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The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (Game Boy)

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Title Screen

The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

Also known as: Mickey Mouse (JP), Bugs Bunny (US/EU Title Screen)
Developer: Kemco
Publishers: Kemco (JP/EU), Seika (US)
Platforms: Game Boy
Released in JP: September 5, 1989
Released in US: March 1990
Released in EU: 1990

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Finish adding the differences to Mickey Mouse and The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle.

A port of the NES game of the same name, released early in the Game Boy's life.

Regional Differences

While the Japanese version of the original NES game was based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the Japanese version of the Game Boy port instead bases itself on Mickey Mouse.

Title Screen

Japan International
The Mickey Mouse Preposterous Palace The Bugs Bunny Not-so-crazy Castle

The title screen graphics were changed, along with the font. In typical Kemco fashion, the international title screen reads "Bugs Bunny", not "The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle".

Japan International

Mickey Mouse uses a rendition of the Mickey Mouse Club theme for its title screen, which of course had to be replaced. Crazy Castle reuses the theme used for the brick-tileset stages and the password screen, which, interestingly enough, was also the song used on the title screen of the aforementioned Japanese version of the NES game, Roger Rabbit.