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Proto:Star Fox Adventures

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Star Fox Adventures.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

This demo of Star Fox Adventures is an earlier build of the game found on the USA July 2002 Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc, with many files not present in the final game.

Even though the filename of the image contains "E3" and there are references to "E3" in the code, the game that boots is not the actual E3 version. However, there are many, many leftovers from the E3 version, such as the intro movie, logo, bootloader, and perhaps more. It is currently unknown if all files that are necessary to make the E3 version work are present on the disc.

To do:
  • Check for debug modes.
  • Get all the unused music and sounds up here.
  • Write the main article itself.
  • Extract all Dinosaur Planet-related things and document them.
  • Compare the E3 files to the ones on the retail disc.
  • Find a way to extract the .lzo files (Done)
  • Upload all(?) beta and unused textures (there's a lot).
  • Find a way to view the models from MODELS.bin, .bin files containing ZLB-compressed files and the other files containing models. (Partly done, trouble understanding the model format.)


Dinosaur Planet Leftovers
A lot more than in the final game!

Action Replay Codes

0038C801 000000??

Change which level is selected. By default, "??" is always set to 00, which means it's always displaying English text. Set it to 01 for French, 02 for Japanese, etc.

0038C813 000000FF

Enables cheats.

0038C817 000000xx

Toggles cheats on and off.

(Source: Gilgamesh)

General Differences

  • Only English subtitles are available. The other languages cannot be selected and can only be accessed through cheat codes.
  • Cheat Token wells are absent. The things that could be unlocked with those in the final game have to be unlocked with the above Action Replay codes.
  • The prototype shows the early Dino text of Queen Earthwalker's speech if the language is set to French.

Help Text

Some help text can be found in \gametext\Sequences\, and are not in the final game.


 You have arrived at Krazoa Palace.
 When you want to save your game,
 you must have a Memory Card inserted into Slot A.
 Press (the Start button) to pause the game and display
 the Save/Quit Options.
 Highlight the required option by moving (the analog stick) 
 left or right then press (the A button) to select.
 Don't forget that you can save at anytime.


 This block can be pushed or pulled!
 Once the (A Button) Icon appears press it and
 Fox will grab the block!
 Continue to Hold (the A Button) and move the control stick
 and you can move the block around in any direction.


 This is a KEY from the KRAZOA PALACE.
 When you pick up an item,
 it will be placed into your (C stick) Inventory.
 Move (the C stick) in any direction to display your Inventory.
 Then move (the C stick) left or right to rotate the Inventory.
 Each slot will hold different types of objects.


 That's better, I feel strong enough to do some work now.
 First you need to look around for a crack in the ground.
 Then open the (C stick) Inventory and access the Sidekick Menu.
 That's the one with my picture on it!

 Highlight the icon that displays - FIND SECRET and then press A
 Maybe, I can uncover something cool ...

E3 2001 Leftovers

Several leftovers from the E3 2001 demo can be seen within this version.

Mission Texts

 General Pepper here...
 The head honchos at Nintendo
 have set up an exclusive
 E3 mission for you.
 Fly down to ThornTail Hollow,
 where your sidekick dinosaur.
 Tricky will be waiting for you.
 Take a good look around and
 remember to have fun!!
 Pepper out.

 CloudRunner Fortress is being
 terrorised by General Scales and
 his SharpClaws; it would make an
 ideal base from which he could
 rule over the planet. The fortress
 stands on ground that is rich in
 gold and diamonds. With this
 wealth, Scales would be
 unstoppable. Find the SpellStone
 and save the CloudRunners...

 Peppy out.
 Hi Fox. It's, Slippy.
 This is gonna be a dangerous
 mission! You and Tricky must
 fight the huge and deadly
 Dark Ice Mines Boss.
 Try using Tricky's.
 sidekick commands. I've got
 a feeling that they may hold
 the secret to defeating the
 boss! Good luck, Fox.
 Slippy out.
 Greetings, Fox McCloud.
 This is Rob.
 To complete this mission,
 you will have to fight.
 Lock on to the baddies
 with the Y button and press A
 to use your staff.
 I compute a successful outcome.
 Rob out.

Some dialogue for the missions. These were used for the demo mission prompts, upon selecting a mission.

Additional Text

Well Done!,
You have defeated the Boss!

This would have been seen after defeating Galdon.


The copyright statement, which would have been at the bottom of the screen at all times.


This file contains a soundless trailer of sorts, edited similarly to the movie seen before the main menu in the final game.

Unused & Early Graphics

There are plenty more textures from earlier versions of the game than there are in the final version. Many of these can be found in insidegal.bin, swapcircle.bin, and Copy of swaphol.bin.

Tricky's Commands

Early Prototype Late Prototype Retail Release
SFA-000662A0.png SFAProto swaphol 00060240.png SFA TEXPRE S000247E0.png
SFAProto swaphol 00062980.png SFA TEXPRE S000279E0.png
SFA-00053F20.png SFAProto swaphol 00059160.png SFA TEXPRE S00025460.png
SFA-000684E0.png SFAProto swaphol 000616E0.png SFA TEXPRE S000260E0.png
SFA-0006A8A0.png SFAProto swaphol 00062200.png SFA TEXPRE S00026D60.png
SFA-00069780.png SFAProto insidegal 000F4660.png

Staff Upgrades

Early Prototype Late Prototype Retail Release
SFA-0005D1C0.png SFAProto swaphol 0005BB00.png SFA TEXPRE S00028660.png
SFA-00060440.png SFAProto swaphol 0005D320.png SFA TEXPRE S000292E0.png
SFA-0005F360.png SFAProto swaphol 0005CA20.png SFA TEXPRE S0002C4E0.png
SFAProto swaphol 0005B180.png SFA TEXPRE S00029F60.png
SFAProto TEXPRE S0003B3C0.png SFA TEXPRE S0002ABE0.png
SFAProto TEXPRE S0003CC40.png SFA TEXPRE S0002B860.png
SFAProto TEXPRE S00039B40.png SFA TEXPRE S0002D160.png
SFA-0005C0C0.png SFAProto cloudtreasure 000E6680.png
SFA-000626E0.png SFAProto swaphol 0005D9A0.png

Starfoxadv-2001foxportrait.png Starfoxadv-2001kyteportrait.png Starfoxadv-2001trickyportrait.png

These were used as player icons in the E3 2001 and Space World 2001 versions, but were scrapped possibly because of their size and additional HUD changes that were made later in development. Note that Kyte and Tricky have bigger portraits than Tricky's in the final game.


A very obvious dummy texture.




Pieces for an early selection menu for the world map.


Some thingy for a hologram.


An early UI graphic for the Thorntails.


An early version of Fox's life icon.

Starfoxadv-HUD1-0004D860.png Starfoxadv-HUD2-0004E2A0.png Starfoxadv-HUD3-00052600.png Starfoxadv-HUD4-00059540.png Starfoxadv-HUD5-0005A920.png Starfoxadv-HUD6-0005B280.png Starfoxadv-HUD7-00059F40.png

Parts of an early HUD.