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Star Fox 64

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Title Screen

Star Fox 64

Also known as: Lylat Wars (EU/AU)
Developer: Nintendo EAD[1]
Publisher: Nintendo[1]
Platforms: Nintendo 64, iQue Player
Released in JP: April 27, 1997[1]
Released in US: June 30, 1997[1]
Released in EU: October 20, 1997[1]
Released in AU: October 20, 1997[1]
Released in CN: November 17, 2003[1]

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Star Fox 64 is the third second game in the Star Fox series, salvaging some ideas from the then-unreleased Star Fox 2.

To do:


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Graphics

Title Screen Copyright

An earlier 1996 copyright notice goes unused in every region. It can be spotted in a pre-release screenshot of the Japanese title screen.

Old Copyright Notice Early Title Screen
StarFox64 C1996.png
StarFox64 ProtoTitle.jpg

HUD Elements

To do:
Get more prototype screenshots for comparison.
Early screenshot with some unused HUD elements.
Screenshot of early HUD using the FPSF letters.

Many unused HUD graphics as well as their palettes are still buried inside the final game. While some are duplicates or otherwise very similar copies to those used in-game (such as the numbers 0-9 and C-Button graphics), these specific images do not appear to be referenced by the game at all.

Numbers & Symbols

GFX Description GFX Description
SF64 1 0.png
Number 0
SF64 7 6.png
Number 6
SF64 2 1.png
Number 1
SF64 8 7.png
Number 7
SF64 3 2.png
Number 2
SF64 9 8.png
Number 8
SF64 4 3.png
Number 3
SF64 10 9.png
Number 9
SF64 5 4.png
Number 4
SF64 28 Colon.png
Colon mark
SF64 6 5.png
Number 5
SF64 29 MultiplyX.png
× for life counter


GFX Description
SF64 14 GreenF.png
Green/yellow "F" (Fox)
SF64 15 RedP.png
Red "P" (Peppy)
SF64 16 GreenS.png
Green "S" (Slippy)
SF64 17 BlueF.png
Blue "F" (Falco)


GFX Description
SF64 12 Bom.png
Text "BOM"
SF64 18 HIT.png
Text "HIT!"
SF64 21 Pause.png
"PAUSE" graphic
SF64 22 Shield.png
SF64 23 Boss.png
Text "BOSS"

Icons & Misc. Graphics

GFX Description
SF64 11 ArwingIcon.png
Arwing icon
SF64 20 BombIcon.png
Bomb icon
SF64 24 CButton.png
C-Right icon
SF64 25 CSignal1.png
C-Right attention signal 1
SF64 26 CSignal2.png
C-Right attention signal 2
SF64 27 CSignal3.png
C-Right attention signal 3
SF64 13 Charge.png
"CHARGE" marker
SF64 19 MapBorder.png
On-screen map border

Boost Meter

GFX Description
SF64 30 BoostBg.png
Empty Boost Meter background
SF64 31 BoostPwr.png
Boost Meter gradient background
SF64 32 BoostGauge.png
Boost Meter pointer?
SF64 33 RedGradient.png
Red gradient
SF64 34 BossGradient.png
Boss energy gradient
SF64 35 GreyGradient.png
Grey gradient background
SF64 36 BrokenGradient.png
Gradient missing pixels (appears like this in the ROM)
SF64 37 BoostMeter.png
Boost Meter & boss energy background
(Source: xdaniel (entire section))


GFX Description
SF64 CF revers AW.png An image of an Arwing performing a U-Turn.
SF64 CF normal AW.png An image of an Arwing diving.
SF64 CF 3D.png A sprite of the N64 Control Stick.


SF64 90A0E6 Katina Radar.png

Unused early radar map in Katina's bank.


Unused Pilot

GFX Description
Corsoldieranim.gif Bill's early mugshot, which can be found in Katina's level data.

He can be seen with this portrait in magazine screenshots.

The model appears to be recycled for the generic soldiers in the award ceremony.

