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Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

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Title Screen

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Also known as: Ratchet & Clank: Locked and Loaded, Ratchet & Clank 2, Ratchet & Clank: Totalmente a Tope (ES), Ratchet & Clank: Fuoco a Volontà (IT), Ratchet & Clank 2: GaGaGa! Commandos of the Galaxy (JP)
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: SCEA
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: December 11, 2003
Released in US: November 11, 2003
Released in EU: November 21, 2003

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
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Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando is the second entry in the Ratchet & Clank series, noteworthy for laying the groundwork of the action-oriented franchise it is today.

As with any other Ratchet & Clank game, this one has a good amount of unused content. The reason for this is because development was so complex, every game is basically a hack of the previous one. You never know how much you could break the game by deleting random files assumed to be left unused, and apparently neither did they. And this is good for us.

To do:
  • The first game still had a debug menu accessible by editing the game's mode value, but starting from R&C2, they removed (unreferenced, perhaps?) the code routine to access it, so all that remains are text declarations of that menu, but I'm pretty damn sure the functions are still there. We just have to find the right RAM address to edit for each function. Fortunately, R&C3's routine looks a lot like 2's, and its Online Beta features the actual working debug menu so this is all far from impossible.
  • Elaborate when all the dev text is found.
  • It's a lot of [leftover R&C1] pics, and some text declarations are leftovers from the R&C1 demo so they should be referenced in that game's page.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Unused Voice Clips
A lot of early dialogue that still lingers inside the files.
Unused Animations

Unused Weapons

By manually editing the held weapon or quick select slots, you can access three unused weapons with no name reference. HUD for them has been completely disabled and previously used icons deleted. According to developer Mike Stout, two of the weapons were removed for the following reasons:

"I remember those! Neither one of them made it out of pre-production. Neither of them ever had official names, and I can't remember the development names off the top of my head. We made a whole bunch of weapons during pre-production and picked the top 12 or so. I remember we didn't pick the flame boots one because they weren't very effective against normal Ratchet-style enemies -- you had to get too close, and the idea was to run in a circle around the target for a big explosion and extra damage -- it was just too slow by comparison with the other weapons. The linking mines ones I don't remember why we didn't use those -- it seems like it'd be similar reasons. Slow tactical weapons aren't very effective in Ratchet gameplay, like the mine glove or taunter in RC1."

Weapon #34

Unofficial render

Likely meant to be some kind of foot related weaponry, it uses the Grindboots model (albeit with a golden palette). It basically spawns a fire in your position whenever Circle is pressed, so if you keep pressing it and walk around, you leave a trail. This trail can damage enemies and has the power of a wrench swing. It appears to be using no ammo and cannot be upgraded. Also, if you draw a large enough circuit with your fire trail, it will generate an explosion. This weapon used a question mark icon on prototypes, and it has the same effect as the Wildfire Armor in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. Use the GameShark code 201A73B8 00000022 to place it in the first Quick Select slot.

Weapon #35

This seems like a Mine Glove equivalent for R&C2 that got eventually scrapped. The weapon in itself looks like a grey Thermanator, but its model is unique and textureless. It shoots red textureless mines and has an ammo capacity of 50 units. Single mines aren't triggered unless an enemy steps on them, but you can kind of make them trigger from a distance by shooting a series of them. The mines will generate a really cool laser link that will connect each one of them, and if an enemy crosses that laser, the closest mine will be set off, frying his ass. It can't be upgraded and its power is comparable to a RYNO II missile. This weapon used the Mine Glove weapon icon from R&C1 on prototypes. Use the GameShark code 201A73BC 00000023 to place it in the second Quick Select slot.

Weapon #15

The Glove of Doom, leftover from R&C1, is partially intact in Going Commando. However, it no longer works correctly - pressing Circle does not throw out any Doom Agents, and the texture for the weapon is glitched out. Use the GameShark code 201A73C0 0000000F to place it in the third Quick Select slot.

Unused Text

Unused Mission Text

Purchase Souvenir Image 
The booth here sells pictures of your head on a Gladiator's body. Maybe you should pick up a souvenir of your trip while you're here

The string of text

Buy Souvenir

most likely refers to this mission.

