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Proto:Star Fox Adventures/E3 2002 Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Star Fox Adventures.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

This demo of Star Fox Adventures is an earlier build found on the USA July 2002 Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc. This version of the game has numerous significant differences despite being built only a few months before the retail release in September 2002. Lots of the map models, level setups, and cutscenes had yet to be fully finalised at this point, suggesting that the team were under heavy time pressure in the final weeks of development. Dragon Rock is particularly different in this version, and it seems the team were left with little option but to cut large portions of it in their struggle to polish the game ahead of the looming Microsoft buyout.

The internal filename of zz_StarFox051702_e3.tgc and header 2002.05.17 E3_2002_StarFox suggests that this is the same build that was playable on the E3 2002 showfloor, compiled very shortly before the expo. In 2014 it was disputed that this wasn't the case (without citing evidence). However a hands-on review by GameSpot aligns with what is available in this demo, suggesting this build is the same.

As well as providing a glimpse into an earlier part of SFA's development, the kiosk disc also notably contains many leftover assets from the N64 Dinosaur Planet! These include a huge amount of unreferenced models, music, sound effects, speech, code, text, and more - some of which appear to be in a very slightly more complete state than the December 2000 build. These files are not present in the retail version of Star Fox Adventures.

A few files also seem to contain remnants from either a very early version of Diddy Kong Racing or a proposed sequel to it! Several hundred textures from this project can be found in "TEX.bin" and it's possible that "TRACKS.bin" contains two level models from it. Dinosaur Planet started out as a sequel to DKR, which may explain how these files ended up on the disc.

To do:
  • Check for debug modes.
  • Get all the changed/unused music and sounds up here.
  • Write the main article itself.
  • Extract all Dinosaur Planet-related things and document them.
  • Compare the E3 files to the ones on the retail disc.
  • Find a way to extract the .lzo files (Done)
  • Upload all(?) early and unused textures (there's a lot).
  • Find a way to view the models from MODELS.bin, .bin files containing ZLB-compressed files and the other files containing models. (Partly done, trouble understanding the model format.)
  • Investigate the Diddy Kong Racing leftovers in TRACKS.bin - Dragon Forest's lobby model seems to be among its files along with two unidentified level models which may be of interest.
  • Investigate TEX.bin - it seems to contain several hundred textures for a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing! Maybe the two unknown models in TRACKS.bin are from this sequel and make use of some of these textures?
  • Document the leftover level models - "Copy of swaphol," "insidegal," and "BLOCKS.bin" for example


Dinosaur Planet Leftovers
A lot more than in the final game!

General Differences

  • Only English subtitles are available. The other languages cannot be selected and can only be accessed through cheat codes.
  • The volume sliders in the audio settings menu don't seem to work in this version.
  • The prototype shows the early Dino text of Queen Earthwalker's speech if the language is set to French.
  • Cheat Token wells are absent. The things that could be unlocked with those in the final game have to be unlocked with the above Action Replay codes.
  • A different effect is used while Krystal or Fox possess a Krazoa Spirit - their eyes glow purple instead of taking on a reflective purple sheen. A similar effect was used in the N64 Dinosaur Planet.
  • PukPuk Eggs have a different design with purple/blue/orange texturing.
  • The SharpClaw's explosive barrels have a different design.
  • Krazoa pads use a different warping sound effect.

Level Differences

To do:
Here are just a few observations, but there are still plenty more changes to document beyond these few!
To do:
Add screenshots and comparisons for all these differences.

Many of the levels have substantial differences compared to the final retail version of the game:

Krazoa Palace

  • The platforms underneath Krystal's starting area don't seem to have any purpose in this version - the BafomDad that's there in final game can instead be found behind the pillars of the temple entrance.
  • Almost all of the EarthWalker NPCs lack dialogue.
  • The flamethrower-lined corridor leading deeper into the temple isn't blocked by crates.
  • In the hall with the wounded EarthWalker who signalled Krystal's help, the Krazoa statue is simply a flat texture in this version instead of being modelled into the wall.
  • A different purple flame animation is used on the torches surrounding the rooftop mechanism that traps Krystal.

DarkIce Mines

  • The interiors of the SnowHorn huts outside the mines have less elaborate texturing and wooden supports modelled into their ceilings.
  • The main dungeon area of DarkIce Mines has many extra rooms, most of which also existed in the N64 Dinosaur Planet version of the level.
  • The mines use work-in-progress wall textures with markings overlayed to help the 3D artists determine the correct orientation for the faces' UVs.

Volcano Force Point Temple

  • One of the upper floor's rooms is very incomplete and has chunks missing from its model.
  • The SpellStone chamber has a much simpler visual design with a lava and water theme. Gyroscopic silver rings spin at its centre.

Cape Claw

  • The well linking LightFoot Village and Cape Claw is quite different, with timed platforms jutting out of its walls and many Staff Rocket Boost pads.
  • The smaller palm trees have a different design.
  • The cave leading to the SharpClaw cannon has a different layout, resembling the spot where a Shiny Nugget can be found in the N64 version of Cape Claw.

CloudRunner Fortress

  • The level is set on a stormy night in this version of the game, just like in Dinosaur Planet. The weather changes to daytime in the later areas of the fortress after Fox is captured.
  • The obstacle course outside the Fortress doesn't seem to have a time limit.
  • The robots patrolling the spiral ramp into the fortress use their model from N64 Dinosaur Planet.
  • A cutscene plays the first time you use the SharpClaw Disguise - Fox huddles over in a SharpClaw-like pose while a wave of light washes over him. A version of this animation plays each time you transform and you can't move during it.
  • Fox stays in his SharpClaw Disguise during the cutscene of him retrieving Krystal's staff!
  • The air shaft leading out from the dungeon uses different textures.
  • The cliffside area at the back of the fortress has a number of treasure chests which are reused from the N64 version.
  • Certain sections of the fortress use the "Sound Test 09" and "Sound Test 28" music tracks which go unused in the final version of Star Fox Adventures outside of the jukebox. The latter piece of music was composed for Dinosaur Planet, and is played while Krystal makes her approach into its version of CloudRunner Fortress.
  • Interactive Krazoa-pattern-framed info screens appear throughout the fortress, which are also in the N64 version.
  • SharpClaw burst out of the walls in the aviary room where the CloudRunner Queen is held captive! Small remnants of these rooms can still be seen out-of-bounds in the final level model.
  • The treasure rooms before the speeder race area are filled with timed proximity mines! This may be a remnant of the "CloudRunner Trap Rooms" idea which was scrapped during Dinosaur Planet's development.
  • The ladder down to the speeder race doesn't lead into a cutscene loading zone here. Instead it seamlessly transitions into the unused CloudRunner link room - a corridor with conveyor belts, a cage filled with treasure chests and crates, a few SharpClaw, and an odd spacey skybox - which then leads into the speeder race treasure rooms. It's unused but still present in the final game's files.
  • Fox fires icy projectiles at Scales during their confrontation cutscene.
  • The demo contains an unused map of the Galleon's interior separate from the one used during the intro. Its internal name is "insidegal" - N64 Dinosaur Planet also has this map and it can be visited while the Galleon is docked at the back of CloudRunner Frotress, so it's possible General Scales' Galleon was at one point planned to appear here in SFA too. Hidden warp zone objects exist floating where the lower deck doors would be positioned if the ship was docked there, even in the retail version.
To do:
Find a way to visit the "insidegal" map and discuss/screenshot what's inside, or extract what remains of it. Does it have a lower floor with unused rooms like the DP version of this map?

