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Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

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Title Screen

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Also known as: Ratchet & Clank 3 (EU), Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal (AU), Ratchet & Clank 3: Charge! Galactic Rangers (JP)
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: SCEA
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: November 25, 2004
Released in US: November 4, 2004
Released in EU: November 12, 2004
Released in AU: November 18, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Our favorite Lombax and Robot duo have returned for a third time in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, and this time they've brought online multiplayer, even more powerful weapons, 2D sidescrollers, more innuendos, a central mission hub, and of course, more cut content.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info
Unused Voice Clips

Unused Music

The files that when pieced together make this unused track are named 'rc3_l31_boss'. Under the same naming scheme, the 'l31' prefix is for the first Vid-Comic . The purpose of the track is revealed by the game's demo. In its version of the first Vid-Comic, the Insomniac Museum background music is used as the stage theme and the unused track is used for the boss. In the final game, these are replaced with two different tracks.

It is of note that this music can be heard in the final game by approaching the door leading to the first Vid-Comic boss and standing right below the entrance. As a side effect, returning to the outside of the boss room after doing this will play the Insomniac Museum's music.

Unused Areas

In the Insomniac Museum, there exists a room which can only be accessed by moonjumping to a specific part of the roof and falling through or by using a glitch. It is a small room with a lone jump pad and a narrow maze-like corridor which ends with a floor that instantly kills Ratchet if he walks over it.

According to developer Mike Stout, this was originally planned to be a wing of the museum, which would be accessed by falling down an elevator shaft. The jump pad would have been used to go back up.
In the end, the museum turned out to have more space than needed, so access to this area was blocked, and the stuff that was in it got moved to other places in the museum. Jump pad was left in case QA somehow found a way down because he didn't want to get a bug report about it.

Unused Text

There is a TON of unused text within the files.


Bolts earned 
Number of enemies killed
Damage taken 
Bolts spent on ammo
Shots fired
Damage dealt 
Bolts spent on weapons
Nanomites (XP) earned
Time spent in vid-comics
Fastest play-through time
Number of objects broken
Time spent strafing
Time spent in 1st person mode
Time spent falling
Number of jumps performed
Number of deaths

Scrapped Skill Points

Beat ?:?? In the Florana buggy race.
Beat ?:?? In the Crashed Leviathan buggy race
Don't forget your ice pick. - Destroy 15 floating ice chunks
First Aid is for supervillains - Destroy Dr. Nefarious' healing chamber 
Find all 5 Qwark fans behind the windows - Find Qwark's fan club.
And since there's no place to go - Have all the weather generators create snow.

Plot Summary

Ratchet is telling the story of his heroic victory over the Tyhrranoids when Nefarious projects a hologram of himself onto the Phoenix.
Nefarious threatens the members of the QForce, then vanishes, but not before Al traces the hologram signal to a sinister research facility on Planet Daxx.
Ratchet decides to investigate the base on Daxx.
Before Ratchet leaves, Al tells him to swing by Helga's VR training course (onboard the Phoenix) to pick up a couple of new gadgets.
Ratchet and Clank hack into a computer and uncover files about Nefarious' secret weapon - a device called the 'Biobliterator.'
In the computer, Clank finds a trail of clues leading to the Obani Moons. 
Ratchet and Clank discover a disk containing a Courtney Gears music video.  We watch the Courtney Gears Video. 
Courtney's song calls for robots to destroy all organic life.  It seems Courtney Gears may be working for Dr. Nefarious.
After watching the video, Ratchet remembers that Courtney Gears is handing out the grand prize at the Annihilation Nation Championships (the Arena). 
Ratchet and Clank decide to enter the contest so that Courtney can lead them to Nefarious. 
Ratchet and Clank win the grand prize and meet Courtney Gears.  
Courtney agrees to help them find Nefarious if Clank will get her a part in his next Secret Agent Clank movie. 
Clank tells Courtney to meet him on the set at Holostar Studios.Ratchet and Clank are filming a scene from the movie. 
When Ratchet screws up, the Director replaces him with Skrunch the Monkey. Ratchet and Clank split up while Clank finishes the film shoot.
Clank rescues Courtney at the end of the movie.
Courtney attacks  Clank, knocks him out , and hands him over to Nefarious, who holds Clank prisoner.
Nefarious makes Clank an offer - join the robot revolution or die. The movie ends before we see what choice Clank makes. 
Meanwhile, as he waits for Clank to get back from the film shoot, Ratchet gets ambushed by Tyranoids.
Clank meets up with Ratchet again.  Clank is behaving strangely - as if he weren't quite himself.
Clank says Courtney told him that Dr Nefarious is onboard a Star Cruiser called "Leviathan".
Ratchet calls Sasha and tells her to locate the ship.
Ratchet and Clank call the Phoenix and end up talking to Skidd.  Skidd volunteers to join the mission to the Obani Moons.
Ratchet and Clank meet up with Skidd McMarxx and discover that someone has put up a security forcefield around one of the Obani Moons.
Skidd may be able to shut the field down. 
Ratchet receives an emergency call from the Galactic Rangers, who need Ratchet's help battling Tryranoids on Planet Aridia.
Ratchet and Clank decide to go to Aridia to rescue the Rangers.  Skidd stays behind to work on bringing down the forcefield.
Ratchet and Clank get a call from Skidd, back on the Obani Moons.
Skidd says he managed to deactivate the forcefield around the last moon and that he spotted Courtney Gears.
Before Skidd can say more, someone grabs him.
Ratchet and Clank discover a secret laboratory, and learn that Skidd McMarxx has been turned into a mindless evil robot by Courtney Gears!
As Ratchet and Clank face off for a battle with Courtney Gears, she tells Ratchet that she is going to turn him into a robot like Skidd.
After Courtney is defeated, Clank continues to act very strangely.
Sasha calls to say that she has located Dr. Nefarious. star cruiser at the Zeldren Starport.  Qwark is waiting for them there.
Skidd is returned to the Phoenix to see if he can be helped.
Ratchet and Clank agree to split up with Qwark and meet up on the bridge (at the far side of the ship). 
Ratchet and Clank arrive on the bridge and discover that they have walked into Dr Nefarious' trap.  
Nefarious sets the Star Cruiser to self-destruct, then teleports away.
Ratchet and Qwark run to abandon the ship before it's too late. Qwark goes back to the bridge to get something he left behind.
An explosion behind him ensures that Ratchet has no choice but to make a run for the shuttle bay. 
Qwark does not make it back to the shuttle in time.
Ratchet is forced to take off as the Star Cruiser explodes and crashes into the planet below. 
When they land, Sasha is so glad to see Ratchet safe that she gives him a big kiss.  
Ratchet is saddened when he hears Qwark is missing and presumed dead.
The Q-Force holds a funeral for Captain Qwark. Afterwards, Al give Ratchet Qwark Vid-Comic 4.
Ratchet decides to play the comic looking for clues to what Dr. Nefarious is going to do next.
After watching the conclusion of Vid-Comic 4, Ratchet realizes that Nefarious plans to attack Metropolis with his secret superweapon - the Biobliterator..
Nefarious has Clank held captive in the City of Metropolis.
Nefarious gloats that Clank must watch helplessly while the Biobliterator is unleashed.
The Biobliterator attacks Metropolis - turning every living creature in sight - even the Tyrhannoids, into robot killers!
Ratchet confronts Nefarious and sees that the he has the real Clank locked up.  The Clank that Ratchet is with is an impostor!
Clank's evil double, "Klunk", grows to giganitc size and attacks Ratchet.
After defeating Klunk, Ratchet rescues Clank from the train.
Ratchet and Clank escape from Metropolis as an army of killer robot zombies come after after them.

A very large block of text summarizing a portion of the game.

Unused Tyhrraguise Conversations

Hello, I have orders to ride the elevators on this level and make sure they are all playing really bad music. Why don't you fire this one up so I can get on with my business?
Yeah right.  Do I look like an idiot? Yeah right, Squishy.  Do I look like an idiot? 
Absolutely. I mean, of course not!  Err...wanna watch some naked amoeboids?
Don't try to bribe me with that single-cell smut.  I take this job seriously.  Besides, I prefer molluscs. What happened to "don't ask, don't tell?"
Say, why don't you take a smoke break?  I'll watch the elevator while you're gone.
I believe this is the part where I get to rip you into little pieces and eat you like chips-n-salsa. 
Well done! You have passed your test of loyalty!  I'll tell Dr. Nefarious to postpone your disintegration for a couple of weeks.  
Loyalty test? I knew it!  You can't fool old Bleebfart! 
Yes, the Dr. was right about you, Bleebfart.  He says you have a lot of potential.  You might even end up guarding the trash compactor on deck 4...if you play your cards right. 
Hail Dr. Nefarious!  You may proceed!
You there,  I'm late and I need to get by.  Let's go! Chop Chop! 
Sorry?  Did you say you wanted to be chopped to pieces?  What's the rush? 
Sorry?  Did you say you'd like to be chopped to pieces?  What's the rush, squishy? 
It's Dr. N's birthday.  I'm supposed to jump out of the cake.  In a bikini. 
If you're trying to make me nauseous, it's working. 
Look's who talking. 
Good point. You may proceed.
Gremi old buddy!  Would you mind letting your old friend by?
Err. Do I know you? I don't recognize you, squishy. 
It's me, Greebox! We were maggots together in the same spawning pool on Tyhrranosis. 
Hmm... I don't remember much about my childhood. 
I do.  You used to eat your own dung!   The other kids had a song: "Gremi he's a nasty chap, he's the kid who eats his-
Ok, you can pass!  Now beat it!  And don't tell anyone you know me!

In-Level Movie Text

Meet the Galactic Rangers
We Have a Volunteer!
Welcome to F-Sector
Find the Mystery Man!
Skidd McMarxx
Victory on the Racetrack
Path of Death
He is Captain Qwark!
Everybody Squeeze In
Welcome Aboard the Phoenix
The Monkey Cage
Nefarious Makes His Move
Marcadia Landing
Getting Plastered
You Earned It
All Hail Dr Nefarious.
That'll Teach 'Em
To the Dropship.
Good With Your Hands?
You Speak Nerd
The Dropship
Qwark's Flashback.
Are You Ready to Play?.
The Grand Prize.
Meet the Q-Force.
Superstar Clank.
Codename: Shadowdude.
Slim Cognito.
A Foolproof Disguise.
Bananas Not Included.
The Bridge.
Mission Accomplished.
The Water Worker
Sewer Crystal
Ahh.. Fresh
Space Victory
Plan of Attack
Battle Reward
Final Assault
Qwark Gives Thanks.
Supervillain Weekly.
Helga's Training Course.
Training Complete.
The Biobliterator.
Calling the Phoenix
Courtney Gears Music Video
Meet Courtney Gears
Holostar Studios
That's a Wrap
Join us or Die
A New Lead
The Obani Moons
Victory at Blackwater City
Skidd's in Trouble
Courtney's Last Track
Mating Season
Clank Calls Shotgun
Hunting Nefarious
She's Gonna Blow!
Qwark Goes Back
Star Cruiser Explosion
Ratchet's First Kiss
Qwark's Funeral
Target: Metropolis
The Impostor
Galactic Idol Audition
Meet Klunk
Clank Rescued
I'm Half Robot!
Supernova Taxi
H22's Birthday Party
The Mystery of Episode 5
The Truth Comes Out
The Warp Pad
Finding Qwark
Sasha's S.O.S.
Q-Force Rescue
We Need a Bigger Gun
Payback is a Clank
The Mapper
Ratchet vs. Nefarious.

The In-Level Movies feature from the first game would have made a comeback. The list references a few things that were cut from development.

  • "Victory on the Racetrack" references one of the two cut Turboslider races. "Skidd McMarxx" also shows that Skidd would have played a role in the race as well.
  • "Starfighter" and "Space Victory" could possibly belong to a scrapped mission set in between Aquatos and Tyhrranosis.


Once unlocked, Shortcuts allow you to instantly warp to key locations in RC3, including battlefields, racetracks, and arena challenges.
Florana Buggy Race
Marcadia Battlefield
Annihilation Nation
Aquatos Sewers
Tyhrranosis Battlefield
Robot Base Battlefield
Blackwater City Battlefield
Sandshark Battlefield
Crashed Leviathan Buggy Race
Insomniac Museum

The shortcuts feature from Going Commando would have returned as well. It also references the two scrapped racetracks yet again, and a scrapped "Robot Base Battlefield" challenge. "Sandshark Battlefield" could have been a possible early name for the Aridia battlefield.

Scrapped Items

Hydrogen Gun
Tresspasser 2
You got the Giga RYNOCIRATOR!
You got the Omega RYNOCIRATOR!

Some text for weapons that were cut early on.

  • While the RY3NO can be upgraded to the RYNOCIRATOR, it cannot be upgraded any further beyond this point.

Unused Cheats

R and C Jukebox
Ratchet Goes Topless
Ape Escape Mode
Enter the Ninja
Jak Needs a Shave Mode
Robot Mode
Tickle Me Ratchet
Tyhrranoid Mode
Blarg Mode
Frosty Mode

Some random cheats for the Goodies Menu.

  • "Ape Escape Mode" was the original name for Big Head Mode in the prototype version of the game.
  • "R and C Jukebox" most likely gave players the option to listen to the game's soundtrack.
  • "Jak Needs a Shave Mode" is an obvious reference to the Jak and Daxter series.

Developer Text

This category includes MPEG's (movies that can be played anywhere), Real-Time Cinematics (movies that can only be played within a particular level), and the RC3 Sketchbook.
This menu contains hints for earning each .Skill Point. in the game.
Each time a .Skill Point. is earned, a detailed explanation of that point is added to the menu.

