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Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!

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Title Screen

Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!

Also known as: Bomberman GB (JP)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publishers: Hudson Soft (JP), Nintendo (US/EU)
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: August 10, 1994
Released in US: November 1994
Released in EU: 1994

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Wario vs. Bomberman? Oughta work.

The first properly-titled Bomberman game on the Game Boy, and one of (perhaps literally) a handful of Game Boy games compatible with the SNES' four-player multitap via the Super Game Boy. Just hope you don't mind a small playing space.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan US/Europe
Bomberman GB (J) title.png Wario Blast (U) title.png

Super Game Boy Border

Per his inclusion, Wario replaces a blue Bomberman on the SGB border of the international versions.

Bomberman GB Wario Blast
Gbwariob-jpb.png Gbwariob-title.png


In the Japanese version, a short story sequence plays after a few seconds of waiting on the title screen. Due to the entirely different story, Wario Blast excludes it.

"Bomberman was patrolling on his Motobomber..."

Different Characters

In Wario Blast, the player either selects Wario or Bomberman and goes through the entire game as that character, while the character that isn't selected appears as the enemies that must be blown up, differentiated from the player's character by their darker coloring (and in Wario's case, different aesthetics for each Bomberman that Wario fights). In Bomberman GB, only Bomberman himself is playable, and he fights the three dark-colored Bombermen that Wario fights in Blast if Wario is the player's character.