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Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions (Game Boy)

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Title Screen

Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions

Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: September 30, 1994
Released in US: January 1995
Released in EU: 1995

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions takes many cues from the famous "Duck Dodgers" shorts, so much so that it's pretty baffling why they didn't just call the game Duck Dodgers.

To do:
There are unused enemies, such as a robot shooting thin lasers (similar to the enemy appearing at the start of Level 1 Room 5) and cannon shooting VERY rapidly. Also a few more that do interesting things and look intact except I couldn't get them to load the correct sprite.

Unused Graphics

Daffy Duck

What appears to be a dedicated sprite for jumping, separate from using the jetpack. While both are a thing in the SNES version, this was streamlined to just the latter in this game.

Used Unused
DaffyDuckGB-DaffyStanding.png DaffyDuckGB-DaffyIdle.png

A bunch of tiles depicting blinking and feet-tapping. Daffy doesn't have any idle animations in the final game.


Although K-9 has two sprites for jumping, this one is left unused.

DaffyDuckGB-K9-CrouchHurt.png DaffyDuckGB-K9-JumpHurt.png
K-9 also has sprites/tiles depicting him hurt which, in what will be a recurring trend throughout the game, never ended up implemented in-game.


DaffyDuckGB-MarvinDefeat.png DaffyDuckGB-MarvinRun.gif
Only one sprite of Marvin on his hover-scooter is used when he appears as the Stage 1 Boss and in the chase sequences of Stages 2 and 3, leaving these others unused.

Used Unused
DaffyDuckGB-MarvinFinal-Aim3.png DaffyDuckGB-MarvinFinal-Aim2.png DaffyDuckGB-MarvinFinal-Aim1.png

There are also quite a few unused sprites grouped with the ones used in the final battle, belying his brief appearance there in the final game. While he only stands at the end of the room briefly in the final game, these unused sprites show that he was intended to stay there and aim his blaster at Daffy at some point.

DaffyDuckGB-MarvinFinal-Defeat.png DaffyDuckGB-MarvinFinal-Thinking.png DaffyDuckGB-MarvinFinal-Head.gif DaffyDuckGB-MarvinFinal-Fly.png
These various other sprites would've also fleshed out his otherwise anti-climatic battle.

Instant Martians

Used Unused
DaffyDuckGB-MartianUsed.gif DaffyDuckGB-MartianUnused.gif

Graphics for a full run cycle exist for the little Instant Martians, but only two of the frames are used in-game.

Alien Boss

Used Unused
DaffyDuckGB-Boss2-1.png DaffyDuckGB-Boss2-2.png DaffyDuckGB-Boss2-3.png DaffyDuckGB-Boss2-4.png

A bunch of unused frames for the boss moving around.

Here's what the full animation might have looked like.

Used Unused
DaffyDuckGB-Boss2-5.png DaffyDuckGB-Boss2-6.png

There also seems to be a second frame for its movement during the second phase of the battle.

Robot Boss

Tiles are present that would have given this boss an animation while moving around. It just glides around in the game proper.

Used Unused
DaffyDuckGB-Boss3-2.png DaffyDuckGB-Boss3-1.png

An unused in-between frame for the boss's projectile attack at the start of the battle.


Used Unused
Daffy-HardMode-Enemy2.gif Daffy-HardMode-Enemy2a.gif

The small version appears in the game's hard mode. A bigger version can be found in the game's graphics which are left unused in the final game.


DaffyDuckGB PlatformStage2.png DaffyDuckGB PlatformStage3.png DaffyDuckGB PlatformStage4.png

Unused platform graphics for stage 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

Unused Super Game Boy Border

It is possible this Super Game Boy border was going to be used at the last battle, since that is where Marvin's telescope is located. However the default border is used. Game Genie code 081-C8F-C42 or GameShark code 010808D0 will load this border at startup.

Daffy Duck The Marvin Missions border.png

(Discovery: Ugetab)
(Access codes: nensondubois)

Unused Audio

These sound effects are not used anywhere in the game.

Sound ID: 11

Sound ID: 1C

Sound ID: 1D

Sound ID: 21

Hard Mode

This game has a hidden hard mode which can be accessed by stepping on the cart right at the beginning of the first level. This makes Daffy acquire a lot of speed as long as he doesn't touch the ground. If you manage to reach the end of the room at high speed (a feat in itself), instead of loading the next room, the game will show a black screen with the text "Super stage" and you can play through a new set of levels. These levels are almost impossible to be beaten by a human player due to their ridiculous design requiring constant nearly frame-perfect use and timing of jet pack fuel.

For this mode you are given 100 points as well as 9 lives instead of only 2, making this mode somewhat more feasible to complete. Losing all your lives will reset the game instead of bringing up the game-over screen.

Cheat Codes

On the pause screen, pressing certain buttons will convert the points of your score into something useful. Each code uses 10 points.

Key combination Reward
Up, Up Gives a laser weapon (only outside of boss fights)
Left, Left Gives a weapon whose bullets will bounce on the ground (only outside of boss fights)
Right, Right Gives a weapon that will fire automatically when you hold B (only outside of boss fights)
Down, Down Gives a weapon that fires huge bullets that will pass through breakable blocks and kills
enemies in one hit that are normally immune. (only outside of boss fights)
Select Restores default weapon and resets the cheat counters.
B, B Refills your health
A, A Refills your jetpack (only in hard mode)
Note: due to a bug, the game reduces your points by 100 if you use this button
combination when your score is between 110 and 119. Also, you will not be
able to redeem your points if your score is less than 20.

Revisional Changes

There are three versions of the game: two were released in Japan and US/Europe respectively (both with Super Game Boy support), while the third was released in Europe only without Super Game Boy support.

Super Game Boy

The Super Game Boy versions feature this border of Daffy giving a smug look.

DaffyDuckMarvinMissions SuperGameBoyBorder.png

Copyright Screen Collapse

In the Game Boy version, the copyright screen collapses after a few seconds, taking you to the title screen. The Super Game Boy versions transition to the title screen instantly.

Title Screen

  • A background was added to the title screen for the Super Game Boy release.
  • Daffy's mouth was changed.
  • Between the US/EU and the Japanese Super Game Boy versions, a slight change was done to the crater in the bottom right.
Japanese Super Game Boy US/EU Super Game Boy Game Boy
DaffyMarvinMissionsSGB-TitleJP.png DaffyMarvinMissionsSGB-Title.png DaffyMarvinMissionsGB-Title.png

Level 1, Room 5

Many enemies were removed from the fifth room of the first level, making some of them completely unused in the US/EU Super Game Boy version.

Game Boy
Japanese Super Game Boy
US/EU Super Game Boy
DaffyMarvinMissionsGB-Room5.png DaffyMarvinMissionsSGB-Room5.png
DaffyMarvinMissionsGB-Room5-2.png DaffyMarvinMissionsSGB-Room5-2.png
DaffyMarvinMissionsGB-Room5-3.png DaffyMarvinMissionsSGB-Room5-3.png
DaffyMarvinMissionsGB-Room5-4.png DaffyMarvinMissionsSGB-Room5-4.png

Level 1, Boss

Marvin will move left and right in the beginning. After a few hits, Marvin starts to move in a ∞ shape after ascending on the Game Boy and Japanese Super Game Boy version or after descending on the US/EU Super Game Boy version.

Level 2, Room 5

A cannon was removed.

Game Boy
Japanese Super Game Boy
US/EU Super Game Boy
DaffyGB-Level2Room5.png DaffySGB-Level2Room5.png


  • On the first screen of the credits, there is a buggy white rectangle in the bottom right corner on the US/EU Super Game Boy version.
  • While the Game Boy version displays the staff credits in white text, the Super Game Boy version features colorful flashing text.
Game Boy
Japanese Super Game Boy
US/EU Super Game Boy
DaffyMarvinMissions CreditsNoSquare.png DaffyMarvinMissions CreditsRectangle.png

Health Glitch

If you move left at full walking speed and then press Right + B on the next frame, Daffy's health will increase by about 64 units on the Super Game Boy versions, making the health bar glitch out. On the plain Game Boy version, the effect is different. Daffy will still be alive at 0 health points and if he takes another hit, the game crashes.

Stage Clear

On the Stage Clear screen, you can hear clapping sounds on the Super Game Boy versions.

Game Boy Super Game Boy

Select Button

On the plain Game Boy version, Select can unpause the game and pressing Select + Start during the staff roll resets the game. This does not work on the Super Game Boy versions.

Bullet Bug

On the plain Game Boy version, only one breakable tile can be cleared at a time; if you try to shoot many tiles at once, the shots won't be registered. This was fixed in the Super Game Boy versions.

Using Cheats

On the plain Game Boy version, when redeeming your points, you will not be able to see your health being refilled or your score being depleted until after you unpause. This was fixed in the Super Game Boy versions where you can immediately see the changes while the game is still paused.