These messages were most likely intended for the developers.

Unused Models

Supernova Taxi Driver

RatchetUYA SupernovaTaxiGuy.png

A model of the driver for Supernova Taxi can be found among the cutscene files on Zeldrin. He does not make any physical appearance in the level, and is a leftover from when the developers recorded the cutscene between Qwark and the Driver.

Supernova Taxi Office

RatchetUYASupernovaTaxi Office.PNG

The office seen in the Supernova Taxi cutscene can be found at the center of Zeldrin, at coordinates 0, 0, 0. Just like the driver, this is a leftover from when the cutscene was being recorded.

Upgrader Crate


A special crate not normally usable in game. According to developer Mike Stout, the Upgrader Crate was scrapped since it took the fun out of upgrading weapons by using them, as it would have upgraded Ratchet's weakest weapon by one level. The crate is still fully functional, however it was made to delete itself on the first frame - hence making it "invisible". By removing the self-deletion code, the crate becomes fully functional again, as can be seen in this video:

The Upgrader Crate, as seen in the Phoenix Rescue map along with some other crates that don't appear in the level.
The Upgrader Crate, as seen in Holostar Studios.

Multiplayer Tank

RatchetUYA MPTank.png

A tank that was intended to be used in the multiplayer mode, removed for unknown reasons. The tank can be enabled via hacking and is actually fully functional.

Ameboid Spawner

RatchetUYA AmeboidSpawner.png

This odd-looking contraption spawns the Ameboids in Vid-Comic Episode 2, dropping them from the sky. However, they're always out of the camera's view and impossible to see in normal gameplay.

Unused Weapons

A fully functional Bomb Glove exists in the game, along with a not so functional Sheepinator. A placeholder Plasma Whip, in its original model scale can also be found, though it is completely useless and just a leftover from previous builds.

Unused Textures

Turboslider Texture

In the graphics of Florana, there is a texture for the Turboslider. By now, you should know why it's in there.

Rc3 turboslider.png

Hidden Insomniac Games Moon

The texture of the bananas fired by the Banana Guided Autonomous Monkey Device contain a hidden image of the moon from the logo of Insomniac Games, along with a silhouette of what appears to be Ratchet. The moon is placed in a part of the texture that is not mapped to any part of the mesh.


Unused HelpDesk Icons

While every member of the Q-Force gets their own icon for HelpDesk messages, Skidd and Skrunch do not have any HelpDesk lines, leaving their icons unused.

RatchetUYA SkidIcon.png

RatchetUYA SkrunchIcon.png

Florana Turboslider Track Leftovers

Although the aforementioned Turboslider races have been completely removed from the final game... Florana actually has visible remnants of it! At coordinates 215, 438, 760, this arrangement of Turbosliders can be found, as if they were waiting at a starting line. They cannot be entered, and none of them have any collision.

(Source: ImJustATester)

Hidden Objects

Out-of-Bounds Gravity Bomb Ammo

At approximately coordinates X: 295, Y: 292, Z: 200 (underneath the island with the red base) in the multiplayer map Bakisi Isles, there is an out-of-bounds Gravity Bomb ammo.

RaC3 BakisiOOBAmmo.png

Regional Differences

Japanese Release

  • Online multiplayer functionality was removed.
  • The option to play the game in progressive scan was removed.
  • The camera is slower due to the fact that Japanese people are more likely to face motion sickness. This was also why the Japanese versions of the first two Spyro the Dragon games were significantly slower than their international counterparts.

Japanese and Korean releases

  • More costumes were added. Sumo, Ninja, Santa and Ape Escape Monkey costumes were all added. They are also in the PS3 version.
  • A couple button codes were added. Two of these codes would unlock the Santa Ratchet and Ape Escape Monkey costumes that were not present in the US and PAL releases. These two codes in particular also work in PS3 version.
  • The "Sly 2: Band of Thieves" demo was removed. The folder containing the demo is still present on the disc however, it is empty.
    • In the Japanese version, inputting the code in the main menu that would give you the Sly 2 demo in the US and PAL releases (L1+L2+R1+R2) will give you a trailer for a Japanese PS2 game "Bakufū slash! Kizna Storm (爆封スラッシュ!KIZNA嵐)". The demo was likely removed as Sly 2 wouldn't be released in Japan until June 2005 and the game wouldn't have been fully translated and localized at that time. Sly 1 was also unsuccessful in Japan which would also explain why the demo was replaced with something that would appeal more to a Japanese audience.
    • In the Korean version, the code that would give you the Sly 2 demo in the US and PAL releases does not do anything.