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Proto:Saturn Bomberman

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Saturn Bomberman.

In March 1996, Sega bundled Japanese Saturns with a demo disc named Flash Sega Saturn: Ochikadzuki-hen (フラッシュセガサターン おちかづき編). One of the included games is a near-final demo of Saturn Bomberman, then known as "Bomberman SS".

(Source: Ragey)
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There's debug menus and alternate hidden playable characters, info here


Demo Final (JP)
BomSS Hudson.png Saturn Bomberman-Hudson.png

The demo uses the "Hudson Group" logo from Super Bomberman 3. The final game uses the standard Hudson logo.

Title Screen

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Demo Final (JP)
BomSS Title.png Saturn Bomberman-Title-j.PNG.png
  • Aside from the different name, the logo is in English and has differences in animation.
  • The title voice clip was changed: