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Mickey's Speedway USA (Nintendo 64)

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Title Screen

Mickey's Speedway USA

Also known as: Mickey no Racing Challenge USA (JP)
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: January 21, 2001
Released in US: November 13, 2000
Released in EU: December 1, 2000

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Mickey's Speedway USA is a racing title by Rare in a style similar to Diddy Kong Racing, with the obvious exception that the drivers have been replaced with various Disney characters.

Debug Mode


A simple debug mode can be enabled by entering the following button sequence on the title screen (directions refer to the d-pad):

Right, Up, B, B, Up, Left, B, Z

Alternatively, this GameShark code will also unlock the feature:

Version Gameshark code
USA 8007A1E3 0001
Japan 8007A2E3 0001
Europe 8007A4A3 0001

After the code is enabled, DEBUG TOGGLED will appear momentarily. Whatever "rub bulbz" is supposed to mean, the game will now display various details about player 1's position on the track: exact X, Y and Z coordinates, and the angle (A) their kart is facing.

(Source: Mezmorize)

Crash Debugger

The crash debug screen

If the game crashes without the debug mode enabled, it will display a basic crash debug screen with a version number.

If the game crashes with the debug mode enabled, it will display a more complex crash debugger which is almost identical to the one in Jet Force Gemini.

Unused Areas

All tracks can be seen in this video. Furthermore, all unused tracks use Speedway's "Malibu" music as a default. All of the unused areas and animations can be seen by using one of the below GameShark codes.

Version Gameshark code
USA 8007A14B 00??
Europe 8007A40B 00??
Japan 8007A24B 00??

Replace ?? with one of the below values, enable the code after the character selection screen and choose the practice track.

(GameShark codes: Ferrox)

Early "White House" Track

Early Final

Value: 07

There is an early version of the White House battle track. It is titled "maze" in the ROM. The collision is intact. There is an unused Token Dispenser on this track that shoots out a total of 20 "Oomph Tokens". The dispenser has no collision and can be driven through. The animation is intact and appears on the two unused battle tracks. This map contains 12 item boxes around the perimeter with 3 of them on each side. The final version only has 5 of them in the center.

Battle Tracks

The first two tracks are textureless and contain the unused Token Dispenser.


Speeway-USA-battletest-01.png Speeway-USA-battletest-02.png Speeway-USA-battletest-03.png

Value: 09

The first battle track is named "battletest" in the ROM. The track features two towers at opposite ends, each with an entrance. The entrances go to an underground area, seen in the third screenshot. This map contains no item boxes.


Speeway-USA-cascade-01.png Speeway-USA-cascade-02.png Speeway-USA-cascade-03.png

Value: 15

The second battle track is named "cascade" in the ROM. The main feature is that it has three height levels, cascading downwards. This map contains no item boxes.

Practice Track Battle

Value: 2C

There is also a carbon copy battle version of the Practice stage. It's identical to the original Practice stage, with the exception of any seagulls or chickens in their respective locations. Apart from having no AI programming, this map is mostly functional. It contains spawn points for the second, third, and fourth players as well as six item boxes with two of them in each area.

Test Map


Value: 06

A very empty test map exists. Its file name is "mushcan". There is a large empty space in the middle of the map. Some of the hole is actually transparent track.



Value: 00

A large empty cube. Each of its six faces are a different color. This "front-end" cube also appears in Diddy Kong Racing and Jet Force Gemini.


Value: 01

An identical copy of the above map.

Leftover Tracks from Other Rare Games

These maps are bare and do not contain any objects, unless specified.

Mizar Racer

Value: 02

The first leftover track is Mizar Race from Jet Force Gemini. All collision data is intact. The map may have been used for testing. Two object placeholders appear on the track: "Bomb Collect" and "Upside Down Collect".

Greenwood Village

Value: 04

The second leftover track is Greenwood Village from Diddy Kong Racing, specifically the version from Jet Force Gemini which removed the well shortcut near the start. Collision is intact and this map may have been also used for testing. Unlike the Mizar Race track, this one can be completed and even has a path for the AI to follow.

(Source: SubDrag & Coolboyman)

Unused Multiplayer Mode: Capture the Flag

The unused battle tracks have proven that there is an unused multiplayer mode in which players must collect Oomph Tokens and bring them back to their personal hub. This mode appears in the "maze", "cascade", and "battletest" maps. In the "cascade" map, all four player hubs are next to each other. Once the player drives over their hub, the tokens disappear and more tokens are shot out of the Token Dispenser. "Maze" allows for a total of 20 tokens on the map at one time, whereas "cascade" and "battletest" limit this to 8 tokens.

Unused Textures


The most noticeable difference is that Speedway is blue instead of yellow. This is identical to the logo shown in the E3 2000 demo. The USA lettering is also missing white stars on the blue border.

Early Track Previews

Speedway-USA-Old-Track-Great-Wall.png Speedway-USA-Old-Track-Hawaii.png Speedway-USA-Old-Track-Niagara-Falls.png Speedway-USA-Old-Track-Washington-DC.png

There are four preview images that suggest the game was originally going to be a world tour instead of just the United States. The tracks appear to be The Great Wall of China, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, and Washington D.C. respectively.


Hawaii and Washington D.C. are tracks in the final game, but their preview images are quite different.

Early Trophies

Speedway-USA-1st-Flag.png Speedway-USA-2nd-Flag.png Speedway-USA-3rd-Flag.png

Speedway-USA-1st-Plate.png Speedway-USA-2nd-Plate.png Speedway-USA-3rd-Plate.png

The flag and plate textures for each trophy. 2nd and 3rd place are somewhat obscured when viewed in-game due to the forced camera angle.

Options Menu


When entering the options menu, a device quickly opens to display the settings. There are two outer textures that can barely be seen every time.

Speedway-USA-Options-Tab-1.png Speedway-USA-Options-Tab-2.png

Underneath the Gone to Lunch note is an embossed Von, similar to the one on Von Drake's PC.


This is the cover of the book underneath the options device. The cover is mostly obscured in-game, but this texture reveals that it's the 1995 revision of The Art of Walt Disney.

Jet Force Gemini Leftovers


The infamous skybox seen in all of the unused tracks.


Textures for Mizar Tokens are in the game, despite not appearing on the actual Mizar track.


It's Mr. Pants! He made a cameo appearance in Jet Force Gemini.

MickeyUSA64-abutton.png MickeyUSA64-bbutton.png MickeyUSA64-dpad.png MickeyUSA64-zbutton.png

Controller button graphics.

MickeyUSA64-jfg1.png MickeyUSA64-jfg2.png MickeyUSA64-jfg3.png MickeyUSA64-jfg4.png MickeyUSA64-jfg5.png

The blood/oil graphics.

MickeyUSA64-jfgbomb.png MickeyUSA64-jfgboost.png MickeyUSA64-jfgoil.png

The weapon icons from the racing mini game.


The widescreen graphic displayed at the startup.


There are various textures with early designs.

Hollywood Sign

The popular Hollywood sign in LA was replaced with a dinky street sign.

Early Final
Speedway-USA-Hollywood-Sign-Early.png Speedway-USA-Hollywood-Sign-Final.png

N64 Controller

The N64 Controller used to be one of those knock off models.

Early Final
Speedway-USA-N64-Controller-Early.png Speedway-USA-N64-Controller-Final.png

Time Trial Page Flag

A bumper image between Time Trial pages.

Early Final
Speedway-USA-Time-Trial-Flag-Early.png Speedway-USA-Time-Trial-Flag-Final.png

Time Trial Page Mickey

A pattern texture that didn't match itself well.

Early Final
Speedway-USA-Time-Trial-Mickey-Early.png Speedway-USA-Time-Trial-Mickey-Final.png

Difficulty Fonts

An alternate font, featuring uppercase letters.

Early Final
Speedway-USA-Difficulty-Fonts-Early.png Speedway-USA-Difficulty-Fonts-Final.png


A slightly different version of the image used on the TV in the main menu.

Early Final
Speedway-USA-Redesigned-TV.png Speedway-USA-Final-Television.png



A texture intended for the Los Angeles track.


The Token Dispenser texture.

Speedway-USA-Heli-Texture.png Speedway-USA-Hit-Texture.png Speedway-USA-Hit2-Texture.png Dkr ai.png Dkr fog+-.png Dkr exitsign.png Dkr cloudandsun.png Dkr camera.png Dkr note.png Dkr rr.png Dkr musicnotes.png Dkr musicthing.png Dkr sinewave.png MickeyUSA64-arrow.png MickeyUSA64-banana.png MickeyUSA64-bombcollect.png MickeyUSA64-bombprimed.png MickeyUSA64-checkpoint.png MickeyUSA64-coconuttrigger.png MickeyUSA64-mickeycar.png MickeyUSA64-regioninfo.png MickeyUSA64-regionpoint.png MickeyUSA64-triangle.png MickeyUSA64-triggerplane.png MickeyUSA64-upsidedowncollect.png MickeyUSA64-upsidedownprimed.png

A bunch of development related graphics that appear when the level models are viewed in a level editor. These are loaded into memory during gameplay but are always invisible. The "bomb collect" and "upside down collect" graphics can be seen in the unused Mizar racetrack.

MickeyUSA64-butterfly1.png MickeyUSA64-butterfly2.png

The butterfly graphics from Diddy Kong Racing.

MickeyUSA64-crosshair1.png MickeyUSA64-crosshair2.png MickeyUSA64-crosshair3.png

Three crosshair graphics.


A font used in the crash debugger.


An animation of a push pin.


One of the fonts used throughout the game has a full set of number graphics. Only the 1 and 2 graphics are ever used. The 3 graphic was used in the E3 2000 demo version of the game.

Unused Animations

Mickey's Head

Value 03


Internally known as "Mickeys Head" is an animated version of the image used on the TV in the main menu. It was likely meant to be a title screen or menu.

Mickey's Head Short Tune

Value 13

A seemingly identical copy of the above animation.

Detailed Trophies

Value 05


These trophies are never seen in the game. The gold trophy continually rotates on a horizontal axis and the silver & bronze trophies stay still. There are sparkle effects on the trophies. The flags and plates can be seen more clearly in the textures section above. Its internal name, "Level Select", indicates that it may have been a difficulty select at one point.

Value 0D


Internally known as "Castle", this is the well known Disney Castle Logo rendered in 3D, which was meant for the beginning credits. The resolution changes depending on how it's accessed. If brute forced, it'll be rendered at 446 x 331 pixels. If accessed using the below codes, it'll render at 320 x 237. If the player brute-forces their way into this scene, it doesn't render the fireworks effect or the Disney logo. To see this scene as intended, use the following codes and press L and R simultaneously.

Version Code
D00D8455 0030
8007A40F 000D
D00D8455 0030
8007A42F 0006
D00D8455 0030
8007A457 0010
D00D80F5 0030
8007A14F 000D
D00D80F5 0030
8007A16F 0006
D00D80F5 0030
8007A197 0010

(GameShark codes: ConkerGuru)

Disney Castle Awards Ceremony

Value 0E


This castle appears to resemble Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, the castle present at Disneyland Paris. There's a short animation and song here. Once the song is done, a cartoon *bang* sounds. There appears to be a transparent gold award falling from the top of the screen. The animation is internally known as "sb_Castle".

(Source: SubDrag & Coolboyman)

Unused Music

Unused Ceremony Song

A short song that plays during the Disney Castle Awards Ceremony. It can still be listened to in the sound test as tune number 7.

Malibu (Early Version)

An early version of the song for Malibu. It can still be listened to in the sound test as tune number 8.

Unused Dialog

Broken Records in Time Trial

Each character (except Goofy, Donald, and Dewey) has dialog for breaking a course record. The final game uses one of three "New record!" lines from the nephews.

Mickey's Record
Minnie's Record
Daisy's Record
Pete's Record 1
Pete's Record 2
Huey's Record
Louie's Record
Ludwig's Record

Item Delivery

There are some alternate takes for certain items.

Alternate Final
Magno Flyer
Trace Chaser

There are also a handful of item delivery lines that match Ludwig's final dialog for the ImpervoShell.

Ooh, take this! (Alternate)
That might help!
Oh, this is good!
Oh, use that!
There you go!


A couple of unused voice clips indicate that four and five lap races were possible at one point.

Three laps to go!
Four laps to go!

A couple of unused menu sounds that were used in the E3 2000 demo version.

A couple of unused engine revving sounds.

A bunch of random sound effects. It's unknown how they would've been used.

Unused Text

Jet Force Gemini Leftovers

Present at 0x7A0C6 in the ROM are strings left over from Jet Force Gemini:

Player hit (soft)
Player hit (normal)
Player hit (hard)
Player Fired
Player Threw Grenade
Enemy hit (soft)
Enemy hit (normal)
Enemy hit (hard)
Killed Enemy
Player Saved a Bear
Player hit a Bear
Player Killed a Bear
Enemy killed a Bear

Developer Related

There are a bunch of text strings in the ROM that are error messages for various scenarios.

Hint text load failed - load table is full!