Ocean Force Point Temple

  • This area is quite glitchy and incomplete at this point in development with very rough door animations and seemingly broken warp points.
  • A warp pad is used to access the lower half of the temple in the final game, but it seems like the upper and lower halves were intended to be seamlessly connected by an elevator in this version (just like Dinosaur Planet's Desert Force Point Temple). Some of the upper half will still load if you moonjump up through the elevator shaft.
  • Electric arcs course through the temple basement much like in the N64 equivalent of this level.
  • The Krazoa statues in the room with the flame puzzle have a placeholder N64 model.
  • The SpellStone chamber has a much simpler design, the same as in VFPT.

Dragon Rock

  • The Arwing lands beside the building holding the shackled HighTop, where a wall of brambles blocks direct access to the central area of Dragon Rock.
  • There's an elaborate underground section of Dragon Rock which was entirely scrapped from the final game. Its entrance is initially covered by a hatch found where the Arwing lands in the retail version. Below the hatch is a spiral path leading down into a pit, and from here Fox can venture into a dark tunnel. The model data for the tunnel shows it was intended to be blocked by destructible debris, however the debris is invisible (but still tangible) by default. Inside this tunnel Fox will be attacked by swarms of Skeetlas - small scuttling insectoid creatures scrapped from the final game which burrow out of the ground. The tunnel opens out into a large industrialised room with pipes, metal grating, and hazardous steam vents. The captured EarthWalker is tied up here and must be defended from the Skeetlas until they're freed. One of Dragon Rock's shield generators is also be found here and can be destroyed by solving a puzzle involving a fused explosive barrel. The room is largely functional, but the cutscenes for the EarthWalker seem to be missing and the constraint programming for the shackles' glowing chains is buggy - the team may have run out of time to address these issues and had no option but to scrap the room and move the EarthWalker to the central part of Dragon Rock instead. A very similar EarthWalker/Skeetlas room appears in the N64 version of Dragon Rock.
  • There's an empty penned-in area beside where the Arwing would land in the final version. The nearby tunnel leading to the Skeetlas room is blocked by debris, and the Dinosaur Planet version of Dragon Rock has a very similar penned-in area where the player could find explosive barrels, so it's likely that explosives were going to be placed here too.
  • A strange giant purple plant can be found dotted throughout the area.
  • The Spore Pod enemies have a different model, seemingly using N64 Dinosaur Planet assets as a placeholder.
  • The FireCrawler enemies are largely missing. One can be found inside the building where the CloudRunner is detained, but it can't be battled properly since its programming seems to be incomplete.
  • Drakor's boss arena has a few holes in its model and less detailed texturing in some sections. The HUD displays a CloudRunner health bar here, potentially suggesting the fight was once intended to take place while riding a CloudRunner like in Krystal's Galleon intro! A floating platform like the one Fox rides in the final version is also be found here however. Alternatively the CloudRunner icon could simply be a placeholder for Drakor's health bar.

Dragon Rock - Bottom

To do:
Take screenshots! Investigate if the pushcart has any behaviours programmed. Check if the glitchy cutscenes (i.e. after destroying the wooden debris and sending electical arcs across the first room, or pulling the control room lever after detonating a barrel beside the boss door) are simply incomplete or whether they're messing up due to incorrect game progression flags.

Astonishingly the files also contain a second unused underground area of Dragon Rock with the internal name "Dragon Rock - Bottom" (or "dragrockbot")! It's a revamped equivalent of the area leading up to the Kamerian Heart boss room in the N64 version of the level. It features a unique puzzle involving a pushcart, electrical arcs, powered railtracks, switchable railway junctions, a flamethrower pushblock, and explosive barrels. After solving the puzzle Fox gains access to a portal which warps him to Drakor's boss fight. The area is accessed via a long dark railway tunnel which is partly included in the map. The other end of this tunnel was presumably once located near the CloudRunner jail since this is where the tunnel starts in the N64 version, but the underground area must have been recently scrapped by this build since there's no way to access it from the surface. The area's puzzle can't be solved as intended since the pushcart won't move, but it can be cheated by grabbing an explosive barrel out of the air just before it crashes into the ground. It's currently unclear whether the room's elements weren't fully implemented or if they're just misbehaving due to invalid game progress flags - it does warp you to Drakor if you pull the control room switch after detonating a barrel beside the boss door, but the cutscene is extremely glitchy.

An unused vertical entrance tunnel from the N64 version of this area is still included in the model, however it's mostly out-of-bounds and intersects awkwardly with the ceiling of the control room.

Download.png Download "Dragon Rock - Bottom" Crash Fix v1 - by MMDModdler
File: SFA-Kiosk-dragrockbot-Fix-v1.zip (2 KB) (info)

0011683f 00000034
00116843 00000000

The map normally crashes on load since there's a problem with the "DR_LightPole" object used throughout it, but this object can be deleted from the map using the above xdelta patch. After applying the fix the area can be visited by using the above Action Replay code and selecting "ThornTail Hollow" from the save file screen. You'll also need to use a moonjump code as Fox will fall through the floor initially.

This map is present but unused in the final version of Star Fox Adventures too[1], and surprisingly it's in a much more complete state than the kiosk's version! This may suggest that the team continued working on this area in the final months of development but ran out of time to polish it to their liking.

General Scales Boss Battle

It seems the developers still hoped to include a full battle with General Scales at this point in development! The fight is very incomplete and Scales for some reason is much smaller than he should be, but he will actually attack the player in this version instead of simply walking towards Fox and assuming a fighting stance. He has a number of unique attack animations which aren't used in the final game, though these attacks don't connect with the player. He can be attacked without immediately activating his defeat cutscene here, and will block most of the player's attacks and recoil when an attack is successfully landed on him. His health doesn't seem to decrease so there doesn't appear to be a way to end the fight. The battle uses the same regular combat music heard throughout the game's SharpClaw encounters, even though David Wise had already composed the final game's Scales' battle theme long before this phase of development (retail SFA reuses the "Test of Combat" music from Dinosaur Planet in this chamber, at least until you approach Scales). The lower outskirts of the room are also filled with burly SharpClaw minions in this version.

Game Well Maze

Only a very rough draft of this area exists here. Rectangular openings can be found in the middle of two of the perimeter walls, which might suggest the entrance was going to be located there instead of the corner of the maze.

Music Differences

  • The music for the caverns outside of DarkIce Mines has an extra bit of synth accompaniment at the beginning.
  • The music for LightFoot Village (and Walled City) has an acoustic guitar section in it.

Unused Text

Many texts are different from the final version. Most changes are simple placeholders, grammar improvements, or rewriting to fit on screen, but some are entirely removed.

ID Text Note
Ship Battle
0007 Krystal! Try shooting the cannon! Not present in the final version.
Arwing Levels - General Pepper
001C Fly through 3 Gold Rings to open ForceField. Force Field is one word, and isn't the Gatekeeper's. This line is also missing "the".
001D Fly through 5 Gold Rings to open the ForceField.
001E Fly through 7 Gold Rings to open the ForceField.
02A3 Fly through 10 Gold Rings to open the ForceField. Seems to have been added much later.
Arwing Levels - Peppy
0063 Highlight a level and press A for my report.
  • Good job Fox, we'll get a big bonus at this rate!
  • Don't forget I'm here if you need me.
  • Fox... Fox...
  • Can you hear me Fox?
  • You're not finished here yet Fox.
  • If you're stuck, contact Slippy.
02C0 Keep going Fox. You're doing good. Peppy out.
02C1 I hope my information is helping. Peppy signing out.
0021 I cannot let you in yet. Probably referring to the shop, which was originally in place of the maze cave.
0022 Not you again! The WarpStone was apparently less friendly at one point.
0023 What is it this time?
0024 Is this all I ever do!?
002D Highlight the stone you wish to travel to and I'll warp you there. Originally there were multiple WarpStones you could warp to.
0050 (Laugh)
0051 (Graaooooowwwww!!!)
0052 I will destroy you Fox!
0053 (Raaahhh!!)
0054 Fox McCloud will die!
0055 I will not be defeated!
000F The cave is the only place I feel safe Missing a period.
005B (laugh/scream)
0019 General want key! I take to him! Not present in final.
  • Whhoaaah! A CloudRunner!
  • Shoo, shoo! Go away CloudRunner, get away!
  • Have you two met?
  • He is an EarthWalker, I am a CloudRunner. Our tribes do not see eye to eye.
  • His father has probably been saying bad things about me.
  • Who locked you in there?
  • General Scales, who else. You see, I am the queen of the CloudRunner Tribe and also its GateKeeper.
  • That guy needs to be taught a lesson. Where is he now?
  • He used my powers to open a path to CloudRunner Fortress. I must return there to help my tribe.
  • I'm gonna need that SpellStone. Looks like you've got yourself company lady.
  • Peppy, I'm returning to the ArWing. Can you make sure it's ready for take off.
  • Wait a minute. There's no way I'm going up to her fortress.
  • OK you can sit this one out. We'll head back to ThornTail Hollow and you can wait there for me to return.
  • I'll meet you at the fortress. Good luck!
Similar to the final, but with some differences, missing color codes, and odd capitalization of Arwing.
0069 Finish him, blast the head.
  • Skeetlas!
  • Fox, look!
  • Quick Tricky! We've got to help him!
Skeetlas doesn't appear in the final game.
00AE I need some food but in these parts the Alpine Root only seems to grow in sheltered areas. This was split into two lines.
  • OK guys, as soon as I place this SpellStone, you should be back on Dinosaur Planet!
  • I can't wait to get back to the fortress after you saved my queen.
  • You did a great job Fox. A true hero.
  • Uuuh, yeah sure, a true hero...
  • See ya fellas! We're off to the Ocean Force Point!
This was completely rewritten.
  • You did it Fox, you saved Dinosaur Planet!
  • Don't get too excited Tricky, we haven't dealt with General Scales yet.
  • Fox, Fox where are you going? You've completed the mission so let's get home!
  • He's right Fox, we don't need the extra bonus. I can finally retire with what we've got.
  • It's not the bonus or even General Scales that I'm bothered about.
  • Krystal!
  • It's always the girls that get him.
  • Look guys, I promised I'd get her free. You wouldn't want her to die would you?
  • So I'm going to Walled City to find the final Krazoa Spirit!
This was also rewritten.
  • Dad, dad you're Ok!
  • Tricky my son, you don't have to worry about me, I am the king!
  • The famous Star Fox, hero of Dinosaur Planet!
  • uuh... That's me...
  • And before you ask, no, I haven't got the SpellStone but I do know where you could look.
  • It's in there. Scales has entrusted the stone to the RedEye king but it will not be easy to get.
A few more lines were added, and some lines were split to fit on the screen.
  • Have you got it?
  • Hooray!
  • Dad, look what we've got!
  • Well done, you have both made me very proud.
  • But Dad, what about you?
  • Do not worry son. I will stay within the city until it is returned to the planet. I'll see you again soon.
  • Now let's waste no more time, you have a SpellStone to take to the Volcano.
A few lines were removed for the final.
  • This is it Tricky, time to say goodbye.
  • I know you're right Fox, it's just...
  • Yeah I know... me too.
  • Without your help this mission would have failed, so I've got something for you...
  • Prince Tricky EarthWalker. You are now an honourary member of the Star Fox Team.
  • Cool! Me, a member of Star Fox,
  • wait till dad hears about this!
  • Tricky to Great Fox, come in Great Fox.
  • I've just destroyed the evil General Scales, Tricky out!
  • Goodbye little friend! I hope to see you again someday.
The reference to Scales was removed, as was "wait till dad hears about this" since this scene takes place right in front of him.
  • Oh shoot...
  • Fox McCloud, saviour of Dinosaur Planet.
  • I feel I should be honoured.
  • It's over Scales. The dinosaurs are gathering strength.
  • You will never rule Dinosaur Planet!
  • We shall see, but one thing is for certain, tomorrow the Lylat system will be mourning your loss.
  • Open fire!
  • Hey McCloud! Still lying down on the job!
  • Different time, different planet and I'm still saving your skin!
  • Good to see you old friend.
  • Falco! What are you doing here?
  • I heard about your mission and thought you might need some help. For a small fee of course.
  • Let's finish the job!
This was split into several different texts.
0275 What are we to do now that the flames have died. Changed to: It's so dark at night. I gets real scared!
0277 The Sharpclaw extinguished the flames, the tribe is doomed. Split into two lines.
  • Oh No.
  • Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
  • Well that didn't exactly go according to plan.
  • But it was fun though wasn't it.
  • You know, you must forgive your father. Together you can lead the SnowHorn Tribe against Scales instead of fighting each other.
  • I will Fox, because of you my people shall no longer live as slaves!
  • OK we'll see you soon. We've got a SpellStone to get back to the planet!
The Belina Te rescue went a bit different.
  • NOT USED ...
  • What's going on! You said this would save her!
  • Nooo!
  • Wake up! Wake up!
Early version of some of the Krystal rescue scene.
  • Re-Write This Scene
  • Great job Fox.
  • Here's our current status.
  • If we keep going like this, Pepper will pay us a huge bonus! Contact me when you're back on the planet. Peppy out ...
02EB I will not sell you a thing until you bring me 20 more scarabs! The shopkeeper could do more than throw you out.
  • Activate all four Totem Poles within the LightFoot Village. Beat Musclefoot's all time record of 4m 30secs to pass the test.
The final calls it the Tracking Test, and only gives 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
02FC The water looks very cold and will probably hurt you if you try to swim in it. This was reworded to sound less awkward.
