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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Windows)

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Title Screen

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Also known as: Epic Mickey: The Power of 2, Epic Mickey 2: Dvojitý zásah (CZ), Epic Mickey 2: Sammenhold gør Stærk (DK), Epic Mickey: Le Retour des héros (FR), Micky Epic: Die Macht der 2 (DE), Epic Mickey 2: L'avventura di Topolino e Oswald (IT), Epic Mickey 2: Sammen er man sterkere (NO), Epic Mickey 2: Siła Dwóch (PL), Epic Mickey: Две легенды (RU), Epic Mickey 2: El poder de dos (LA), Epic Mickey: El retorno de dos héroes (ES), Epic Mickey 2: Två är starkare än en (SE), Epic Mickey 2: Poder em Dobro (BR), Epic Mickey: O Regresso dos Heróis (PT), Epic Mickey 2: Çifte Güç (TR)
Developers: Junction Point Studios[1], Blitz Games[1]
Publishers: Disney Interactive Studios[1]
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 6, 2014[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is the sequel of Epic Mickey released on HD consoles, with the game eventually coming to Windows via Steam... two years after the original versions (Although, the PC version was available in certain European territories in 2013). It is notable for being the only version of the game without multiplayer support, which basically renders the subtitle completely moot.

Test Levels

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The test levels can be seen by changing the config files in the Windows version. When changing "ShowDevLevelLoad" to "true" in ConfigFiles.ini, you are able to choose from every level and can access test levels. Sadly, only the Vita_test and tmp_localizationtestharness test levels works. The other test levels crash while accessing them.

The test level "environments/_test/tmp_localizationtestharness.bin" is the second working test level. The test level itself is a red room, with many graphical glitches. It seems that the test level only contains a little platform, as the player will fall down from the platform while walking further, but will respawn shortly after.

Unused Dialogue

To do:
Add more unused dialogue.

A few unused dialogues are still in the game's files.

Leaving Wasteland and going to the Cartoon World was never in the game, making this line completely unused!

You can not go into the TV in the attic.

You have to start the game new to make a new choice, as going to the Cartoon World is not in the game and is completely unused.

This dialogue never got mentioned by Gus in the attic, where the Wonderful World of Evil show got broadcasted.

Unused Dialogue In-Game

245300 20200611235952 1.png

Going to the Mad Doctor's Attic and standing in front of the giant TV, reveals one of the unused lines spoken by Gremlin Prescott. While the text is visible in-game, no spoken line is heard.

Unused Graphics

Test Level Textures

As the Vita Test Level is the only working test level in-game so far, these textures were found in the test levels folder in the files.

EpicMickey2-Boxout measure tex niftex 0.png
A measure texture found in the texture folder of the test levels.

EpicMickey2-Gridwall limegreen noalpha tex niftex 0.png
A small Gridwall, comes in two different colours.

Gremlin Markus Replacement

A file in Gremlin Jamface's folder is named "Markus" like Gremlin Markus from the first Epic Mickey game. Few other files are named after Gremlin Markus too, indicating that Gremlin Markus actually got replaced by Gremlin Jamface for unknown reasons. This would explain why both Gremlin Jamface and Gremlin Markus share the same exact model.


This file indicates the intro when Mickey, Oswald and Gus actually get introduced by Gremlin Jamface for the first time in Mean Street.


LMR states for the Attic, in which Gremlin Jamface later is captured.

Unused Text

Unused Gremlin Names

Many Gremlins are referred by their colours like "Green Gremlin" in this game, while in the previous game, every Gremlin had its own name. In the game's files, many unused Gremlin names are found. Many Gremlins from the first game are mentioned in the game's files too.

Unused Gremlin Names.
Gremlin Timothy
Gremlin Becker
Gremlin Clarkson
Gremlin Melvin
Gremlin Arthur
Gremlin Maroon
Gremlin Blenheim
Gremlin Diesel
Gremlin Jehosaphat
Gremlin Robinson
Gremlin Griff

Gremlins By Their Colours

In the game the Gremlins are mostly referred by their colours, but in the files many of the Gremlins are the ones from the first game and some newer ones.

All other Gremlins mentioned above, such as "Gremlin Arthur" go completely unused for the game.

Blot Alley - Gremlin Ditto

Floatyard - Gremlin Tiestow

Fort Wasteland - Gremlin Shaky

Disney Gulch - Gremlin Griff (NEW GREMLIN)

Meanstreet North - Gremlin Herman

Meanstreet South - Gremlin Hyperion

Ostown - Gremlin Maroon (NEW GREMLIN)

Rainbow falls - Gremlin Omega

Train Tunnels - Gremlin Calvin

Utilidors - Gremlin Scrumpet (NEW GREMLIN)

Ventureland - Gremlin Robinson (NEW GREMLIN)

Title Screen Changes

The word "two" was removed from this version of the game, most likely to remove the redundancy of using two instances of the number two.