You've got the protopet back! Now you just need to meet with Mr. Fizzwidget and return it to him to accomplish your mission.

This text would be seen in the missions screen after defeating the Unknown Thief on Siberius. There's no way to pause the game after defeating the boss to view your current missions, since the game automatically sends you to the next level. Upon arriving on Tabora, trying to view this mission's description shows the "Mission Completed" text instead.

Also interesting to note is that the experiment wasn't dubbed "The Protopet" during this point of the game.

The space entrance to Megacorp's Headquarters is heavily guarded by their sentries.
Take out all the defenses in the hyperspace tunnel to get through to the Headquarters!

A cut mission intended to take place before breaking into Megacorp HQ. Dialogue for this mission still exists in the files.

Ratchet: Woah! It looks like we've been picked up by Megacorp's Deep Space Defenses! We've gotta take 'em out before we can land!

Ratchet: Okay, let's get to MegaCorp!

When Angela Cross mentions that "Megacorp's orbital defenses are nasty", she is most likely referring to this mission.

Developer Text

Various pieces of development-related text. The executable file has development-related errors.

File Name Text
SCUS_972.68 ERROR: tried to spawn a negative number of bolts
SCUS_972.68 cdrom0: Initialising music......wating to stop..load stopped....load stopped callback...music_StopLoad..****Load file failed to start!****
SCUS_972.68 wtf - music handle got lost
SCUS_972.68 Unable to find sheep to delete!
SCUS_972.68 WARNING: Tried to activate gadget w/o loading it first!


Warp to battle with Tentacle Beast on Aranos
Warp to battle with Thug Leader on Endako
Warp to battle with Angela on Siberius
Warp to battle with Giant Robot on Snivelak
Warp to battle with Mutant Protopet on Grelbin
Warp to Thugs 4 Less Battle Sphere


Platinum Weapons
Platinum Upgrade
Platinum Vendors
Tractor Strafe
Cost (ore):
E3 Only 
L33t Ninja

Various pieces of text that don't get used anywhere in the game.

Untriggered Music Track

Planet Todano - Weapons Facility Interior

The weapons facility on Todano was meant to feature its own music track, instantly recognizable by anyone who watched the E3 trailer. However, due to either a bug or an oversight, this track is never played in the game in any version.

Unused/Extended Cutscenes

To do:
Should the actual used version be uploaded for comparison? Find a way to record these cutscenes, assuming any data for them exists. If it doesn't, the game will just crash.

Each level, for whatever reason, has one unused placeholder cutscene with no extra audio processing whatsoever. While this may all be interesting in itself, some scenes actually include extra dialogue that was cut from the final!

Thug Leader encounter on Megapolis

Thug Leader: Greetings, morons. Since my employees did such a lousy job of takin' care of youse, I thought I'd come and handle things myself.
Clank: You must be the head of Thugs 4 Less.
Thug Leader: No, YOU must be the... oh. Wait. Yeah! I run Thugs 4 Less, and you two have gotten on the wrong side of my tracks!
Ratchet: Your tracks...?
Thug Leader: Never mind! I'll just show you what I mean.

The problem with this scene was that it assumes Clank is already with you, but he's not actually required to get there, so you can skip to this battle without saving him first. He does still say morons in the final version though...

2nd Wrench upgrade get on Aranos

Ratchet: Hey, check this out! Another wrench!
Clank: But what if it is worse than the old one?
Ratchet: ...Uh, I don't think it works that way.

Insomniac probably deemed this cutscene a little too meta on the humor. Clank is also there, even though in the final version he isn't with Ratchet at the point where he finds the new wrench.

Damosel Orbit

Ratchet: You see that moon? Let's go exploring!

This scene, set in Damosel, immediately followed by a Giant Clank transformation, and was cut entirely from the final game.

Unused Monsterpedia entries

Megacorp Trooper V2

While this red-colored variant of the MegaCorp Trooper does get used, it does not get its own entry in the Monsterpedia. It's also grouped together with the enemies on Smolg, suggesting it could have appeared there.


Attack Ship

Not only is this Monsterpedia entry unused... the enemy was completely cut from the final game! It was meant to be a boss fight on Grelbin, but it was cut due to the level running out of memory. Sadly, no textures, sound effects, or icons exist for this boss anymore.


