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Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!

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Title Screen

Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!

Also known as: Mickey Mouse V: Mahou no Stick (JP), Mickey Mouse V: Zauberstäbe! (DE)
Developer: Kemco
Publishers: Kemco (JP), Nintendo (US/EU)
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: December 22, 1993
Released in US: May 1998
Released in EU: 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Magically mysterious. Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! was originally released in Japan a whole five years before the US and German versions, under the title Mickey Mouse V: Mahou no Stick. The US and German versions offered a few small changes and additions compared to the Japanese original, including minor Super Game Boy support and bad translations, but retained the same amount of deadly apples and Merlin's waterfalls.

Test Stages

Mickey Mouse Magic Wand STAGE0 Intro SGB.png

There are five test stages along with a test stage introduction sequence. Used variants of all the test levels exist and are used for various demonstration cutscenes. GameShark code 01??A0C3 or Game Genie code ??6-5BB-E62 (Japan), ??6-70B-E62 (US) will set the starting stage to the selected test stage. There is no music in any of the stages.

The Super Game Boy palette shows that the first test stages load the first stage theme-set.

Test Stage 1

ID 00

Mickey Mouse Magic Wand Test Stage 1 SGB.png

A barren field void of enemies and obstacles. There is a wall to the right and a bottomless pit to the left.

Test Stage 2

ID 01


A less desolate near-replica of the first test stage featuring three item gem containers; from left to right: lollipop, music box, and an apple.

Test Stage 3


Mickey Mouse Magic Wand Test Level 3 SGB.png

Test waterfall and river freezing abilities. Walking to the left will cause Mickey to fall down a bottomless pit.

Test Stage 4

ID 19

Mickey Mouse Magic Wand Test Level 4 SGB.png

Same as test stage 0D using the level 3 theme-set.

Test Stage 5

ID 25

Mickey Mouse Magic Wand Test Level 5 SGB.png

Same as test stage 19 using the level 4 theme-set.

(Source: nensondubois)

Unused Music

There is one unused looping jingle and a very short jingle. Music modifier Game Genie code ??A-368-F76 (Mickey Mouse V), ??A-708-F76 (Magic Wand) will play them at the title screen.

Unused Song

ID 18

A quick looping song played when Mickey discovers the magic wand, however only the first three seconds are actually heard. The song resets at 5:13.

Unused Jingle

ID 28

An unused jingle.

(Source: nensondubois)

Unused Palettes

There are two unused Super Game Boy palettes. Game Genie codes ??E-67B-F74 + ??E-68B-D53 will replace the palette used for the first stage theme. Both palettes are located at 0x2A7D. The second palette setting is completely unused and is listed directly above the copyright screen palette. The palettes are also loaded for the Game Over screen, but alas they cannot be seen due to overlaying attribute settings.

Unused Palette 1

ID 7D, 2A

Mickey Mouse Magic Wand Unused SGB Palette 2.png

The first palette setting is technically used as the copyright palette, but you can only see the black palette.

Unused Palette 2

ID 8D, 2A

Mickey Mouse Magic Wand Unused SGB Palette.png

The second palette setting was likely originally intended for the copyright screen, but since that screen shows black and white text, you can never see the faded bronze-like palette.

(Source: nensondubois)

Regional Differences

Mickey Mouse V was released in the US as Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! five years later, offering a few mostly unnecessary changes.

The original title screen started immediately. This was changed to having to wait three seconds in Magic Wands.

Japan US
Mickey Mouse V J GB Title.png Mickey Mouse - Magic Wand UE SGB Title.png

Password Screens

All of the passwords in the Japanese version are ordinary four-letter English words. As the US version does not allow vowels to be entered on the password screen (likely to prevent players from entering dirty words), all of the passwords had to be changed accordingly. Simply remap AEIOU to VQWZX (or vice versa) to convert passwords between versions.

Japan US
Mickey Mouse V JP Password.png Mickey Mouse - Magic Wand US Password.png

Interestingly, there is a screenshot in the Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! instruction manual showing the Japanese password system.