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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (PlayStation, Windows)

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Title Screen

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Developer: 3DO Company
Publisher: 3DO Company
Platforms: PlayStation, Windows
Released in US: February 23, 2000
Released in EU: December 15, 2000

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

The disc version of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is lesser-known compared to the Nintendo 64 one. As with most games in the series, it was very much rushed and is hilariously glitchy, as well as having a horrible physics engine… But on the other hand, this version includes full voice acting (mostly consisting of Jim Cummings), and FMV cutscenes to boot.

To do:
There's potentially a debug menu.

Unused Music

In the gameplay-and-cutscene music folder, there is a song with the file name of MUSIC2_000C.wav that is not used anywhere in the game.