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Proto:Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday.

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A prototype was released through an unknown source. While the prototype is seemingly complete, it predates the game's final build by 7 months!


  • The prototype lacks the Acclaim logo, alongside any other mention of Acclaim.
  • The license screen is the first screen shown when the game is booted up in the prototype, whereas in the final it's shown after the company logos.
    • Because of this, the Alternate Options Screen appears after the Sunsoft logo rather than shortly after entering the code.
Prototype Final
Guess they faded into darkness after this proto! ...I'll get my coat. The rainbow text probably makes this harder to read than it really should.
Not the logo of your local fried chicken takeaway, surprisingly.
  • The license screen is a lot more text-heavy in the prototype, lacking any company logos.
  • Dark Technologies is credited in the prototype for development, while Phoenix Interactive Entertainment is credited in the final, which highly suggests the developer changed its name during development of this game.
  • Phoenix Interactive Entertainment also has its logo on a separate screen, unlike Dark Technologies which has its logo on the license screen.

C.M.S. Editor

Prototype Final
This fish doesn't look all new to me, must be mouldy by now. Still on Beta 01 even after releasing, apparently.

The C.M.S. Editor shows a different build date for the game: 26th of January 1995 instead of 22nd of August 1995.


Some credits are different between the prototype and final release:

  • Jez (Taylor) is added to the Music and Sound Effects role in the final version.
  • Under the audio role is the text "Thanks to Lawrerence Hiler at Chip Level Design".
  • In the prototype, C.M.S. has a copyright text: "C.M.S.. © Dark Technologies 1994".
  • The prototype also has music and copyright credits to The Merry Go Round Broke Down.

Unused Text

Like the final game, the ROM has text leftover from the Psy-Q compiling process. Notably, the file paths in said text use a different drive letter compared to the text in the final build.