Larger Falco Portrait

GFX Description
SF64-89E8F0-Falco.gif A x64 portrait of Falco, larger than the usual x44.

Each frame was split in two.

No other character has one of this size in the final ROM.

Radio Static

GFX Description
SF64 899EE0 Radio Static 1.png Unused radio static effect for portraits. x64 instead of x44.
SF64 8833F0 Radio Static 2.png Newer (but still not final) static effect, judging by the x44 size.


Pink Ball and Explosion

GFX Description
SF64 89CC28 Sprite.png Unused. In Shoshinkai '96 footage, the Meteo Crusher fires a swarm of them.

In early magazine screenshots, rings of them circle downed enemies on Zoness.

SF64 89D4B8 Explosion 1.png An accompanying explosion effect, suggesting the ball was a projectile.
SF64 89DD48 Explosion 2.png

Meteo Ball

SF64 9C7048 Ball.png

Seemingly unused sprite in Meteo. In the source files, it's simply named ball. Grouped with the Meteo Crusher's assets. Possibly a replacement of the pink ball attack from the Shoshinkai '96 footage, before the attack was cut completely.

Early Sector X

SF64 9BFEF8 SpaceKumo.png

Early bluer version of the Sector X nebula. Visible in magazine screenshots on the Lylat map.

Oddly, it is grouped with Meteo's textures in the final ROM, and Meteo's assets in the source code. The file is named AS_Spacekumo.rgba (AS for asteroid, kumo meaning cloud, so "space cloud"). Footage from E3 '96 showed Meteo with an orangish-pink nebula in the background, suggesting Sector X's sprite likely started as a generic background for Meteo. Titania however was between Meteo and the Sector X bioweapons lab at the time. Could also be an early warp zone background.

Cornerian Fighters in Corneria City

Three textures resembling the ones used for Bill's ship and the Cornerian fighters on Katina. However, they were found in Corneria's bank. In the source files, they are named "CN_Airship." These textures indicate Cornerian fighters would have flown in Corneria city, which is corroborated by Peppy and Slippy's cut lines from the developers' dub.

Unused Bomb Pickup Model

SF64 Unused Torpedo Item1.png SF64 Unused Torpedo Item2.png SF64 Unused Torpedo Item3.png

In Aquas only, an unused bomb model can be seen by spawning a bomb drop in the level. It appears to resemble a torpedo. The model itself is very large when the item appears on-screen.

Note: In the screenshots, the Aquas map was manually brightened up via hacking for a better capture.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Laser Types

StarFox64-UnusedLaser1.png StarFox64-UnusedLaser2.png StarFox64-UnusedLaser3.png

Unused coding exists for a different type of single shot laser. This coding is only used by Star Fox and Star Wolf. There's a single dual red laser that isn't actually used by Star Wolf. They are all purely cosmetic differences.

NA 1.0 NA 1.1 AU EU JP iQue
81034F70 2405
81034F72 00??
810393E0 2405
810393E2 00??
810393B0 2405
810393B2 00??
810393A0 2405
810393A2 00??
81036250 2405
81036252 00??
8103844C 2405
8103844E 00??
00 Regular
01 Single red laser (used by Star Wolf)
02 Dual green laser (used by Bill)
03 Dual red laser

In the Star Wolf Venom battle, Star Wolf only uses ID 01 laser type, not the 03 type.

(Source: Punk7890)

Unused Engine Color

An unused light orange-ish engine color set remains in the game. This color set isn't exclusive to Star Fox, any enemy in the game could have used it as well. The entire set of engine colors are below as well.

Red (used on ground levels) Blue (used in space levels)
StarFox64-EngineColor1.png StarFox64-EngineColor2.png
Green (used only by enemies) Orange (Copperhead Missile)
StarFox64-EngineColor3.png StarFox64-EngineColor4.png
NA 1.0 NA 1.1 AU EU JP iQue
81050484 2404
81050486 00??
81056B44 2404
81056B46 00??
810548F4 2404
810548F6 00??
8105AFB4 2404
8105AFB6 00??
81054884 2404
81054886 00??
8105AFF4 2404
8105AFF6 00??
81054874 2404
81054876 00??
8105AFF4 2404
8105AFF6 00??
81051744 2404
81051746 00??
81057DE4 2404
81057DE6 00??
8105396C 2404
8105396E 00??
8105A024 2404
8105A026 00??

The first two codes are for Fox and the last two codes are for Falco, Peppy and Slippy. This was possibly an early color design for Fox's team as the actor IDs for each color match Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Peppy in that order. The 3DS remake would implement this in its multiplayer mode.

00 = Red
01 = Blue
02 = Green
03 = Orange 
(Source: Punk7890)

Unused Shield

StarFox64 UnusedShield.png

A shield is used by Star Wolf and the enemies on Bolse before all barriers are destroyed, but is never made available to the player. It can be enabled with the following GameShark codes depending on version.

NA 1.0 NA 1.1 AU EU JP iQue
8116D940 0001 81177AD0 0001 81179B38 0001 81179C38 0001 8117D270 0001 8116FFF8 0001

If you collide with anything, you won't take any damage, nor will you ever lose your wings. The shield is only visible when used on Arwing levels, but also gives invincibility to the Landmaster and the Blue-Marine.

This was later made available in the 3D remake, as a multiplayer powerup.

Unused Venom 1 Sub-section

An unused sub-section after the regular data of Venom 1 can be seen here. A very short and glitched version of Venom 1. It's possible this may have been an early way to get to Venom 2 but was scrapped very early on.

Apply this code to the US 1.0 version of the game to always enable sub-section loading if the level has one: 8016E0EF 0001

(Source: Punk7890)

Unused Area 6 Level

SF64 UnusedPlanet.png

An unused Area 6-like level can be seen here. It simply contains a worm-like enemy from Meteo. The level cannot be completed.

Enter a planet with the below code on to appear here.

NA 1.0 NA 1.1 AU EU JP iQue
8016E0A7 0004 80178237 0004 8017A29F 0004 8017A39F 0004 8017D9D7 0004 8017075F 0004

Crash Debugger

StarFox64 CrashDebugger.png

Star Fox 64 contains a very simple crash debugger. To trigger it, crash the game in some way; you should then see a white line in the top right corner. Now hold R and input the following button sequence:

  • C-Left + C-Down
  • A (twice)
  • B (twice)
  • C-Left (twice)
  • A
  • B
  • C-Left (five times)
  • Start

All there is to the crash debugger is a single page containing the registers at the time of crashing.

(Source: fkualol)

Unused Sounds

To do:
Probably more unused stuff inside this file. The following codes could also help in finding which voice clips are unused and which ones are just very rare to hear:
  • Zero Health Falco: 8016D727 0000
  • Zero Health Peppy: 8016D72F 0000
  • Zero Health Slippy: 8016D72B 0000



Voice Speaker Notes
Peppy "Don't be doing anything foolish."


Voice Speaker Notes
Wolf "I will not be defeated by this trash!"


Voice Speaker Notes
Bill "Stick around for awhile."
Bill "Here's something for ya Fox."


Voice Speaker Notes
Peppy "Enemy behind. Descend!"

Sector X

Voice Speaker Notes
Slippy "Something's not right."
Peppy "I got tagged. My ears are still ringing."

Venom 1

Voice Speaker Notes
Slippy "I'm beaten up pretty bad."

Venom 2

Voice Speaker Notes
Andross "Hurry, Fox. I'm waiting for you!"


Messages that could have appeared in any mission. Note that the unused voices for Falco, Peppy, and Slippy in this section differ from the level specific dialog they say in Sector Y and Venom 1. The only place you can go "up" or "down" is in Sector Y.

Voice Speaker Notes
Andross "Those tin cans are no match for me!"
The used version of this is spoken faster, said in one take and is more menacing.
Falco "I'm going right!"
"I'm going left!"
"I'm going up!"
"I'm going down!"
Peppy "I'm going right!"
"I'm going left!"
"I'm going up!"
"I'm going down!"
"Hold A to lock on to the enemy."
"To get rid of the aim, pause and press R."
"Press C-Left to boost!"
"Press Down and C-Left to do a somersault."
"For a U-turn, press Down and C-Down."
"Press B to bomb."
"Press C-Down to brake."
"To hover, press Z and R."
Slippy "I'm going up!"
"I'm going down!"
Slippy's left/right dialog is used in Venom 1 and not classified as level specific.
Slippy "Heh heh.. try and stop me."
Slippy "Great, Fox!"
ROB64 "Good job."
ROB64 "Position confirmed. Everything OK."
Fox "Falco."
"Are you OK?"


The below sounds can be heard by applying the below code for the US V1.0 version of the game. This replaces the scrolling SFX in the ranking screen in the main menu.

8118CF56 00??

?? = 0A or 0B

A generic error sound.

Possibly an early power-up sound as this is mixed in that area.

(Source: Punk7890 - entire section)

Star Wolf on Katina

StarFox64-Katinawolf1.png StarFox64-Katinawolf2.png StarFox64-Katinawolf3.png

For some reason, Star Wolf's bank is loaded in on Katina. There are no triggers for them to normally spawn, however. This is the only all range mode fight that they are loaded in, outside of the regular planets you fight them in. Trying to load them in any other all range mode they do not normally appear in causes the game to crash.

Debug Text

The following offsets correspond to file 01_00001050-000E93C0_vs00001050 in the decompressed version of Star Fox 64 (J).


Table Remake
-------------------Undefined Ctype 
Error? Limit OVER %d in %d 
Get %x %x 
Break %x %d %d 
Terminate-Canceled Channel %d,Phase %d 
S-Resample Pitch %x (old %d -> delay %d) 
Warning:Kill Note %x 
Kill Voice %d (ID %d) %d 
Warning: Running Sequence's data disappear! 
%x %x %x 
Audio:Memory:Heap OverFlow : Not Allocate %d! 
%x %x %x 
Audio:Memory:Heap OverFlow : Not Allocate %d! 
Audio:Memory:DataHeap Not Allocate 
StayHeap Not Allocate %d 
AutoHeap Not Allocate %d 
Status ID0 : %d ID1 : %d 
id 0 is Stopping 
id 0 is Stop 
id 1 is Stopping 
id 1 is Stop 
AND TRY FORCE TO STOP SIDE Check ID0 (seq ID %d) Useing ... 
Check ID1 (seq ID %d) Useing ... 
No Free Seq area. 
CH %d: ID %d 
WARNING: Before Area Overlaid After.
WARNING: After Area Overlaid Before.
MEMORY:SzHeapAlloc ERROR: sza->side %d 
Audio:MEMORY:SzHeap Overflow error. (%d bytes) 
Auto Heap Unhit for ID %d 
Heap Reconstruct Start %x 
---------------------------------------TEMPO %d %f 
HeapTop %x 
SynoutRate %d / %d 
WaveCacheLen: %d 
SpecChange Finished 
Warning:Emem Over,not alloc %d 
Single AutoSize %d 
Single Ptr %x 
Request--------Single-Auto, %d 
Retry %x, %x, len %x 
DMAing list %d is killed. 
Try Kill %d 
Try Kill %x %x 
Try Kill %x %x %x 
Rom back %x %x 
Error sw NULL 
Request--------Single-Stay, %d 
Try Kill %d 
Try Kill %x %x 
Try Kill %x %x %x 
Bank Change... top %d lba %d 
BankCount %d 
BankCount %d 
Flush Start 
%d ->%d 
useflag %d 
BankCount %d 
StartSeq (Group %d,Seq %d) Process finish 
LoadCtrl, Ptr %x and Media is %d 
Load Bank, Type %d , ID %d get auto 
get s-auto %x 
Seq %d Write ID OK %d! 
Banknumber %d 
Bank Offset %x %d %d 
PEP Touch %x 
---Block Fast here 
===Block Fast end 
Error: Cannot DMA Media [%d] 
Warning: size not align 16 %x (%s) 
Load Bank BG, Type %d , ID %d 
get auto 
get s-auto %x 
Clear Workarea %x -%x size %x 
AudioHeap is %x 
Heap reset.Synth Change %x 
Heap %x %x %x 
Main Heap Initialize. 
%d :WaveA %d WaveB %d Inst %d,Perc %d 
---------- Init Completed. ------------ 
Syndrv :[%6d] 
Seqdrv :[%6d] 
audiodata :[%6d] 
Entry--- %d %d 
---Block LPS here 
===Block LPS end 
Req: Src %x Dest %x Len %x,media %d,retcode %d 
Remain Size %d 
---Block BG here 
===Block BG end 
Retcode %x 
Other Type: Not Write ID. 
BGLOAD:Error: dma length 0 
BGCOPYError: Already wavetable is touched %x. 
Touch Warning: Length zero %x 
It's busy now!!!!! %d 
Warning: Length zero %x 
Wave Load %d 
Total Bg Wave Load %d 
Receive %d 
============Error: Magic is Broken after loading. 
Remain DMA: %d 
N start %d 
============Error: Magic is Broken: %x 
Error: No Handle. 
Success: %x 
Audio: setvol: volume minus %f 
Audio: setvol: volume overflow %f 
Audio: setpitch: pitch zero or minus %f 
Audio: voiceman: No bank error %d 
Audio: voiceman: progNo. overflow %d,%d 
ptr2 %x 
Audio: voiceman: progNo. undefined %d,%d 
Audio: voiceman: No bank error %d 
Audio: voiceman: Percussion Overflow %d,%d 
Audio: voiceman: Percussion table pointer (bank %d) is irregular %x. 
Audio: voiceman: Percpointer NULL %d,%d 
--4 %x 
----------------------Double-Error CH: %x %f 
----------------------Double-Error NT: %x 
Error:Wait Track disappear 
NoteOff Comes during wait release %x (note %x) 
Slow Release Batting 
@ Audio:Wavemem: Bad voiceno (%d) 
Audio: C-Alloc : Dealloc voice is NULL 
Alloc Error:Dim voice-Alloc %d
Error:Same List Add 
Already Cut 
Audio: C-Alloc : lowerPrio is NULL 
Intterupt UseStop %d (Kill %d) 
Intterupt RelWait %d (Kill %d) 
Drop Voice (Prio %x) 
Audio:Envp: overflow %f 
Audio:Track:Warning: No Free Notetrack 
Audio:Track: Warning :SUBTRACK had been stolen by other Group. 
Stop Release 
Error:Same List Add 
Wait Time out! 
Macro Level Over Error! 
Macro Level Over Error! 
WARNING: NPRG: cannot change %d 
Audio: Note:Velocity Error %d 
Error: Subtrack no prg. 
ERR %x 
Error: Your assignchannel is stolen. 
Audio:Track :Call Macro Level Over Error! 
Audio:Track :Loops Macro Level Over Error! 
Audio:Track: CTBLCALL Macro Level Over Error! 
Set Noise %d 
Err :Sub %x ,address %x:Undefined SubTrack Function %x
VoiceLoad Error Bank:%d,Prog:%d 
Disappear Sequence or Bank %d [FIN] group. 
Macro Level Over Error! 
Macro Level Over Error! 
Group:Undefine upper C0h command (%x) 
Group:Undefined Command


インターフェース回路反応なし (READ) 
EEPROM READ %02X: %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X 
EEPROM インターフェース回路反応なし (WRITE) 
EEPROM WRITE %02X: %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X %02X 
EEPROM が ありません 
EEPROM が ありません 
TLB modification
TLB exception on load
TLB exception on store
Address error on load
Address error on store
Bus error on inst.
Bus error on data
System call exception
Breakpoint exception
Reserved instruction
Coprocessor unusable
Arithmetic overflow
Trap exception
Virtual coherency on inst.
Floating point exception
Watchpoint exception
Virtual coherency on data
Unimplemented operation
Invalid operation
Division by zero
Inexact operation
THREAD:%d (%s)
PC:%08XH SR:%08XH	VA:%08XH
AT:%08XH V0:%08XH	V1:%08XH
A0:%08XH A1:%08XH	A2:%08XH
A3:%08XH T0:%08XH	T1:%08XH
T2:%08XH T3:%08XH	T4:%08XH
T5:%08XH T6:%08XH	T7:%08XH
S0:%08XH S1:%08XH	S2:%08XH
S3:%08XH S4:%08XH	S5:%08XH
S6:%08XH S7:%08XH	T8:%08XH
T9:%08XH GP:%08XH	SP:%08XH
S8:%08XH RA:%08XH

Japanese text says:

No interface cycle response (READ)

EEPROM No interface cycle response (WRITE)

EEPROM not found

EEPROM not found


preload start (%d): 
***** START SEQ : %d ***** 
spec change finished !!! 
interface wait spec change finished !!! 
********** SE Interface Buffer SE Stop %08X ********** 
MedlayStart : 
MedlayStart : 
MedlayStart(TuneUp) : 
MedlayStart(cross) : 
MedlayEnd : 
MedlayWait : %d 
ControlSePicth : %f %f %f 
ChangeWarningSePara : %d %d 
set Grp 0 port %02x 
main BGM start %08X 
<<<<< PlayCrossMixBgm pass !!! >>>>> 
SetVolumeBallnce %d %d 
START HANDLE : %d (old:%d) 
All Sound Fade Out time:%d


DAC:Lost 1 Frame. 
DMA: Request queue over.( %d ) 
Spec Change Override. %d -> %d 
Audio:now-max tasklen is %d / %d 
Audio:Warning:ABI Tasklist length over (%d) 
BGLOAD Start %d 
Error: OverFlow Your Request 
---AudioSending (%d->%d) 
AudioSend: %d -> %d (%d) 
Continue Port %d -> %d 
Sync-Frame Break. (Remain %d) 
Undefined Port Command %d 
specchg conjunction error (Msg:%d Cur:%d) 
Error : Queue is not empty ( %x )


$Id: fox_edisplay.c,v 1.193 1997/04/01 14:50:15 morita Exp $





This is the Japanese katakana alphabet along with 6, X,Y,Z.






d Enm->wrk0 %d






Enm->obj.pos.x %f 


Enm->obj.pos.y + tmp_xyz.y=<%10.3f>




そのような フェード は ない (%d) ?

There isn't that kind of fade (%d) ?



Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, Wolf, Leon, Pigma, Andrew, Bill


play_time = %d





Revisional Differences

On v1.0, achieving a score of over 511 on a single level causes the game to subtract 256 from this level's score and the total score on the rankings. v1.1 patched this by limiting the score on a single level to 511.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

The USA and Japanese versions have slightly different logos at the title screen. Compared to the Japanese version, the US title naturally lacks the katakana transcription of the title but also has a slightly brighter color scheme and removes the "fox tail" behind the 64 graphic, which was itself redrawn to be less stylized. The European and Australian versions were renamed not Starwing 64 as would logically be expected, but Lylat Wars. Who knows why.

Japan USA Europe/Australia
StarFox64-jptitle.png StarFox64 Title.png LylatWars-title.png

Script Changes

Mission Briefings

Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Pepper そこは灼熱地獄だ!アーウィンの機体では心配だ! 無茶をするな フォックス。 That place is a burning hell! I'm worried about the Arwing's frame! Don't be reckless, Fox. That area's an oven! Don't go burning that Arwing! Be reasonable, Fox! Can't say "hell" in a Nintendo game!
Fox 頭を冷やして行きますよ。 I'll keep a cool head. I'll be careful. They really passed up this pun?
Pepper そこは敵の宇宙基地が、ある恐ろしい新兵器を開発中 との情報が入っているが・・・ An enemy space base is developing a terrifying new weapon. That's the information that's coming in, but... Reports indicate that Andross is working on some secret weapon.
Fox この目で確かめてみます。 I will check it with my own eyes. I'll check it out. Fox seems to interrupt Pepper in the Japanese version


Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Peppy お前らは若いんだ無理はするな! You're young, don't overdo it! Don't be doing anything foolish!
Falco こちらファルコ 少々ずれてるが問題はない This is Falco, it's a little off, but there's no problem. Falco here. I'm fine. Foreshadows when his G-diffuser goes haywire. NoA removed it.

Sector X

Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Bill フォックス後は頼んだ仲間の仇はとってくれ The rest is up to you, Fox. Get revenge for our friends. Take it easy, Fox. Don't let us down.


Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Slippy 泳ぐ気にもならないよ I don't even feel like swimming! What a dump!
Falco お前 海でも泳ぐのか Do you swim in the sea too? I hear ya, Slippy. Removed Falco's dig
Katt メス猫のお尻を追い回すとひっかかれるわよ If you chase a female cat's butt, she'll scratch you. Mess with me and you'll get scratched!

Area 6

Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Slippy ベノムは目の前なのにクソ~ あっちいけよ Venom is right in front of me, dammit~ Go away Venom's right there! It isn't clear that Slippy got distracted and is paying for it.

Venom I

Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Slippy オイラを追っかけ回した事を後悔させてやる I'll make you regret chasing me around. You'll be sorry, punks! Not as clear that Slippy's getting revenge for all the times he was chased.


Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Fox こちらの映像データをそっちに転送する I'm transferring our video data to you. I'm sending the data to you guys.
Falco こんな物 後にも先にも1回きりだぜ! You can only do this kind of thing once in your life! This thing will never hold together. The scriptwriter said he wrote this 'cause he was disappointed the other water levels were scrapped.
Slippy ちぇっ!年寄りは黙ってろよ Che! Shut up old man. Thanks a lot, Peppy! NoA almost had Slippy say, "Bite me, old man," when Peppy teases him.
Slippy うわぁ~マリンスノーだ Wow~ It's marine snow. Wow! Look at that! It's beautiful!

Sector Z

Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Katt ステキ~ 後でお顔をナメナメしてあげるわ Beautiful~ I'll lick your face for you later. Beautiful! I could kiss you for that!
Katt 残念だったわねぇ・・キツネ顔のボウヤ That's too bad...Fox-faced bouya. Too bad, little man. Bouya is a slang term for little boy. It can also describe a greenhorn or a novice.
Peppy ベノムへの奇襲は難しくなったか・・・ Has the surprise attack on Venom become more difficult...? It could be difficult to attack Venom. Context is lost; they were attempting a surprise attack through Sector Z.


Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Falco キャット?ッたく しつけェなあ Cat? Geez, you're persistent. Katt?! Not you again.
Kaybarn 着いたばかりの積み荷を使うことになるとは I didn't expect to have to use the load that just arrived. I didn't expect to have to use this! Apparently the Mechbeth just arrived.


Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Bill ドーベル隊は、基地の援護に回れ Dober Squad, go cover the base. Husky unit, cover the base! NoA changed Doberman unit to Husky unit.
Bill バーナード隊!基地には何も通すな! Bernard Squad! Don't let anything through the base! Bulldog unit, don't let anything through! NoA changed Bernard unit to Bulldog unit.

Venom II

Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Fox 首を洗って待ってろよアンドルフ Wash your neck and wait, Andolf. Say your prayers, Andross! Japanese expression. Wash your neck for your hanging/beheading. "Prepare yourself", etc.
Andrew 下等動物がアンドルフ様に会えると思ったか Did you think that lower animals could meet Lord Andolf? We'll make sure you never reach Andross!
Wolf ばっばかな 俺よりも上なのか・・・・ Are you better than me... No way! I don't believe it! NoA misses the point that Wolf has come to respect Fox.