0309 General Scales cruelty knows no bounds. Missing an apostrophe. Replaced with an entirely different text.
0313 Fox, what are you playing at! Mum needs the mushrooms. He calls them GrubTubs in the final, and uses the American spelling "Mom" instead of "Mum".
  • These Blue GrubTub Fungus are an EarthWalker's favorite food.
  • Problem is they're too hard for me to catch. Try stunning them with your staff, I'm feeling real hungry.
Many of Tricky's texts were rewritten because they didn't fit on the screen.
  • Way to go Fox! Now when I am near, you can feed me the GrubTub Fungus using your C Inventory.
  • Highlight the Fungus then press A to feed me.
  • From the depths of space,
  • a girl named KRYSTAL searches
  • for the truth of her parent's death.
  • Finding herself within a lost corner
  • of the Lylat System, she receives a
  • distress call from a world known as
  • Being of kind nature,
  • Krystal decides to investigate ...
Rewritten slightly in the final version; notably "of kind nature" is no longer missing "a".
2811 Sharpclaw Only Written in all uppercase in final version.
281B Only he who lights the Orb's of the Krazoa may pass. Apostrophe was corrected in final version.
281C Only he who dims the Flame's of the Krazoa may pass. Apostrophe was corrected in final version.
  • Use it's blasting power!
Another misplaced apostrophe.
  • Get off me!
  • (Laughs)... (Grunts)
  • Hey scaleface! Pick on someone your own size!
  • What! Who's that?
  • I am Fox McCloud, lead pilot of the Star Fox team.
  • I've come to take the prince back to his ... home.
  • Hey wait!
In the final, Fox can't understand the speech, since he doesn't have the translator yet.
  • Tricky, what's happened?
  • It was the SharpClaws.
  • They came here after I was kidnapped.
  • Son, I am dying...
  • The healing mushrooms... They are my only hope...
  • The healing mushrooms only grow inside the ancient well.
  • Let's go, there's no time to lose!
In the final, the Queen doesn't say she's dying, and there's no mention of the SharpClaws.
  • Chomp! Burp! That's better!
  • Tell you what young 'un, I'll help you out.
  • Here you are my boy, this is a SCARAB BAG.
  • By collecting Scarabs, you'll be able
  • to buy many useful items from the WarpStone's Store.
In the final, the store isn't mentioned.
Menu Texts
  • Licensing Details Here.
  • If required.
Likely a placeholder for the Dolby license text on the startup screens.
  • Attack
  • Lift
  • Jump
  • Throw
  • PutDown
  • Fire
  • Talk
  • Collect
  • PickUp
  • Cancel
  • Staff
  • PutAway
  • Select
  • Activate
  • Push
  • Accelerate
  • Brake
  • Buy
  • Trunk Attack
  • Climb On
  • Climb Off
  • Fire Cannon
  • Exit Cannon
A-button texts; many are missing spaces. Trunk Attack was changed to Tusk Attack, and a few items were added.
  • Press 'PAUSE' To Return
  • A-Quit. B-Continue
  • Press A to play level
  • Rob
  • Status
  • World Map
  • Advice
  • Quit
  • Save
Pause menu text, as well as possibly a leftover level select menu. The final removes the first 3 lines, though still mentions Rob.
0326 The Memory Card in Slot A must be formatted. Please go to the IPL to format it The final version lets you format it without returning to the console's main menu (internally called IPL for Initial Program Loader). This text is changed to just "Format Memory Card".
  • This disc is not
  • Star Fox Adventures.
  • Please insert a
  • Star Fox Adventures Game Disc.
This was reworded in the final.
039F Chapter 2 The demo features a chapter select (similar to the hidden feature in the final version) instead of a save system. There is no Chapter 1 text in the demo.
03A3 Chapter 1 (completed) There are Completed versions for all 5 chapters, which aren't shown. These texts (but not the non-completed ones) were removed from the final.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
A similar unused text exists in the final version; this one was changed to "[analog stick] Select".
0453 ArWing Part of an unused chapter select.
Unused Slippy Texts
02C2 Slippy here. Got yourself stuck again?
  • Hi Fox, it's Slippy.
  • It seems like you need some help.
  • I'm ready to download Fox.
  • But it's gonna cost ya!
At one point, you had to pay Slippy for hints. All of these texts were removed from the final.
02C5 Are you going to pay for this clue Fox?
  • It's all for a good cause Fox.
  • How do you think I can make these items for you?
02C7 OK Fox. I'll be here if you need me.
  • Sorry you feel that way Fox.
  • But the items do cost a lot of money!
02C9 No problem Fox. I'm just a quick call away.
02CA Thanks Fox. Downloading now.
  • It's all for a good cause Fox.
  • Check the display.
02CC Hope that helps you Fox. Slippy out.
  • Come back when you need me.
  • Slippy over and out.
  • Slippy to Fox, Slippy to Fox.
  • Contact me immediately.
  • This is an urgent call for Fox McCloud.
  • Contact Slippy, repeat contact Slippy!
ROB Texts
  • Location confirmed.
  • Transporting supplies.
Apparently ROB could once send you items.
  • Supplies dispatched.
  • Co-ordinates received.
Item Texts
  • When the Interact Icon is displayed, press A to see how you can interact with this object.
  • This is a Gunpowder Barrel.
021E The White DocTub Fungus only grow inside the ancient well. White GrubTub had a different name.
  • You picked up a SharpClaw scarab bag!
  • Scarabs are Dinosaur Planet's currency.
  • This bag will hold 20 scarabs.
  • You cannot collect scarabs without this bag
  • as they'll quickly run away!
  • Maybe other SharpClaws will have bigger bags?
Scarab Bags aren't found on SharpClaw in the final, nor is there a 20-scarab bag. This text was removed from the final.
  • Now that you've picked up the barrel, pressing A will give you new instructions.
  • Under normal circumstances, it will display "THROW".
  • There are a few occasions where it might be a good idea to place the barrel down on top of something.
  • In that case, stand still where you want to place it and it will display "PUT DOWN".
  • You've picked up a MoonSeed!
  • They can be planted in soft earth and will
  • only grow when germinated with fire.
This was made less straightforward.
0343 Portal Upgrade Placeholder text for obtaining the Portal Device.
0344 Ice Blast upgrade Placeholder text for obtaining the Ice Blast.
03BB The power of fire holds a great use on Dinosaur Planet many devices require flame before they work. This was correctly split into two sentences in the final.
03C0 Zoom goggles. Work it out for yourself. Final version's description is less sarcastic.
03C1 I have absolutely no idea. Description for the Baddie Alert. This was changed to a proper description in the final, even though the item was removed.
  • Krazoa Spirit One.
  • Collected on DarkIce Mines.
  • (Or maybe not, I don't know. I'm just making this up as I go along.)
The other spirits have no descriptions.
03E5 Ground Quake upgrade Placeholder text for obtaining the Ground Quake.
  • Fox's ArWing
  • Press A to return to orbit.
  • Press B to remain on ...
0440 アーウィンに必要な燃料セル: "Fuel cell required for Arwing:" - seems to have slipped into the English file by accident.
0442 Rob attempted to beam them down to you but they have got lost. Search the world around you to find them and bring them back to the ArWing. In the demo, the Arwing doesn't actually need fuel cells, despite what the prompt says. This line was slightly rewritten.