No I'm not playing MIDI sequence %d, its over 32K
WARNING: Sync arrived before wait - music will be out of sync with sequence
I'm not playing any ditty over 4K nowadays (%d)
amSndPlay: Illegal sound effects table index
amSndPlayDirect: Somebody tried to play illegal sound %d
Invalid midi sequence index
audio: ai out of samples
OH DEAR - No audio DMA buffers left
Dma not done
am: Unknown OSCILLATOR type %d
am: Out of oscillator states
Objects out of ram(1) !!
ObjSetupObject(1) Memory fail!!
ObjSetupObject(2) Memory fail!!
ObjSetupObject(5) Memory fail!!
ObjSetupObject(6) Memory fail!!
ObjSetupObject(3) Memory fail!!
ObjList Overflow %d!!!
NoAddObjList Overflow %d!!!
ObjSetupObject(4) Memory fail!!
objSetupObject: clone shadow set up failed
objSetupChild: memory fail

WARNING: visible blocks exceeded 100
trackPolyHeight: Overflow!!!
trackGetHeights: Height list overflow

The maximum number of camera objects has been exceeded.
Cannot delete camera object, it is not in list

Error: Model no. out of range on load. !!
Error: Model table overflow!!
CREATE LOD MODEL :: null model pointer!
MODELS Error: Tryed to deallocate non-existent model!
MODELS Error : cannot free NULL model instance pointer!!
WARNING: Stack overflow/underflow!!!
Camera Error: Illegal mode!
Cam do 2D sprite called with NULL pointer!
LOADLEVEL Error: Level out of range

18/08/00 13:08
setting up
WARNING: couldn't find 'ra=0x666' in function %d

*** mmAllocAtAddr: size = 0 ***
*** mm Error *** ---> No more slots available
*** mm Error *** ---> Can't allocate memory at desired address.
(%x, size = %d bytes)
*** mm Error *** ---> Can't free ram at this location: %x
*** mm Error *** ---> stbf stack too deep!
packBitStreamInit - alloc error

Fix odd failure!
Fix even failure!
packSaveTime:No EEPROM
SAVING TIME: %d, at %d, size %d
packSaveTime: SAVE ERROR (Time)
packSaveTime: SAVE ERROR (Checksum)
packLoadTimes:No EEPROM
packLoadTimes: LOAD ERROR (Times)
packSaveTime: LOAD ERROR (Checksum)
TIMES: (%x == %x)
Checksum error - set default times
packSetDefaultTimes:No EEPROM
packSetDefaultTimes: SAVE ERROR (Times)
packSaveTime: SAVE ERROR (Checksum)
Global Flags size = %d
packLoadGlobalFlagsEprom:No EEPROM
packLoadGlobalFlagsEprom: LOAD ERROR
Loaded Globals :: (%04x == %04x) ?

packSaveGlobalFlagsEprom:No EEPROM
packSaveGlobalFlagsEprom: SAVE ERROR
Saved Globals :: %04x
packResetSaveEprom:No EEPROM
packResetSaveEprom: SAVE ERROR

(Audio task)
(Game task)
(DI task)
(DI benchmark test)
(Clone task)
(Refract task)
(Blur task)
(Unknown task type %d)

type = %u
flags = %u
ucode_boot = %p
ucode_boot_size = %u
ucode = %p
ucode_size = %u
ucode_data = %p
ucode_data_size = %u
output_buff = %p
output_buff_size = %u
data_ptr = %p
data_size = %u
framebuffer = %p
Branch DisplayList Crash gfx ptr = %x
Crash gfx ptr = %x
Surrounding traces:
Previous: %s:%5d gfx=%x
Next: %s:%5d gfx=%x
No traces available
scheduler: Looks like the SP has crashed %s
scheduler: Looks like the DP has crashed %s
SP CRASHED, gfx=%x
DP CRASHED, gfx=%x
** GFX overflow **
** MTX overflow **
** VTX overflow **
** POL overflow **
Version %s

WARNING: Unimplemented linkage operation %d
ERROR:MIPS_HI16 without matching MIPS_LO16
REALLOC: %08x (%d)

Error: Texture no %x out of range on load
Restore to %x
TEX Error: Palette memory overflow!!
TEX Error: TexTab overflow!!
texFreeTexture: NULL tex!!
TEX Error: Tryed to deallocate non-existent texture!!
SRPBUF overflow!!
Error: Sprite table overflow!!
texFreeSprite: NULL sprite!!
TEXSPR Error: Tryed to deallocate non-existent sprite!!