Speaker Japanese Translated English Notes
Peppy バカモン ワシだ!! It's me, idiot! ! Knock it off, Fox!
Bill わあっ!お前とは絶交だ! Wow! I'm cutting off our relationship! Hey! See if I help you again!
Andross 私を追放したヤツらを思い知らせてやる I'll show those who banished me. I'll make those fools pay! "Show" as in "Show them their mistake."
Peppy フォックス そんな所は親父譲りだな! Fox, you inherited that from your father! I see your father in you, Fox.


  • In the Japanese version, the character icons do not sync with their voices and simply animate all the way through. The sync was added for the English voice cast.
  • In both the European and Australian Lylat Wars there is an option to choose between English and Lylat - the latter being akin to the gibberish of its predecessor.
US/JP EU/AU Language Option
StarFox64 Menu-US.png LylatWars Menu-EU.png LylatWars LanguageOption.png
  • When a teammate is in trouble, an arrow pointing in their direction appears on-screen, labelled HELP!!; in European versions it is labelled S.O.S!!.
StarFox64 Help!!-US.png LylatWars SOS!!-EU.png
  • The Great Fox's texture with the "STARFOX" logo is different depending on the region.
Japan US/Europe China
StarFox64 GreatFox-StarFoxTexture-JP.png StarFox64 GreatFox-StarFoxTexture.png StarFox64 GreatFox-StarFoxTexture-iQue.png
  • The red line Corneria boss in the Japanese version opens his hatches quicker.
  • There are some extra enemies in some levels depending on the region:
    • In Meteo, the Japanese version has one less Killer Bee than the US one (where there is an extra Killer Bee if you defeat the first Killer Bee{s} quick enough).
    • In Aquas during Expert Mode, there are three enemies in the Japanese version that were removed in the US one.

iQue Player Differences

The game was released in China for the iQue Player in November 2003.

General Differences

Every voice clip, even unused ones, have been re-dubbed in Chinese.

Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 NintendoBootLogo.png StarFox64 NintendoBootLogo-iQue.png

In the game's startup, the Nintendo boot logo was updated.

Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 N64Logo.png StarFox64 iQueLogo.png

In the game's intro, the Nintendo 64 logo was changed to the iQue logo.

Title Screen

Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 Title.png StarFox64-iquetitle.png
  • Weirdly in the title screen, the iQue version still has a controllable "logo", but it is invisible.
  • The copyright info on the title screen was updated and iQue has an extra copyright year.

No Controller

Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 NoController.png StarFox64 NoController-iQue.png

The "No Controller" screen text was updated despite it being impossible to see since the iQue Player console is built in to the controller and is thus always plugged in.


Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 Multi-US.png StarFox64 Multi-iQue.png

In the Multiplayer mode (VS.), the Nintendo 64 console was changed to iQue Player multitap.

Game Over

Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 GameOver.png StarFox64 GameOver-iQue.png

The "Game Over" font models were redesigned in Chinese.


Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 GPepperHall.png They took my eyes, Star Fox!
  • In the scene where the Star Fox team walks to General Pepper, the Corneria poster in the pre-rendered background was edited, but they have done it very lazily, most likely just placing an image over the area on account of Pepper's head being partially covered.


  • The teammates' shield gauge were vertically stretched.
Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 TeamShieldGauge.png StarFox64 TeamShieldGauge-iQue.png
  • The on-screen map border color was changed from white to grey.
  • The Arwing's texture with the "SF" symbol is different.
Nintendo 64 iQue Player
StarFox64 ArwingSFTexture.png StarFox64 ArwingSFTexture-iQue.png


Dead Ends

  • While it seems endless, the Venom 1 tunnel does indeed end if you manage to survive for about eight minutes. It even gives you an extra life before you collide into the wall and die.
  • Something similar happens after failing to redirect the train on MacBeth and therefore entering the boss fight. During the battle, distance markers will appear on the ground starting at 100 between the rails for the main line and the fuel bunker. If they reach 500, the player will have about 30 seconds remaining before the boss will crash into the player, instantly killing them. Generally, this will happen 4 minutes after the train conductor activates the flying boss.