  • Fox's ArWing
  • Press A to return to Orbit and select a New Mission.
  • Press B to remain on ...
The final no longer calls it Fox's Arwing.
  • This is the BAFOMDAD BAG.
  • It allows you to carry a maximum of 10 BaFomDad's,
  • which basically means you can have 10 continues.
The final version removes the last line and corrects the apostrophe and capitalization.
  • This is a GIFT for the WarpStone.
  • It is a very tasty, sweet rock that WarpStone's ..
  • .. love to eat. He's sure to like it very much!
Reworded to be less straightforward and correct the apostrophe. The item was renamed to Rock Candy.
  • This is the FIREFLY LANTERN.
  • If you find yourself in dark caves, then open the lantern
  • to release a FireFly and your path will become clear.
  • Don't forget that the lantern is useless without
  • FireFly's inside it!
Apostrophe was corrected; reworded slightly.
  • This is the STAFF HIT BOOSTER.
  • It increases the hit power of your staff so that
  • baddies are easier to defeat!
This item was removed from the final. This text was changed to describe the Bad Guy Alert which was also removed.
  • It is EarthWalker Medicine that is only to be
  • given if the dinosaur is very ill.
White GrubTubs were replaced by Fuel Cells in the shop in the final version.
  • This is a MOONSEED.
  • The ShopKeeper must have worked hard to get these
  • from Moon Mountain Pass so take could care of them.
  • Plant them, use Tricky's flame to grow them and climb
  • them to reach high ledges.
Final version omits the last two lines.
  • You have found a shiny GOLD BAR.
  • The HighTop has a fondness for all things gold,
  • so maybe in return for giving him
  • the gold he can help you?
The final version shortens this to three lines.
  • You have found an ALPINE ROOT.
  • The SnowHorn's crave these wonderful roots as they
  • can't dig them out of the ground themselves.
The final rewords this and corrects the apostrophe.
  • GuardClaws cannot resist this.
Originally you would have snuck past the guards instead of bribing them.
  • PLAY
  • Throw the ball and Tricky will chase it. If you do it enough there's a surprise waiting for you!
The second sentence was removed.
  • Fox Zoom Goggles
  • 50 Scarabs
Renamed to Hi-Def Display Device and reduced to 20 scarabs.
  • Summon the SnowHorn.
Renamed to Dinosaur Horn. Description was amended to say it can summon an EarthWalker as well.
  • Portal Device
  • Opens spatial walkways.
Changed to "Opens Portal Doorways".
  • Hit Protector
  • 80 Scarabs
This item was removed.
  • WarpStone Gift
  • 10 Scarabs
Renamed to Rock Candy.
  • EarthWalker Medicine.
Yet another name for White GrubTub.
  • Ultimate in weapon technology.
Corrected in the final version; the staff belongs to Krystal, not Fox.
  • Shoot more stuff.
This item was removed.
Hint Texts
  • Defeated General Scales Galleon.
  • Shoot the cannons and propeller.
Hints in the Krystal segment are removed from the final version since there's no way to access them.
  • Encountered General Scales.
  • Search the galleon for a key.
The first line of each hint is shown on the file select screen after completing it; the rest is Slippy's hint in the pause menu.
  • Learnt of the Krazoa Tests.
  • Look deep inside the palace for a cry for help.
  • Entered Krazoa Shrine.
  • Enter the door that the EarthWalker opened.
  • Completed the Test of Skill
  • When the spirit enters the container you must watch very closely.
  • Released Krazoa Spirit.
  • You must release the spirit at the sign of the Krazoa.
  • Piloted to Dinosaur Planet
  • Double tap the L & R buttons to better dodge the asteroids.
  • Discovered Krystal's staff.
  • Look around for a something sticking out of the ground.
"a something"
  • Found projectile for staff
  • Fox, the girl mentioned something called a Spirit Cave, maybe there's one in this area.
The Fire Blaster is just called "projectile". Krystal never mentiones a Spirit Cave.
  • Found the Queen EarthWalker
  • Find the source of those dinosaur calls.
  • Planted a Bomb Spore
  • The gasses that those plants produce is highly explosive. Try planting their spores in other areas.
  • Gave gift to WarpStone
  • The WarpStone likes sweets. Maybe you can find some in the shop?
  • Rescued Tricky from SharpClaws
  • The scanners show there's movement beneath the Scanners. Take them out!
  • Raced SharpClaws on Ice Mountain
  • Watch out for falling ice.
There is no falling ice.
  • Tricky's Sidekick Commands activated.
  • You should really listen to what Tricky is saying.
  • Escaped from snow clearing
  • Keep on watching Tricky, as he'll tell you when a command can be used.
0109, 010A Two blank hints.
  • Discoverd path to ThornTail Hollow
  • Search the long grass and keep an eye on Tricky's commands.
  • Returned to the Queen EarthWalker
  • I'm sure Tricky is going to want to see his mother. I bet that's where he's ran off to.
  • Went inside ancient well
  • Healing mushrooms can only be found underground. Use Tricky to checkout the stone well.
  • Gained rocket boost for staff
  • Looks like you're stuck down there Fox unless you can find a new upgrade for the staff.
  • Saved the queen's life
  • Quick Fox, catch the White DocTub Fungus and get them back to the queen.
  • Bought supplies from shop
  • The WarpStone can do more than just warp you places.
The shop was once under the WarpStone.
  • Returned to SnowHorn Wastes
  • Remember that GuardClaw back in SnowHorn Wastes?
  • Got past the GuardClaw
  • You're not alone in this adventure.
  • Released the SnowHorn GateKeeper
  • A SnowHorn with a full belly can be very strong.
  • Returned to the ArWing
  • The ArWing isn't going anywhere without Fuel! Rob has dropped supplies but they scattered throughout the planet you'll need to search around for them. And hurry before someone else finds them and hides them from you.
  • Piloted ArWing to DarkIce Mines
  • The ArWing isn't going anywhere without Fuel! Rob has dropped supplies but they scattered throughout the planet you'll need to search around for them. And hurry before someone else finds them and hides them from you.
  • Released SnowHorn
  • A lock will need a key ... What do you mean what am I going on about ... The SnowHorns locked up, you need a key. The SharpClaws like to keep warm in the huts around you ... If you go inside be careful.
  • Fed the injured SnowHorn
  • He looks bad Fox. Search sheltered areas for food.
  • Rode Snowhorn through gates
  • Get on the SnowHorn's back.
  • Captured cannon
  • Fox, you must capture the cannon. Maybe Tricky can help?
  • Located missing cogs
  • The machine's not going to work in that condition. It's missing some cogs.
  • Collected the Call of Elders
  • Sometimes what you can see is not always the truth.
Renamed to Dinosaur Horn in final version.
  • Crossed blizzard
  • There must be somewhere you can use the Call of Elders.
  • Found the GateKeeper's daughter
  • Search for a key.
  • Reached the base of the mine
  • Only one way to go and that's down.
  • Reached DarkIce Boss
  • There must be a lever somewhere Fox.
  • Collected first SpellStone
  • Let Tricky do some of the work.
  • Lit the ThornTail Beacons
  • The Beacons won't burn by themselves. Try finding something dry enough to light. And have you forgotten about Tricky's Commands already!
  • Entered Moon Mountain Pass
  • Maybe the ThornTails will know the way to go.
  • Got past SharpClaws and barrels
  • Dodge the barrels and use the key.
  • Entered Volcano Force Point
  • Look closely at the statues.
  • Opened first path through temple
  • Time to show off your SpellStone.
  • Placed first SpellStone
  • The path only leads to one place.
  • Collected MoonSeed
  • It looks like something can be planted in the areas of soft dirt.
  • Moved meteor
  • There are some gas holes in front of the meteor.
  • Entered Krazoa Shrine
  • Many MoonSeeds will lead to the shrine entrance.
  • Beat the Test of Combat
  • You must focus on fighting skills rolling round before attacking.
  • Returned to ThornTail Hollow
  • You must return to the WarpStone.
  • Returned to Krazoa Palace with second Spirit
  • The Spirit you have needs returning to Krazoa Palace.
  • Found Krystal
  • Make your way up through the palace.
  • Released second Krazoa Spirit
  • You've done this once already! Find the Krazoa Symbol.
  • Located LightFoot Village
  • In a dark corner of the hollow is a place to plant a MoonSeed.
  • Rescued queen CloudRunner
  • A room full of gas leads to a dino in trouble.
  • Piloted ArWing to CloudRunner Fortress
  • You need Fuel Cells
  • Captured by General Scales
  • Follow the path to the queen.
  • Escaped dungeon
  • By locating a hole in the ceiling, I can send you the Illusion Device.
The SharpClaw Disguise had a different name.
  • Power to fortress restored
  • The Sharpclaw have hidden the Power Crystals around the courtyard.
  • Rescued Queen CloudRunner
  • There seems a good supply of Gunpowder here. Check for cracks in the wall.
  • Rescued Baby CloudRunners
  • Use the Call to send the CloudRunners back to mother.
  • Discovered Gold Mine
  • A wall in Treasure Room 1 looks unstable.
There is only one treasure room in the final version, and the mine is found by opening a door.
  • Recaptured SpellStone from SharpClaws
  • Try ramming them Fox.
  • Returned to Cape Claw
  • The SpellStone you have is different from the last, it is crafted from water. Search near the sea for the temple.
  • Opened the Ocean Force-Point
  • What's wrong Fox? Don't like getting your fur wet?
  • Located lower chambers
  • Fox, sensors have located energy activity below you.
  • Located second SpellStone Activator
  • Try to find the SpellStone Activator.
There is no SpellStone Activator in the final version.
  • Completed stage one of energy shutdown
  • Shoot the block with projectile to shut down energy.
This version has force fields blocking off some areas.
  • Placed second SpellStone
  • Place the SpellStone.
  • Escaped from the LightFoot Pole
  • Use the Cloudrunner's flame power to help you.
  • Located Chief LightFoot
  • The Chief likes to sit on a throne. Search the area.
  • Completed Totem Pole Challenge
  • You heard the Chief. Hurry and find all Totem Poles.
  • Completed Strength Challenge
  • Wait till you are about to be pushed in then press A fast but steady.
  • Located Krazoa Shrine
  • Can you see the image within the sections of the Totem Pole?
  • Beat the Test of Fear
  • Will you run like a coward or stand your ground?
  • Returned to Palace with third Spirit
  • Get the spirit back to Krazoa Palace.
  • Released third Krazoa Spirit
  • How many times! Find the Krazoa Symbol.
  • Rescued the ThornTail's eggs
  • Sounds like someone else is in trouble.
  • Opened route to Walled City
  • The ThornTail said to return to the queen. Maybe she knows the whereabouts of the next SpellStone.
  • Piloted AirWing to Walled City
  • You really need to remember what I've been telling you ... The ArWing needs fuel!
  • Entered the Walled City
  • The queen EarthWalker needs to see you.
  • The Sun/Moon Beacons are lit
  • Look for the Sun and Moon Fox and don't take your time.
  • Found king EarthWalker
  • What has opened Fox?
  • Used RedEye teeth to open lower Temple
  • So where can you find T-Rex teeth?
  • Defeated Redeye Boss gained SpellStone
  • Stand on the switches until the beam is on full. Time this right and you'll stun the RedEye!
  • Returned to Volcano Force-Point with SpellStone
  • It's a Fire SpellStone, back to the Volcano Fox.
  • Opened second path through Temple
  • Come on Fox, show off your SpellStone.
  • Placed the second SpellStone
  • Head upwards Fox.
  • Rescued the ThornTails
  • Fox be quick, the ThornTails cannot defend themselves.
  • Brought SnowHorn Artifact
  • You should be able to buy something pretty special with that kind of money Fox.
  • The Translator allowed you to talk to SnowHorn
  • Strange talkers need new ways of talking.
The translator isn't mentioned in the final version.
  • Entered the Krazoa Shrine
  • Practice by exploring the whole area before you accept the challenge.
  • Returned to Krazoa Palace with 4th Spirit
  • Come on Fox, you know the drill. Take the spirit back to the palace.
  • Released 4th Krazoa Spirit
  • You're really wasting your scarabs find the Krazoa Symbol.
  • Opened route to Dragon Rock
  • You should find that ThornTail guy the Guardian spoke of.
  • Piloted ArWing to Dragon Rock
  • You need fuel, a LOT of fuel. It's a long way to Dragon Rock so get hunting.
  • Entered quarry
  • Fox, it's not safe. Head underground.
There is no quarry in the final version.
  • Rescued EarthWalker
  • You must get the EarthWalker to safety.
  • Shut down HighTop forcefield
  • The EarthWalker has both speed and strength.
  • Freed the HighTop
  • Need to dust off your shooting skills.
  • Protected the HighTop
  • Keep them off for as long as possible.
  • Rescued CloudRunner
  • Try getting to the rooms above.
  • Landed on the Tower
  • Destroy the generators but keep an eye on the CloudRunner.
  • Powered up rail track
  • Look at that wall Fox. Looks like it could be destroyed.
The entire underground section was cut from the final.
  • Opened Boss door
  • You have a rail cart so use it!
  • Opened Boss Portal
  • You need to redirect the power stream
  • Defeated Drakor
  • Shoot him. It's easy!
  • Returned to Ocean Force-Point with SpellStone
  • Okay Fox, back to the Ocean Force-Point.
  • Returned to Ocean Force-Point
  • You've done it once Fox!
  • Completed Stage Two of Energy Shutdown
  • Shut down the remaining energy Fox!
  • Placed SpellStone 4
  • Fox, that's the final SpellStone!
  • Returned to Walled City
  • The queen has vital information for you Fox.
The Queen never appears in the Walled City.
  • Collected the Sunstone
  • Look up, is the sun shining?
  • Collected the Moonstone
  • Night is shorter so you must be quick.
  • Used the Sun and Moon Stones to open shrine
  • Back to the Main Temple Fox.
  • Beat Test of Knowledge
  • Each item was first discovered on a level you have already visited.
  • Defeated the flying galleon
  • Shoot the cannons and propeller.
Apparently there was a second ship battle.
  • Released 5th Krazoa Spirit
  • You can't really have forgotten? It's the Krazoa Symbols!
  • Beat the Test of Sacrifice
  • Would put yourself before your friends?
Presumably this was replaced with the General Scales boss "fight".
  • Found the Krazoa Throne Room
  • Your saw where Krystal went! Make your way to the bottom.
You don't follow Krystal anywhere or find a throne room in the final version.
  • The Krazoa was Andross
  • There's something strange about that Krazoa.
  • You did it! You saved Dinosaur Planet
  • Shoot him somewhere!
04B6 CAVE OF WONDERS Displayed in a large font like level titles.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

