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Bomberman 64 (US/Europe)

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Title Screen

Bomberman 64

Also known as: Baku Bomberman (JP)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publishers: Hudson Soft (JP), Nintendo (US/EU)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: September 26, 1997
Released in US: December 1, 1997
Released in EU: November 27, 1997

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Does whatever a bomber can.

To do:
Looks like there is a deleted path in one of the levels.

Unused Music

This track can only be heard in the sound test. It's used as filler for unused track IDs.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Levels

Three unused levels exist in the game. The following GameShark code will allow you to enter them:

Hold L+A when entering a map to appear in one of the test maps of your choice.

Version GameShark code
USA D1027064 8020
812AC5D6 00??
D1027064 8020
812AC5DE 00??
Japan D1027044 8020
812AB806 00??
D1027044 8020
812AB80E 00??
Europe D1027064 8020
802AC5C7 00??
D1027064 8020
802AC5CF 00??

Replace the "??" with values from below (place the same ID number you want in both slots):

14 Test Map 1
15 Test Map 2
17 Test Map 3

Test Map 1

Bomberman 64 - Test 1 (1).png Bomberman 64 - Test 1 (2).png Bomberman 64 - Test 1 (3).png Bomberman 64 - Test 1 (4).png

Test Map 1 has an assortment of platforms, boxes and enemies.

Test Map 2

Bomberman 64 - Test 2.png

Test Map 2 seems to be a camera test map.

Test Map 3

Bomberman 64 - Test 3 (1).png Bomberman 64 - Test 3 (2).png

Test map 3 has some glowing textures in it.

(Source: Punk7890)

Unused Graphics


This unused logo graphic was found in the US version of the game. It is too big to be used on the N64, so it is unknown what this was used for.

(Source: ac67,Coockie1173)

Development Text

A few game-specific strings are left in the ROM.


Layer :%d
Size  :%d x %d
  (%d):%d x %d
Layer Unit
map0 : Mapchange happened!

(Bombersource 64: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

World Names

Some of the world names were changed.

Baku Bomberman(JP) Translation Bomberman 64(US/EU)
グリーンガーデン Green Garden Green Garden
ブルーリゾート Blue Resort Blue Resort
レッドマウンテン Red Mountain Red Mountain
ホワイトアイス White Ice White Glacier
ブラックシティ Black City Black Fortress
レインボーパレス Rainbow Palace Rainbow Palace

Story/Adventure Mode Stage Names

The translators for Bomberman 64/Baku Bomberman took several liberties when it came to the stage names.

Baku Bomberman(JP) Translation Bomberman 64(US/EU)
まもられた あかいほうせき Protected Red Jewel Untouchable Treasure
シリウスの ちょうせん Sirius's Challenge Friend or Foe?
ほうせきと イタズラこぞう Jewel and Bad Boy To Have or Have Not
つばさもつ ばんにん Winged Guardian Winged Guardian
さがせ! てつのはしのスイッチ Find! The Switch of Metal Bridge Switches and Bridges
VS カペラ VS Capella VS Artemis
ためボムで おせおせ すいろ! Push the Waterway using Big Bomb! Pump it Up!
ちかすいろの ぬし Boss of Under Waterway Sewer Savage
かざんだんの あらしを ぬけて Through the Volcanic Bomb Storm Hot on the Trail
VS ハウト VS Haut VS Orion
ボムでくずせる 4つのはしら Destroyable 4 Pillars by Bomb On the Right Track
ハウト リベンジ Revenge Haut Hot Avenger
ふぶきに まけず Don't Defeat with Snowstorm Blizzard Peaks
VS レグルス VS Regulus VS Regulus
ツルツルすべる こおりのゆか Slippy Slip Iced Floor Shiny Slippy Icy Floor
シャイニング モンスター Shining Monster Cold Killers
しょうめんとっぱ Frontal Breakthrough Go for Broke
キリングタイム Killing Time High-Tech Harvester
アルタイル タワー Altair Tower Trap Tower
VS アルタイル VS Altair VS Altair
そらの かなたで Beyond the Sky Beyond the Clouds...
ひきょおもの! Cowards! Spellmaker
てんくうの しろのなか In the Sky Castle Doom Castle
ファイナル バトル! Final Battle! Final Battle!

Battle Stage Names

Not even the Battle Stages were safe from the abject terror that is "Localization".

Baku Bomberman(JP) Translation Bomberman 64(US/EU)
さいしょのバトル First Battle Rock Garden
うえへ したへ to Up to Down Up and Down
ピラミッド Pyramid Pyramid
よくばり はまれ Filled with Greed Greedy Trap
てんごく じごく Heaven and Hell Top Rules
くさばのかげで In the Grave Field of Grass
みずのせせらぎ Bubbling of Water In the Gutter
かいぞくせん Pirate Ship Sea Sick
ブリザードバトル Blizzard Battle Blizzard Battle
ツルツルガラス Slip Glass Lost at Sea

Title Screen and Main Menu

Japanese International
  • The Japanese title screen contains copyright info (the International version has its own copyright screen). "PUSH START" also became "PRESS START".
  • A "64" was lazily slapped onto the International title screen (despite the box art having its own logo). As a result, the title screen now says "Baku Bomberman 64". The International version also adds a trademark.

Note: The Japanese title translates to "Explosive Bomberman".