to indicate that either this cheat was intended to be revealed when you beat the game, or that the devs were so bad at coding they didn't bother to bugfix the password list for the last level. The All Levels cheat seems incomplete, and doesn't appear to do anything but take you to the final level. The Continues cheat also seems unfinished and doesn't appear to do anything; you certainly don't resurrect or get another chance when dying or failing in Campaign missions. The "Living Large" cheat has (even worse) serious collision issues and you can actually get completely stuck climbing up ledges.

Password Effect
zzzDNSTHMN All Levels
zzzMMRTL Immortal
zzzCNTN Continues
zzzDNLVSHSF Invisible
zzzLVNGLRG Living Large

Alternately, you can apply the following GameShark code to re-enable all of the above cheats. Omit the lower case z's when inputting them.

810989EC 444E
810989EE 5354
810989F0 484D
810989F2 4E00
81098A14 4D4D
81098A16 5254
81098A18 4C00
81098A40 434E
81098A42 544E
80098A44 0000
81098A54 444E
81098A56 4C56
81098A58 5348
81098A5A 5346
80098A5C 0000
81098AF8 4C56
81098AFA 4E47
81098AFC 4C52
81098AFE 4700

Cheat Menu

Army Men Sarge's Heroes N64 Cheat Menu.png

A cheat menu can be enabled with the GameShark code and pausing during gameplay.

Version Gameshark code
US 80159687 0003
Europe 8015E0B7 0003

Build Date

Version Address Value
US 800992E0 Aug 4 1999 17:04:08
Europe 8009D46B Jan 31 2000 17:21:38
Version Gameshark code
US 8015FCE3 0001