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Army Men: Sarge's War (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Army Men: Sarge's War

Developers: Global Star Software, 3DO Company
Publisher: Global Star Software
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in EU: July 23, 2004

The third and final game in the "Sarge" series, published after 3DO's demise, but in typical 3DO fashion ported to every single sixth-generation console.

Hidden Cheats

A total of eight cheats, never before found by the internet can be inputted below. To input these cheats you must be in-game, inside the pause menu. While inside the pause menu you must hold L1 button while inputting any of the following cheats. You will need to input them fairly quickly. Once finished inputting a cheat, you will hear a sound confirming correct cheat input.

Pause Screen Inputs Cheat Effect
Right, L2, Down, L2, Left, L2 All bullet marks and footstep marks change into a picture of a cat.
Right, R2, Down, R2, Left, R2 Every NPC becomes invisible.
Up, L2, Right, L2, Down, L2 Grants invincibility.
Up, R2, Right, R2, Down, R2 It is unclear what this cheat does.
Down, L2, Left, L2, Up, L2 Gives Sarge armor. This gives you two full health bars.
Down, R2, Left, R2, Up, R2 Grants access to the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Automatic Rifle, and Grenades.
Left, L2, Up, L2, Right, L2 Grants access to the Flamethrower, HMG, Sniper Rifle, and Bazooka.
Left, R2, Up, R2, Right, R2 This cheat has no function.
(Source: Original TCRF research)