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Saturn Bomberman

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Title Screen

Saturn Bomberman

Also known as: Bomberman SS (JP; early title)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publishers: Hudson Soft (JP), Sega (US/EU)
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: July 19, 1996
Released in US: August 22, 1997
Released in EU: 1997

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
  • Different world names between the Japanese and International versions.
  • There are also unused sprites for the "Master Game" suggesting that White Bomber could ride a Tyra and a minecart in that mode.
  • Differences between the standard Japanese version, and the SegaNet version. It's also likely NetLink support was removed in Europe.
  • US version contains an XBAND folder with another folder not found in the Japanese rom featuring translated screenshots, and the netlink folder contains tons of .HTM files, and screenshots of old websites, is there any way to figure out if any of that is used now?

Saturn Bomberman is Bomberman's first Sega Saturn game. It introduces Dr. Ein (Dr. I), Mujoe (Mr. Meanie), the Hige Hige Bandits (Meanie Gang), and the adorable Tyra (dinosaurs). The game also flexes the Saturn's 2D muscles.

Bomberman SS

Present in both Japanese releases of the game. "Bomberman SS" was the original title for the game, but appears this was changed fairly late in development. The final disc copies still read "BOMBERMAN_SS" if popped into a computer, and the "Bomberman" part was used for the title screen, suggesting they didn't have time to rerecord it.

Unused Graphics


Saturn Bomberman Unused-1.gif

A placeholder item; the text reads "スカ" (suka) which can mean "Lose" or "Nonsense". Like I said, Placeholder.

Master Game

Saturn Bomberman Unused-2.gif

Bomberman's Master Game sprites actually include sprites for him riding a Tyra, even though Tyras don't appear in Master Game! Maybe Tyras were supposed to be included in Master Game at one point.

(Source: Ragey)

Hidden Codes

Level Select

In Saturn Bomberman, there are hidden button combinations that will start you off at certain worlds at full power (10 bombs, Full Fire, Power Glove, Bomb Kick, Line Bomb). To use them, just Hold specific buttons while the title screen text reads "Press Start".

World Code
Hige Hige World L+R+A+Up-Left
Mage Mage World L+R+B+Up-Left
Gunman World L+R+C+Up-Right
Tyranno World L+R+X+Up-Right
Mujoe World L+R+Y+Up

View Ending

While the title screen text reads "Press Start", Hold L+R+Z+Down to view the Ending instantly.

Unlock Yuna and Manto

On the first screen for "Battle Game", Hold L and R until you hear a chime. Yuna moves the fastest and Manto has the Power Glove from the start.

Regional Differences

Hudson Screen

Saturn Bomberman-Hudson.png

The Hudson Soft screen and its accompanying voice clip do not play when the game is started up in the international versions. It can however be seen after the game resets itself upon completing the single-player mode.

Title Screen

The title screen was reworked between the Japanese and International versions.

Japanese International
Saturn Bomberman-Title-j.PNG.png Saturn Bomberman-Title-e.PNG.png
Japanese International
  • The copyright date was updated to match the localized release.
  • The background was changed (It now references the boss fight against Mujoe rather than the first world).
  • The title logo was changed completely for obvious reasons.
  • The title theme was re-edited to change the voice clip from Japanese to English.
  • The voice clip on the title screen has Bomberman say his own name in the Japanese version. In the international versions of the game, he says the game's title.

World Names

All of the World names were changed in the English versions.

Japanese Translation International
ヒゲヒゲランド Hige Hige World Amusement World
マゲマゲワールド Mage Mage World Samurai World
ガンマンワールド Gunman World Wild West World
テイラノワールド Tyranno World Dino World
ムジョーワールド Mujoe World Mr.Meanie's Future World

Character Names

Character names were changed in the English versions for some reason.

Japanese Translation International
Dr.アイン Dr. Ein Dr. I
ムジョー Mujoe Mr. Meanie
ティラ Tyra Dinosaur

Power Ups

Even the power-ups were localized:

Japanese Translation International
ファイアー Fire Firepower
ローラーシューズ Roller Shoes Roller Skates
ゲタ Wooden Clogs Sandals
壁通過 Passage Through Walls Block
ビー玉ボム Marble Bomb Bead Bomb
貫通爆弾 Piercing Bomb Penetrator
ゴム爆弾 Rubber Bomb Rubber Bomb
耐火スーツ Fireproof Suit Fire Suit


Japanese Translation International
コアメカ Core Mecha Zarf


The voice actor credits were inexplicably removed from the international versions of the game.

Online support

The Japanese version had limited XBAND support for online gaming. The North American version was reworked to support the then-new Sega NetLink accessory, necessitating the release date to be pushed all the way to late 1997.