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Bomberman 64 (Japan)

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Title Screen

Bomberman 64

Developer: Racjin
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: December 20, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Not to be confused with the international version of Bomberman 64, the Japanese Bomberman 64 is a 2D Bomberman game released late into the Nintendo 64's life cycle, which also ended up being the last Nintendo 64 game released in Japan.

Development Text

Present at 0x107EC0 is text for a very small debug menu.

Sound Test
Normal start
(Source: Ferrox)

Unused Content

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  • There's lots of text from Bomberman Land (PS1), PS1 buttons, PS1 memory card messages, and unused confirmation text.
  • There are unused images, and some partial sketches. There are images for more multiplayer options, like turning helpful animals on and off or selecting your start position,
  • There are placeholders for 11 non-"normal" multiplayer themes; there are placeholders in the text for up to 40 medals and 11 patron medals; Casino Area, Space Area, Dungeon Area are listed in one table of strings; game lists include more games, some of which have NPC strings in the main table; Bubble-popping game has text for three difficulties (1 & 3 are used); Pin-it game has text prompts for each part, prompts for Louie and Pommy pics not present in this game, and also contains images for rotation and L1/2 R1/2 buttons left over from the PS1 game; bomb factory contains images for a third difficulty and images for counters attached to the machines; several games have text for a suspend feature.
  • Both the title screen and high-scores screen reference "Panic Bomber X", including incomplete sprites for an animated X logo.
(Source: Zoinkity)