E3 2001 Leftovers

Several leftovers from the E3 2001 demo can be seen within this version.

Mission Texts

 General Pepper here...
 The head honchos at Nintendo
 have set up an exclusive
 E3 mission for you.
 Fly down to ThornTail Hollow,
 where your sidekick dinosaur.
 Tricky will be waiting for you.
 Take a good look around and
 remember to have fun!!
 Pepper out.

 CloudRunner Fortress is being
 terrorised by General Scales and
 his SharpClaws; it would make an
 ideal base from which he could
 rule over the planet. The fortress
 stands on ground that is rich in
 gold and diamonds. With this
 wealth, Scales would be
 unstoppable. Find the SpellStone
 and save the CloudRunners...

 Peppy out.
 Hi Fox. It's, Slippy.
 This is gonna be a dangerous
 mission! You and Tricky must
 fight the huge and deadly
 Dark Ice Mines Boss.
 Try using Tricky's.
 sidekick commands. I've got
 a feeling that they may hold
 the secret to defeating the
 boss! Good luck, Fox.
 Slippy out.
 Greetings, Fox McCloud.
 This is Rob.
 To complete this mission,
 you will have to fight.
 Lock on to the baddies
 with the Y button and press A
 to use your staff.
 I compute a successful outcome.
 Rob out.

Some dialogue for the missions. These were used for the demo mission prompts, upon selecting a mission.

Additional Text

Well Done!,
You have defeated the Boss!

This would have been seen after defeating Galdon.


The copyright statement, which would have been at the bottom of the screen at all times.


This file contains a soundless trailer of sorts, edited similarly to the movie seen before the main menu in the final game.

Unused & Early Graphics

There are plenty more textures from earlier versions of the game than there are in the final version. Many of these can be found in insidegal.bin, swapcircle.bin, and Copy of swaphol.bin.

Tricky's Commands

Dinosaur Planet E3/Spaceworld 2001 Retail Release
SFA-000662A0.png SFAProto swaphol 00060240.png SFA TEXPRE S000247E0.png
SFAProto swaphol 00062980.png SFA TEXPRE S000279E0.png
SFA-00053F20.png SFAProto swaphol 00059160.png SFA TEXPRE S00025460.png
SFA-000684E0.png SFAProto swaphol 000616E0.png SFA TEXPRE S000260E0.png
SFA-0006A8A0.png SFAProto swaphol 00062200.png SFA TEXPRE S00026D60.png
SFA-00069780.png SFAProto insidegal 000F4660.png

Staff Upgrades

Dinosaur Planet E3/Spaceworld 2001 Retail Release
SFA-0005D1C0.png SFAProto swaphol 0005BB00.png SFA TEXPRE S00028660.png
SFA-00060440.png SFAProto swaphol 0005D320.png SFA TEXPRE S000292E0.png
SFA-0005F360.png SFAProto swaphol 0005CA20.png SFA TEXPRE S0002C4E0.png
SFAProto swaphol 0005B180.png SFA TEXPRE S00029F60.png
SFAProto TEXPRE S0003B3C0.png SFA TEXPRE S0002ABE0.png
SFAProto TEXPRE S0003CC40.png SFA TEXPRE S0002B860.png
SFAProto TEXPRE S00039B40.png SFA TEXPRE S0002D160.png
SFA-0005C0C0.png SFAProto cloudtreasure 000E6680.png
SFA-000626E0.png SFAProto swaphol 0005D9A0.png

Starfoxadv-2001foxportrait.png Starfoxadv-2001kyteportrait.png Starfoxadv-2001trickyportrait.png

These were used as player icons in one of the builds shown at E3 2001, but were scrapped possibly because of their size and additional HUD changes that were made later in development. Note that Kyte and Tricky have bigger portraits than Tricky's in the final game.


A very obvious dummy texture.




Pieces for an early selection menu for the world map.


Some thingy for a hologram.


An early UI graphic for the Thorntails.


An early version of Fox's life icon that was seen in the Spaceworld 2001 build.

Starfoxadv-HUD1-0004D860.png Starfoxadv-HUD2-0004E2A0.png Starfoxadv-HUD3-00052600.png Starfoxadv-HUD4-00059540.png Starfoxadv-HUD5-0005A920.png Starfoxadv-HUD6-0005B280.png Starfoxadv-HUD7-00059F40.png

Parts of an early HUD.

Diddy Kong Racing Leftovers

Download.png Download TEX.bin and TEX.tab (06/01/1999)
File: SFA_Kiosk_TEX.zip (817 KB) (info)

Download.png Download TRACKS.bin and TRACKS.tab (06/01/1999)
File: SFA_Kiosk_TRACKS.zip (52 KB) (info)

The kiosk disc's files include a texture pack and a number of 3D models which are leftover from an early version of Diddy Kong Racing. They're likely on the disc because Dinosaur Planet started out its development as a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing featuring Timber the Tiger and Wizpig, before gradually evolving into its more familiar form as an adventure game.[2][3] Incidentally, this is why some of Dinosaur Planet and Star Fox Adventures' internal files refer to Sabre/Fox as "Timber". It's also possible that some or all of these files are very early assets from DKR1's development, which ended up in Dinosaur Planet's build folder for the same reason.

The disc holds a few other files dated around January 1999 which may also be related to this project: BLKEXTRA.bin, NEWANIM.BIN, OBJFSAS.bin, WEATHERTEX.bin

DB_TEXTURES.bin isn't mentioned in the "out" file so it's difficult to tell when it was created, but it also seems to contain textures related to a racing game. Here are a selection of them including a Nintendo 64 logo, part of a face, an ear, the edge of a track, what looks like parts of a flame-decal go-kart with multiple exhaust pipes, a hubcap, and a ring:

SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 01.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 02.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 03.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 04.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 05.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 06.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 07.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 08.png SFA Kiosk-DB TEXTURES 09.png

For more coverage of these assets, visit the Diddy Kong Racing development page.

