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The X-Files: Resist or Serve

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Title Screen

The X-Files: Resist or Serve

Developer: Black Ops Entertainment
Publishers: Vivendi Universal Games (US), Sierra Entertainment (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: March 16, 2004
Released in EU: May 24, 2004

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

To do:
Document more of the in-game debug menu.

Debug Menus

Main Debug Menu


Two debug menus that contain a variety of options can be enabled in this game. These debug menus are mostly the same as the ones in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

USA Codes

Master Code (Only activate this on a real PS2)
902439C0 0C090E18
Enable Debug Menus
20325544 00000000
E003FFFD 004DA802
20325DC0 00000000
202C74E0 001AE460
E002FFFB 004DA802
20325DC4 0000001E
202C74E0 001AAA90
E004FDFB 004DA802
20325DC0 00000001
20325DC4 0000001E
20325DC8 00000000
202C74E0 001AAA90
D0325DC0 00000000
20325DC8 00000055

PAL Codes

Master Code (Only activate this on a real PS2)
90243D00 0C090EE8
Enable Debug Menus
20325944 00000000
E003FFFD 004DAC02
202C77E0 001AE4D0
203261C0 00000000
E002FFFB 004DAC02
203261C4 0000001E
202C77E0 001AAAF8
E004FDFB 004DAC02
203261C4 0000001E
202C77E0 001AAAF8
203261C0 00000001
203261C8 00000000
D03261C0 00000000
203261C8 00000055

When you first boot the game with the above code on, you will be presented with the first debug menu. Once in this menu, at anytime inside a sub menu, press Select + Start to return to the main debug screen.

  • PPD Main starts the game normally.
  • PPD Quick Start sends you into a level select sub menu.
  • Parameters allows you to set various other settings here, such as the character to play as.
  • PPD NIS Test allows you to watch all of the cutscenes. While watching a cutscene, press R2 to enter a frame by frame debug option. Press D-Pad Right while in this mode to advance a frame.
  • PPD Model View crashes the game.
  • PPD Item View crashes the game.
  • PPD Inventory Item View crashes the game.
  • Inventory Icon View displays a black screen.
  • ASYNC Test allows you to enter a free camera mode.
  • PPD Morph Test appears to make the game run really slow. It's unclear what this mode does.
  • DVD Menu Test softlocks the game.
  • PPD Skin tries to load something but never does.
  • PPD Particles enables some debug bars onscreen even when exiting this option.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

PPD Quick Start

X-Files-debug2.png X-Files-debug3.png

The level select option. This will send you into any level here.



This option allows you to set the character you wish to play as and various other options. It's unclear if the Light Editor Enabled option works.

PPD Particles


Probably a place to test VRAM usage. Leaving this option will show debug bars onscreen during gameplay.

In Game Debug Menu

X-Files-pausedebug1.png X-Files-pausedebug2.png

With the code on from the first section, pause the game then press R3 while in the pause menu. This will bring up the debug menu. Exit the pause screen afterwords by pressing Start again. To exit the debug menu press L3. To bring it up at anytime again press R2 + R3.

There is a lot of neat things you can do here. Such as activate cheats, toggle display debug info, edit cameras and lighting, play sounds from the game, etc. On the second page of this debug menu you can enable miscellaneous debug displays:

X-Files-debugdisplay1.png X-Files-debugdisplay2.png X-Files-debugdisplay3.png X-Files-debugdisplay4.png X-Files-debugdisplay5.png

Debug Displays

A lot of debug displays can be enabled by toggling the Debug Display option. You can also edit them by toggling the Debug Mode option respectively.

X-Files-debuginfo1.png X-Files-debuginfo2.png X-Files-debuginfo3.png X-Files-debuginfo4.png X-Files-debuginfo5.png X-Files-debuginfo6.png X-Files-debuginfo7.png X-Files-debuginfo8.png X-Files-debuginfo9.png X-Files-debuginfo10.png X-Files-debuginfo11.png X-Files-debuginfo12.png X-Files-debuginfo13.png X-Files-debuginfo14.png X-Files-debuginfo15.png