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Bomberman 64: The Second Attack/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.

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There are a LOT more regional differences. They include Bomberman's movement speed, and the game's script (to name a few differences). More differences can be found in this video

Opening Screens

  • Hudson Soft published the Japanese version while Vatical Entertainment published the US version. As a result, the Vatical Entertainment and copyright screens before the opening aren't present in the Japanese release.


  • In the Japanese version, chunks of text scroll up and stop for a little while. In the US version, the lines of text were separated and constantly scroll.

Title Screen

Japan USA
BakuBomberman2-title.png Bomberman642-title.png

When the game was brought over to the US, the title was changed from Baku Bomberman 2 (Explosive Bomberman 2) to Bomberman 64: The Second Attack and was given a slightly redesigned logo. Interestingly enough, the "Baku" part of the title is still on the localized logo. The copyright year was updated to 2000 for the US release.

Main Menu

Japan USA
BakuBomberman2 MainMenu.png Bomberman642 MainMenu.png

The US version added a Tutorial option on the main menu that is not present in the Japanese release.

Options Screen

Japan USA
BakuBomberman2 Options.png Bomberman642 Options.png

A "Skip Demo" option was added in the US release.

World Map

Japan USA
BakuBomberman2 WorldMap.png Bomberman642 WorldMap.png

The Japanese version shows what each button does to the right of the button name. The US version puts the button name in green with the function of the button underneath. The font for this text is different in each version.


Japan USA
BakuBomberman2 ShopFont.png Bomberman642 ShopFont.png

The font used in the shop's text boxes is drastically different between versions.

Other Differences

  • The first text box after destroying a Gravity Generator closes automatically in the Japanese version. In the US version, the text box is manually closed by the player.

Gameplay Differences

  • Bomberman runs a lot faster in the US version.

Pause Screen & Lives

Japan USA
BakuBomberman2 PauseScreen.png Bomberman642 PauseScreen.png

The US version resized the black square to cover almost the whole screen to make it easier to see some of the information. It added the ability to access the options screen from in-game if you press R and allows you to exit the world on your first visit. In the Japanese version, you have to complete the world at least once before you can leave.

In the Japanese version, if you die once, you lose all your powerups. The US version added lives, which are now displayed on the pause screen; when you run out of lives, you lose all your powerups. This made the US version more forgiving.

Continue Screen

Japan USA
BakuBomberman2 ContinueScreen.png Bomberman642 ContinueScreen.png

The US version shows the number of lives you have remaining on the first option.