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Proto:Star Fox 64

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Star Fox 64.

How about a nice leek in this trying time?
This page or section details content from the July 2020 Nintendo Leak.
Check the July 2020 Nintendo Leak category for more pages also sourced from this material.

Found at the path d1\routefree\bbgames\release\pvt_20031022\zh\00000004.app in the 2020 iQue leak is what seems to be a late localization prototype of Xingji Huohu, the Chinese version of Star Fox 64. The file path includes a date of October 22, 2003, about a month before the iQue version's release.

Using the program iQueCrypt, it is possible to decrypt the .app file into a working ROM using the following commands:

iquecrypt.exe extract -cmd 00000004.cmd
iquecrypt.exe decrypt -tk 00000004_title_key_enc.bin -key <iQue COMMON KEY> -fiv 00000004_title_key_iv.bin
iquecrypt.exe decrypt -app 00000004.app -fkey [dec]00000004_title_key_enc.bin -fiv 00000004_content_iv.bin

Note: The iQue common key can be found in the original SUXXORS release notes for Xingji Huohu.

General Differences

The only noticeable differences are minor, pointing to this being a near-final build.

Proto Final
Star Fox 64 (China) (pvt 20031022 00000004.app) Nintendo logo.png StarFox64 NintendoBootLogo-iQue.png

A different font is used for the Nintendo logo upon boot, there is no ® symbol, and the years are slightly closer to the Nintendo logo.

Proto Final
Star Fox 64 (China) (pvt 20031022 00000004.app) Intro.png Xingji Huohu (China) (v5) (iQue) Intro.png

No grey background is used behind the text during the intro cutscene.