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Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

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Title Screen

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

Also known as: Baku Bomberman 2 (JP)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publishers: Hudson Soft (JP), Vatical Entertainment (US)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: December 3, 1999
Released in US: May 28, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Sub Pages

Regional Differences
Numerous changes were made for the North American release.

Test Maps

To do:
Figure out if there is any more unused maps.

Two test maps can be accessed in this game. The first map is simply a blank checkerboard test map, while the latter appears to be a slope test map.

Version Gameshark code
USA D00A0171 0030
800ABD4B 00??
D00A0171 0030
800ABD4F 0000
D00A0171 0030
800ABD43 0001
Japan D009E0E0 0030
800A9CBB 00??
D009E0E0 0030
800A9CBF 0000
D009E0E0 0030
800A9CB3 0001

With the above code on, replace the ?? with a 08 or 09 respectively for the two unused maps, then enter Story Mode. Once in Story mode, at anytime press L+R buttons to warp to the map of your choice.


Bomberman642-UnusedMap09-1.png Bomberman642-UnusedMap09-2.png Bomberman642-UnusedMap09-3.png

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Build Dates

Version ROM Address Build Date
USA 0x95650
MAR 16 15:58:02
Japan 0x93670
SEP 06 19:48:41

(Source: Ferrox)

Development Text

Some development related strings can be found starting at 0x95660 in the ROM.

gfx over: dlid
gfx over: dlid2
too long file size : evinfo : block %d
Can not find evfile number : %d
too long file size : evinfo : block %d
Can not find evfile number : %d
gameres : alloc : Can't allocate : res = %d
gfx: localheap over
gfx: gfxGainGfxID() not enough gfx ID
memalloc err: free:%d need:%d
memory free error
process : create malloc error
Process : Structure broken : P 0x%08x F 0x%08x ST 0x%08x HP 0x%08x JP 0x%08x
Process : Heap or stack broken : P 0x%08x F 0x%08x ST 0x%08x SP 0x%08x HP 0x%08x SMG 0x%08x HMG 0x%02x
stack overlap error
(process pointer %x)
Process : Structure compare failed
Process : Stack broken : P 0x%08x F 0x%08x ST 0x%08x SP 0x%08x HP 0x%08x
camera : entry over
ndalloc : malloc over
ndeval: dynamic vtx table over run. %d > %d
ndeval: dynamic uv table over run. %d > %d
ndeval.c: ndDeformVertex(); TRAP! over key range   key=%d; time=%f;
ndres: resource over. lim=%d;
ndres: ndResCollectTexture(); over count of bitmaps. %d
ndres: Memory hacked by other method(Shape)
ndres: Memory hacked by other method(Bitmap)
dpm.c : entry table over
spr : sprite entry over
obj2 : resource entry over
obj2 : object entry over
obj2 : reserved object kind. %d
obj2 : anim entry over
nd: Can't use anim-func by unsed/deleted ano
obj2 : texanim entry over
obj2 : obj2Shell(); Unsupport shell command.[%d]
OBJ2API : searchop : obj2 ptr not found 0x%x
OBJ2API : allocop : entry over
OBJ2API : allocshp : entry over
OBJ2API : setanimnrn : anim nrn over
obj2 : obj2Control(); Unsupport shell command.[%d]
message : illegal control code in message (0x%x)
message : illegal control code in message
mes : entry over
module : no free TLB ID
module : no free pages
module : entry over
module : no free modproc
EVEXEC: posstack over
resprog.c [_SET_MVPRAM] : pt=%08x
ZeroJump Error : unset segment [ %d ] call[%d,%d].fault system 
ZeroJump Error : unset function [ %d ] call[%d,%d].fault system 

(Source: Ferrox)