SCREEN: No out of range!!
loadFrontEndItem() - Item no %d out of range 0-%d
Queued %d) %d

Unknown trigger type in partInitTrigger %d, Max %d
Unknown trigger type in partInitTrigger %d, Max %d
Unknown particle type in partInitTriggerPos %d, Max %d
Unknown trigger type in partInitTriggerPos %d, Max %d
allocParticle: Illegal particle type %d
%s particle buffer full
Particle of type %d has been freed twice, this is Super Safe, Honest!
freeParticle: Unknown particle type %d
Drawing Line %08x
*** diPrintf Error *** ---> Out of string space
(Print less text!)
diRcpTrace: Buffer not allocated!
diRcpTrace: Buffer overflow!

Get status error
Get status error - reset

Bad soundState: voices =%d, states free =%d, states busy =%d, type %d data %x
playing a playing sound
Nonsense sndp event
Sound state allocate failed - sndId %d
WARNING: Attempt to stop NULL sound aborted
WARNING: Attempt to modify NULL sound aborted

WARNING: region %d seems to be its own child
Length of track = %f
ERROR: asked for SP %d but model only has %d
CPE:Out of workspace

Particle warning: colour cycle table exceeds 255 entries


polyFontCreate: mmAlloc failed

MAX number of actions exceeded (%d)
Invisible Window
Story %d >> %d
Main Window

Buried in the developer related strings are the version number as well as the SP CRASHED, gfx=%x and DP CRASHED, gfx=%x messages that appear on the crash debug screen. Also, the Invisible Window string appears 19 times in a row.

Present at 0x7B2C4 in the ROM are some resolution related strings.

Ntsc LowRes
Ntsc Widescreen
Ntsc MediumRes
Ntsc HiResWide
Mpal LowRes
Mpal Widescreen
Mpal MediumRes
Mpal HiResWide
Pal LowRes
Pal Widescreen
Pal MediumRes
Pal HiResWide
Ntsc Reset Mode
Mpal Reset Mode
Pal Reset Mode

Item/Object Names


UpsideDownBomb and Bomb can be seen in the leftover Mizar Race track.

Game Related


There is no game mode named Championship.


Idaho is the internal name for the Dakota track.


Michigan is the internal name for the New Mexico track.

Ghost Data

A small cluster of strings suggests that Speedway was intended to save player ghost data on a memory pak, much like Mario Kart 64. The final game cannot save ghost data at all.

WON ghost token (%d/21)

Slot : %d
Size : %d
Time: %02d:%02d.%02d
Slot : %d
Size : %d
Pak Free : %d

Build Dates

Present in the ROM is a build date along with a version number that is displayed in the crash debugger.

Version Hex Address Build Message
US 0x82680
1.1153 18/08/00 13:08 pmountain 2.7
EU 0x829D0
1.1157 22/08/00 14:15 jpegg EU1.2
JP 0x82781
1.1157 22/08/00 14:15 jpegg J1.0


Hidden with the rest of the used text is an unused string of text. This string appears 4 times.

Hullo Pluto!
Look! I've got stupid big ears!

Present at 0x7AD0C in the ROM is an early name.

Mickey Racing

Unused Models


A camera that is used in cutscenes to represent where the actual camera is. It's never visible in game because it's always off screen. This is also used in Diddy Kong Racing and Jet Force Gemini.


A multicolored arrow.


Test models.


An unused character select frame. This was used in the E3 2000 version of the game.


Leftover models from Jet Force Gemini.

Unused Starting Points

The New Orleans Track contains six starting points at the starting line. However, since the track never appears in any of the grand prix cups, only the first four are ever used.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Europe/North America Japan
Mickey's Speedway USA-title.png Speedway-USA-Title-J.png

The Japanese title screen actually shows Mickey. The Japanese version uses a different font style for English lettering.

Indianapolis Tire

Europe/North America Japan
Speedway-USA-EU-NA-Tire-Texture.png Speedway-USA-JP-Tire-Texture.png

The text on the giant tire in the Indianapolis track was changed from Speedway to Speedy. This was most likely because the Japanese game title doesn't have the word speedway in it.


The time trial preview image was also changed accordingly.

Options Menu Typo

Europe North America
Speedway-USA-Triple-E.png Speedway-USA-Triple-U.png

Triple is misspelled in the European release. This is peculiar, because the European version was released after North America.

Unlocking Huey

In the North American/European release, Huey can only be unlocked when booting up the game with the GBC release in a transfer pak. Since the GBC version was never released in Japan, Huey is unlocked when the player gets their first time trial Ghost Token.