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Title Screen


Developers: Type-Moon, Imageepoch
Publishers: Marvelous Entertainment (JP), Aksys Games (US), Ghostlight (EU)
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: July 22, 2010
Released in US: November 21, 2011
Released in EU: May 4, 2012

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Fate/Extra is a turn-based dungeon-crawling RPG that takes place in a parallel universe in the world of Fate/stay night, with the world having gone down a very different route after a certain incident in the 1970s.

It was followed up by Fate/Extra CCC, which is not a sequel but an alternate route of Fate/Extra's main story.

Unused Text

Saving Julius

There is unused dialogue tied to the now-scrapped ability for the player to save Julius, their opponent in Week 5.

I want to try and touch what is deep in his hart. I want to save this miserable man.
I feel like he wants something so, so desperately-  
Even if this screws things up, I want to help #C120200255Julius#CDEF.

> Don't save #C120200255Julius#CDEF.  

I just wish that someone would save that poor, tortured man. 
Before I can decide if this is the right decision or not-
Suddenly, a string of light goes from my left hand to #C120200255Julius#CDEF.

...My Command...Seal...?!   ...You...!  ...What are-!   Yoouuu-!!
Light overfills the Coliseum.
#C120200255#SVT[Saber][Archer][Caster]##CDEF is at my side.   Followed by silence. 

However, there is no one else.  
...What about #C120200255Julius#CDEF?

...I do not know! If I did, I still would not tell you! 
How could you use your Command Seal out of sympathy like that and not ask me...! 
You turn my stomach! Be gone from my sight! 

She's never been so openly hostile toward me before. She must be very angry about what I did.   
...But, wait. I've heard her say that she admires kindness before. So why is she angry at me?

Don't be ridiculous! I only enjoy when leniency is bestowed upon me, not when it is given to others!

...Ah, I see.   She's just so imperious that I don't dare criticize her.    
...She won't talk to me, and I'm exhausted. I should leave. 

...I dunno. How about you use your Command Seal to find out? 
You might have actually saved him if you'd used it right...

#C120200255Archer#CDEF's brows are furrowed. He must be mad at my decision.

...That's right. I'm annoyed at myself for forgetting you're the most reckless Master in the Holy Grail War. 
I shouldn't have let my guard down just because you've gotten skilled enough to be my partner.  
-Jeez. I can't believe what you did.
Meaning, he's angry.    

The light... Because of the light I couldn't see-   
But, that was your Command Seal, Master! He must have been saved!
...How compassionate of you to save that gloomy man, Master. That man means a lot to you...
Ah, no. It's nothing. Forget I said anything.   ...Shall we go now? 

The muscles on the edges of #C120200255Caster#CDEF's smile are twitching... 
She must not be very happy with what I did. 

A sharp pain courses through my left hand. Of the three Seals branded into my hand, two have disappeared.  
Only one Command Seal remains-  I know what kind of a disadvantage that puts me at in the final stages. 
But, I do not regret the price that I paid. 
That moment, the feelings in my heart for him were not false. I wished what I did from the heart-

Saving Rin

There is unused dialogue tied to the now-scrapped ability for the player to save Rin, their opponent in Week 6 if they chose the Rani route earlier.

...Can I stand to lose her forever like this? There's no guarantee that I can save her. 
Is it too simple of me to think that with my Command Seal I could?    
If it fails, I will have wasted a Command Seal. But, even so-

> Use a Command Seal to save #C120200255Rin#CDEF.  

Knowing there's a chance I could save her, I have to try. Otherwise I'd regret it the rest of my life.  
As I hold her disappearing hand, I press the back of my hand...my Command Seal against hers.
I'm not sure if its possible to transplant Command Seals, and they're for controlling Servants anyway.  
...But, I have a hunch. I'm not human like the other Masters. So maybe, if it's an anomaly like me-

...H-Huh? This is weird. Why am I feeling a surge of power...?  W-Wha?! A Command Seal?!
Why is it on my hand...? Hey, let me see your hand! I knew it! Why did you use your Command Seal?!
And not one, but TWO of them?!   

Only one Command Seal remains on my hand, tightly held in #C120200255Rin#CDEF's.
One of my Command Seals is on #C120200255Rin#CDEF's hand. 
The other must have been consumed to facilitate the miracle.

What were you thinking?! 
You never should have used your Command Seal right before your battle with #C120200255Leo#CDEF!
Did you tune out when I was telling you to defeat #C120200255Leo#CDEF? 
Did you do this out of spite or something?!  ...Ugh, what am I supposed to feel?

I didn't save her to get a thank you, but I didn't expect to be yelled at.  
...Well, that's #C120200255Rin Tousaka#CDEF for you.
That the firebrand I wanted to save, even if it handicapped me against Leo.    

...Oh well. If you want me to live so badly, what are you going to do about it now? 
You didn't save me just so you could disappoint me, did you? 
You should be able to trounce #C120200255Leo#CDEF without using a Command Seal, right? 
...It'll be tough, but you can do it.

She looks away sheepishly.
...It makes me happy to hear words of appreciation out of her mouth, even if they are wry. 
I know I did the right thing in saving her.   

...Oh, and let me know as soon as the Holy Grail War is over, okay?
The Harways will be after you.  Don't worry, I'll take care of you.
They're already after me anyway, so we'll be in the same boat.  
You can depend on me. I'll protect you after this tournament is over, no matter what.

I tilt my head in puzzlement. 
Not only is she sure I'll beat #C120200255Leo#CDEF, she's making plans for afterward. 
I think she's getting way too ahead of herself- 

Wh-What, isn't it the obvious thing to do?! And wipe that "Oh woe is me!" look off your face!
Helping another person is a big deal, right?! And of course you had to go and do just that! 
To help another person is to take a certain amount of responsibility for their life!
Listen, it's a lot easier to stand by and watch someone die than to do something to keep them alive.

...I see. Such an act couldn't be done without compassion. And to save a life is to share in it.
All I can do now is prepare and face what comes. I only get this one chance at life.
Though saving a life is a great responsibility- 

It's far better to save a life than take one. That's right. That's why I'll do everything I can to help you.
It's all I can do right now- 

> Don't save #C120200255Rin#CDEF.

I'm hesitant to use my Command Seal on a gamble that may not pay off.
More importantly, even I was able to save her, I have a feeling she'd be none too happy about it. 
Yeah, no doubt #C120200255Rin Tousaka#CDEF would 
be pissed that I wasted a Command Seal before my showdown with #C120200255Leo#CDEF.
And so....there's nothing I can do right now other than stay by her side until the end.

Saving Leo

There is unused dialogue tied to the now-scrapped player choice of saving Leo after defeating Gawain in Week 7.

According to the published game script in Fate/EXTRA MOON LOG:TYPEWRITER II, there were 3 unused endings for the game, one of which was for Leo. The player would have been able to unlock the ending if they had all 3 Command Spells when they defeated him and chose to use some to save him. He would have accompanied the protagonist to their confrontation with Twice, and they would have emailed the location of their original body to Leo, who would have used the Harway Foundation's resources to revive them.

It looks like there's a deep pain in his chest, as if his Command Seal is reacting to his heart.
Should I leave, knowing that #C120200255Leo#CDEF will disappear any moment now? 
Whoever's it is, death is saddening.
If this boy were given the chance to rule the world, he'd do so with compassion now. 
He'd be able to change society into something better.
The world is about to lose a potentially wonderful ruler. Is that right?
There's no guarantee that I'll be able to save him. But, if I use a Command Seal... 

> Use a Command Seal to save Leo. 
> Don't save Leo. 

If this is the last fight, there's no reason to be frugal with my Command Seals. 
I just can't stand to watch while he disintegrates. 
I approach the disappearing boy and push my Command Seal against him.
And I wish-   
Save this boy.

...This is...  
A Command Seal comes off and the boy's body moves.  
The rules of the Holy Grail state that those without a Command Seal will be eliminated. 
Now that #C120200255Leo#CDEF has a new Command Seal, he's been given a new life.
All that's left on my hand is one of the Command Seals. Transplanting the one must have taken two.  

...You saved me.
...The me from before could not have understood your actions at all. But now, I understand completely.
Humans make mistakes, even me, who was a failure of a human being.
...Still, you let me live. I will show you my gratitude not with words, but with my actions as king.

He swirls around and walks toward the exit. 
The world will see him return, and he will fulfill his role as leader. 
There's no need for him to play knight in this place for any longer.
While gazing at his spirited back, I also head to the exit. I have no business here either.
#C120200255レオ#CDEFは変わらず涼やかな表情を見せる。   しかし、一つだけ疑問があります。
貴方も過去の聖杯戦争では勝者だった。   けれど聖杯の力は手にしていない。
してるかのようだった。  実際それは当たり前の話で、
まだ一人余計だ。   そして選択権――生殺与奪権は
サーヴァントという強大な武力を有している。  残念ではありますが、聖杯が何であるかを
知れただけで良しとすべきでしょう。   あなたさえよろしければ、
伝えてほしいところですが……  レオの言葉を止め、首を振る。
という事ですね。  あなたがこのような答えを求めているかは
あなたの事は、僕が引き受けましょう。  現在の技術であれば治療可能なはずです。
研究機関が早晩解決するでしょう。    僕を知るあなたでないとしても、
それだけの価値はあるでしょう。    そこまで買いかぶられると
さすがに照れくさい。   ただ、この自分ではないとしても、
そう思っただけなのだし。  よくはわからぬが、
消えていく事はやはり寂しくあったから。 そして――分解が始まった。
聖杯の外の、#C120200255凛#CDEFの声も遠くなっていく。 そして――分解が始まった。
聖杯の外の、#C120200255ラニ#CDEFの声も遠くなっていく。   そして――分解が始まった。
聖杯の外の、#C120200255レオ#CDEFの声も遠くなっていく。   そして――ついに分解が始まった。
家族も友人ももういない。  見知らぬ世界は、錆びつき淀んだ薄暮の世界。

References to Type-Moon/Crimson Moon

There is unused Japanese text with multiple instances of the narration referring to the Moon Cell as "Type Moon" (タイプ・ムーン, the alternate name for Crimson Moon from Tsukihime). This lines up with Studio BB developer interviews on their original plans for Fate/Extra.

気がつけば、人類は成熟期を過ぎていた。  1900年までは成長期だった。