Thugs-4-Less Leader (Giant Mech)

The Thugs-4-Less mech does not get its own entry in the Monsterpedia either. Interestingly, the mech depicted here is actually the one fought on Dobbo Orbit, suggesting it could have been an early version of the Snivelak mech.


Unused Textures

Courier Ship

This icon of the Courier Ship from Ratchet and Clank 1 can be found in the files. What it would have been used for is currently unknown.


An unused texture found within the graphics of Barlow. This texture was used in the Infiltrator puzzles in earlier builds of the game.

Gc gadgetron.png

Early Crystal

This image of a crystal would have showed up when you were close to one. This can be seen on the Guided Tour video, found on the Retail Employees Demo.


The now-unused crystal, as seen in the Guided Tour video.

Early Dobbo Orbit icons

These two icons of Giant Clank and the Thugs-4-Less leader can be seen in pre-release footage for the game, and were intended for the fight on Dobbo Orbit. The icons still remain in the files.

GC BetaClank.png Gc thugs4lessleader.png

Early Icons, as seen in the Guided Tour video


A placeholder graphic labeled "test hud ALPHA".


A texture of a rainbow.


An icon for the Bubble Sub, a cut vehicle that only appears in the Insomniac Museum.


Ratchet and Clank 1 leftovers

There are several leftover textures from Ratchet and Clank 1.

Gc airmeter.png

Gc airmeterdrowning.png


  • Meters for Ratchet's air level, and a bubble for said meter. In pre-release gameplay, it was used as a placeholder graphic for the Levitator's fuel meter. This can be seen in the Guided Tour video on the Retail Employees Demo.
The air meters (and bubbles), as seen in the Guided Tour video.

Gc chickenmeter.png Rc1egg.png

  • In addition to the air meters, the meter used by the Morph-O-Ray and an egg for the meter also remain in the files.
The Morph-O-Ray's meter (and eggs), as seen in the Guided Tour video.

Gc infobot.png

  • A graphic of an Infobot
Gc vendorfont.png

  • The font used by the Gadgetron Vendor in the previous game.
Gc pilothelmet.png

  • The icon for the Pilot's Helmet
Gc minelauncher.png

  • The icon used by the Mine Glove.

Unused Menu Screens

The files for the Help menu contain images for all of the game's armor and items. Ironically enough, the help menu covers none of these, leaving all of them unused.



Placeholder graphics

Placeholder #1

If the Pause menu is hacked to force a nonexistent/imageless weapon (such as the OmniWrench) into the weapons screen, this placeholder graphic will show up. According to developer Mike Stout, the name of the developer in this image is Carl Grande, the game's Asset Manager.

"Yes! That's Carl Grande. That image you have up is for a weapon that doesn't have an icon or menu art yet. Grande was our Asset Manager, so he put the picture there so people would be reminded to contact him about it and he could make sure He art got made and put in."


Placeholder #2

Carl Grande once again appears in this placeholder image, along with two other employees whose identities are currently unknown.


Placeholder #3

This image was used as a placeholder for missions that didn't receive their graphics yet.


Placeholder #4

This image of the Mutant Protopet was taken at an earlier state, hence the lack of textures and more simplistic lighting. This image can be seen in the Retail Employees Demo by changing the value for the current mission graphic.

Placeholder Final
Goingcommandoplaceholder4.png GC ProtopetFinal.png

Unused Cheats

Six unused cheats are left in the game, unfortunately it appears only one of them works. A list of the unused cheats:

All Levels
Upgrade all parts of Ratchet's Ship
Health gives invincibility at max
Flying cars become sheep
Left-handed Ratchet
Trippy contrails

All Levels, Upgrade all parts of Ratchet's Ship and Trippy contrails no longer function. The functioning ones can be activated with the following GameShark / CodeBreaker codes for the NTSC-U version of the game:

Health gives invincibility at max
001A7A52 00000001
Flying cars become sheep
001A7A48 00000001
Left-handed Ratchet
001A7A45 00000001

When activating Health gives invincibility at max, it makes it so Ratchet is invincible for 10 seconds after getting more health when his health is already at max. Unfortunately Flying cars become sheep and Left-handed Ratchet do not appear to work.

