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Fate/Unlimited Codes (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Fate/Unlimited Codes

Developer: Eighting
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: December 18, 2008, December 3, 2009 (Best Price)

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Debug Displays

Fate Unlimited Codes - debugdisplay1.png Fate Unlimited Codes - debugdisplay2.png

Apply the below codes to enable some debug displays. The first one will show player statistics, such as the current player animation. The second doesn't work anymore.

SLPM-55108 codes:

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
90106758 0C04197E

Debug Display 1 (press L3 in-game)
2019FD4C 0C0A87CE
2019FD50 00000000
202A1F38 3C010052
202A1F3C 8C212EA4
202A1F40 24030200
202A1F44 14230003
202A1F48 00000000
202A1F4C 2401FFFF
202A1F50 AC410000
202A1F54 8C420000
202A1F58 03E00008
202A1F5C 30420001

Debug Display 2
21798AC8 00000001
(Source: Punk7890)

Unused Input Recording

Fate Unlimited Codes - inputrecord.png

Setting memory locations 0x0051C904 to 0x0051C920 and 0x0051C900 to 0x0000000x (x being a value of 1, 2, or 3) will show this on-screen. Unfortunately nothing works anymore. You would have been able to record inputs, play them, and repeat them.

(Source: Punk7890)