File Info

A text file named "out" can be found on the disc which shows the sizes and associated dates of some of the prototype's files at the time "out" was generated (possibly around August 2000). Two date formats are used: Month Day Year, and Month Day Time. All the files that use the first format are from 1999, so perhaps the other files are from 2000 or later and use that unusual date format as a quick workaround for the Y2K problem. The transition to GameCube began sometime shortly after December 2000 and many if not all of the files in this list appear to relate to N64 Dinosaur Planet, so it's possible that the files are all from either 1999 or 2000. The text of the file is as follows:

-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user      159352 Jul 28 19:04 AMAP.BIN
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     1232408 Jul 28 13:05 AMBIENT.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user     2899648 Jul 28 19:01 ANIM.BIN
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user      140768 Jan  6  1999 ANIM.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user      586588 Jun 20 21:46 ANIMCURVES.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user     1252380 Jul 28 13:05 AUDIO.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        6684 Jul 27 21:01 BITTABLE.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user          48 Jan  6  1999 BLKEXTRA.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     5722870 Jul 27 22:13 BLOCKS.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user           0 Aug  6 16:50 CACHEFONTSTAB.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user           0 Aug  6 16:50 CACHEFONTSTEX.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        2048 Jul 27 22:13 CAMACTIONS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        2848 Sep  2  1999 CAMANIMS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     2449616 Aug  7 20:52 DLLS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        1936 Aug  7 20:52 DLLSIMPORTTAB.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user       98304 Aug  7 20:52 ENVFXACTIONS.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user       13444 Aug  6 16:50 FONTS.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user           2 Feb 23  1999 FRONT.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user       11104 Jan  6  1999 FRONTTEXT.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user       33656 Aug  7 19:59 GAMETEXT.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user      148968 Jul 27 22:13 HITS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user       14272 Feb 24  1999 INCLUDE.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user           2 Jul 22  1999 INSTRUMENTS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user           0 Sep 27  1999 KRYSTALHELP.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user       40960 Jul 27 22:13 LACTIONS.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user        1632 Mar 21  1999 LEVELNAMES.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user        1856 Mar 21  1999 LEVELS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        2880 Jul 27 22:13 MAPINFO.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user      565328 Jul 27 22:13 MAPS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        8500 Jul 28 19:04 MODANIM.BIN
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        1954 Jul 28 19:04 MODELIND.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     1748616 Jul 28 19:04 MODELS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        4472 Jul 28 13:54 MODLINES.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user           0 Aug  7 20:16 MPEG.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     5759112 Jul 28 13:05 MUSIC.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user       16384 Jul 28 14:01 MUSICACTIONS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user         744 Jan  6  1999 NEWANIM.BIN
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user      202556 Jul 28 13:54 OBJECTS.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user        2784 Jul 28 13:54 OBJEVENTS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user       19120 Jan  6  1999 OBJFSAS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user           0 Jul 27 22:12 OBJGROUPS.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user       15792 Jul 28 13:54 OBJHITS.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user        2406 Jul 28 13:54 OBJINDEX.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user       18536 Jul 28 13:54 OBJSEQ.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user           0 Feb 23  1999 PAL.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        1896 Feb 22  1999 PARTICLES.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user           2 Feb 23  1999 PARTSPRITES.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user       45248 Jul 28 13:54 SAVEGAMES.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user     2764896 Aug  7 20:34 SCREENS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     6914120 Jul 28 13:05 SFX.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user        8192 Jul 28 13:05 SFXACTIONS.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        2576 Sep 15  1999 SFXEVENTS.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user        8448 Jul 10 00:17 SKYANIM.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user         528 Aug  7 20:34 SPRITES.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user         258 Aug  7 20:34 SPRTABLE.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user      794292 Mar 22  1999 STORYBOARD.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user         720 Jul 27 20:57 TABLES.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user     2249728 Jan  6  1999 TEX.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     2562160 Aug  7 20:34 TEX0.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user     6291048 Jul 27 21:37 TEX1.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        2544 Aug  7 20:34 TEXTABLE.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user           0 Sep 27  1999 TIMBERHELP.bin
-rwxr-xr-x    1 ptossell user       54544 Jan  6  1999 TRACKS.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user       19200 Feb 22  1999 TRIGGERS.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user      434400 Aug  7 20:24 VOXMAP.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user           0 Jul 28 13:54 VOXOBJ.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user        1392 Jul 27 22:13 WARPTAB.bin
-rw-r--r--    1 ptossell user       11544 Jul 28 13:54 WEAPONDATA.bin
-rw-r-----    1 ptossell user          28 Jan  6  1999 WEATHERTEX.bin

Debug Functions

Warp to World Map

Like in the final version, some debug functions can be activated using controller 3, but that controller isn't normally read. The code 040147CC 2C030003 will enable these functions:

  • Press A to print some heap stats to the console.
  • Press B to refresh texture memory.
  • Press Z to warp to the world map.

The warp function is not present in the final game. The code 040223E8 386000xx will change the destination.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Print

This Gecko code will enable displaying debug messages on-screen:

c6142428 8007ce08
c2132d8c 0000000d
91410024 7d6802a6
91610068 3c60803c
80635614 80810008
80a1000c 80c10010
80e10014 81010018
8121001c 81410020
81610024 3c008028
6000d158 7c0903a6
4e800421 3c80803c
80a45614 7ca51a14
38a50001 90a45614
80a10068 7ca803a6
60000000 00000000

Normally, the string dino_np_internalUTD_090502_1900 is shown at all times (presumably a date code: May 9 2002, 19:00); the code 04022678 60000000 will remove it.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Map Debug

The code 0405954c 38000001 will enable displaying map coordinates, and potentially debug map geometry. (Though, like the final version, the code for actually rendering this geometry may be deleted.)

Action Replay Codes

0038C801 000000??

Change which language is selected. By default, "??" is always set to 00, which means it's always displaying English text. Set it to 01 for French, 02 for Japanese, etc.

0038C813 000000FF

Enables cheats.

0038C817 000000xx

Toggles cheats on and off.

(Source: Gilgamesh)

Bypass Demo Restrictions

Since this is a demo version, there are a handful of events programmed to reset the game. This Gecko code should bypass most of them, though it might interfere with some intended warps:

0411A50C 4E800020
041a46d8 38000000
0420d184 38600002
0420d18c 38600002
0420d208 60000000
0420d20c 38600002
0422ee24 3800003A
0422ef7c 42800228
0422fe1c 4280072C
04293fd8 38000001
042a8c1c 38000001
042ab26c 38000001
042acbb4 38000001
042ac8e4 38000001
042acce8 38000001
042ace28 38000001
042ae780 428001AC
042b080c 38000000

There is also a 45-minute time limit after which the game resets, which can be disabled with the code 04022630 60000000.

(Source: Original TCRF research)