Debug Functions

To do:
There has to be more debugging features.

While the debug menu can no longer be accessed in Going Commando, the options for the menu are still functional and can be activated with GameShark codes.


In the game's terminology, a Spline is a predetermined path that objects such as Taxis take. The debug menu had an option to make Splines visible, and said option still works.


As the address to make splines visible changes for whatever level you're on, you'll need multiple GameShark codes.

Enable Splines on Notak
001AF524 00000001
Enable Splines on Joba
001AF5FF 00000001
Enable Splines on Boldan
001AF5E6 00000001

Unused Splines


In early versions of the game, Notak once had robotic citizens that walked along pre-set paths, and teleported away via energy doors. The splines that were used by these robot citizens can still be found on Notak when viewed in a level editor.

Final Kiosk Trailer
RatchetGC NotakSplines1.png RatchetGCPreview NotakCitizen.PNG


The splines used by the cut gunship boss seen in the September 4th prototype are still intact in the final version of Grelbin.

RatchetGC GrelbinSplines.png

Unused Models


A textureless model of what appears to be a hammer. It may have been used as a placeholder model for the cutscene featuring the Qwark Fanboy on Todano.


Courier Ship

The Courier Ship from Ratchet & Clank 1 can be found among the model data for Gorn. What it would have been used for has unfortunately been lost to time.


Early Thug Gun

Found in the files for Maktar Resort, right next to the gun the Thugs-4-Less Brutes use in the final, and also using the same texture as the final. Presumably, this is an early version of the gun the Brutes use. Interestingly, this is only found in Maktar Resort's files alongside the Class I Brutes - levels with Class II Brutes such as Boldan and Snivelak do not contain this file, despite the fact that in the final, both classes use the same gun model.

Ratchet2 UnusedThugGun.png

Goodies Menu

To do:
Document this more in-depth.

The Goodies Menu from the previous game is still intact, albeit in a very broken state.

RatchetClankGC GoodiesMenu.png

The only option from the Goodies Menu that still works correctly is In-level Movies, as attempting to access any other option will crash the game. Accessing the goodies menu will also corrupt the HUD, as it most likely tries to load R&C1's HUD data, which no longer exists in Going Commando.

Hidden Objects

Out-of-Bounds crates


On the first visit to Aranos, two crates can be found at the coordinates of 178, 240, -271, approximately 300 meters below the rest of the level.



Three out-of-bounds crates can be found on Oozla at the coordinates of 361, 607, 111.


Regional and Revision Differences

To do:
What else is different in the Japanese version?

Japan and Korea

Starting with the 2nd game in the series, Ratchet now has much larger eyebrows in the Japanese release, in addition to a larger head size and different eyes.

International Japan
RatchetGCInternationalRatchet.png RatchetGCJapanEyebrows.png

The Japanese and Korean versions patched some glitches with the charge boots, these changes are also present in the NTSC-U Greatest Hits release as well as the PS3/VITA re-releases. These versions also fixed a glitch with the Insomniac Museum. In the NTSC-U Black Label original, if you entered the Insomniac Museum via the unlockable shortcut, if you use the teleporter to exit the museum, the game would send you to Boldan which is where you would normally find the museum. This allows you to skip 2/3s of the game as you can use the shortcut as soon as you begin challenge mode. All later versions however partially fixed this glitch. If you used the teleporter to exit the museum, the game will send you back to whatever planet you used the shortcut in however, if you use the teleporter after either dying or saving and re-loading in the museum, the game will still send you to Boldan. You also do not unlock the museum shortcut until Oozla in all later PS2 versions. The later PS2 versions also fixed a few minor issues like widescreen mode only outputting a stretched 4:3 aspect ratio rather than a proper 16:9 aspect ratio, which also fixed a couple widescreen mode visual bugs as a result.

To do:
Rip the voice clips for comparison

Additionally. All english releases following the initial Black Label release replaced the various grunts and screams Ratchet made when attacking, getting hurt, and dying with voice clips done by his current voice actor James Arnold Taylor, rather than reusing the grunts from his old voice actor Mikey Kelley from the first game.