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WarioWare Gold

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Title Screen

WarioWare Gold

Also known as: Made in Wario Gorgeous (JP)
Developers: Nintendo EPD, Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: August 2, 2018
Released in US: August 3, 2018
Released in EU: July 27, 2018
Released in AU: July 28, 2018

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.


Combining a greatest-hits collection with a brand-new game, WarioWare Gold has more microgames than any other game in the series: a total of 316 of them, many of which come from previous entries in the series. It's also notable for having fully-voiced cutscenes in each language, with English speakers getting to hear Charles Martinet having the time of his life as Wario.

To do:
  • Unused graphics.
  • The Rhythm Tweezers microgame has an incomplete curly hair cue from the original game.
  • Look into the game's Demo Version for differences.
    • For example, the demo has a exclusive Ultra League intermission variation for Wario's Intro Games stage between the microgames that was never used in the retail version, and a "Thanks for Playing!" screen.


Version Differences
Several differences exist between regions.

Uncompiled Sound Files

The source IDs for all the sound archives are present in the Sound directory.

Download.png Download WarioWare Gold Source Sound ID files
File: WWGold_SourceSoundIDFiles.zip (874 KB) (info)

Unused Graphics

Nintendo Room


A dummy picture of Nintendo Hanafuda cards found in Toy/NintendoCollection/Texture/Nincolle_Dummy01.ctpk, and the other four dummy files in the same directory.

Bedside Manners


An image of Wario's body with a shirt on, arms clutching his stomach. The fact that this only exists for his skinny body on Level 1 suggests it was scrapped rather early.

Crazy Cars


With all the other preview images for the microgames is a test image of this microgame, with text reading "petit-game thumbnail" in katakana. Oddly enough, the bomb and its fuse are left in the corner of the image.

Crossing Guard


There is a seemingly unused version of Ashley's boss stage, with a different background and possible debug text found in the same set of images.

Pumping Iron


A different preview image with the text "Last one!" instead of "Only 1 left!".

Pumped Poser

The poser's body with a blue speedo and a gold one.

The example body with unused colors of speedos, only grey is used in the actual game.

Steel Chef


An unused orb-like object to slice.

Wario's Adventure

WWG Wario's Adventure treasure chest.png

A treasure chest much like the one that appears in the GBA version of the microgame.

Unused sprites of Wario running, meaning the rolling ball portion from the original microgame was going to be implemented as the last difficulty level. However, these sprites lack Wario opening his mouth.


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: In the Nintendogs microgame in Smooth Moves, a texture of an outdoors area could be seen if you took the camera out of the bounds of the house. Is it the same case for this one?

WWG- NintendogsBackground.png

A picture of an outside area. You never go outdoors during the microgame, so it's unknown what this would really be used for.

WWG- DaschundTestText.png

Text that simply reads "Test" can be found on the texture for the Dachshund puppy. This is actually present on the texture for the breed in the original Nintendogs game as well.

Unused Music

Fine Tune

If you complete the microgame, you'll hear a bit of music on the radio before it cuts out. The actual song files are longer than what can be heard in-game.

Minigame Title Theme

An extended version of the minigame title theme can be found within the game's files where the minigame songs are kept.

Paper Plane

A song from the Paper Plane minigame in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! can be found in the game's music files under the name "SEQ_M_MINI_XXXX1". This suggests that this was considered to return as an endless minigame in the Toy Room.

Sweeps Week

An unused, longer version of the music heard in the microgame, not heard anywhere in-game. Interestingly, it is found with other full versions of songs featured in the minigames, implying that it was going to have one of its own.

Unused Cutscenes

To do:
Add proof the cutscene was/is being removed from YouTube by Nintendo.

An unused, early version of Penny Crygor's story intro cutscene can be found in the game's files as test.moflex. This version uses hand-drawn graphics by the game's character designer Ko Takeuchi, complete with early designs for the Crygor lab in the background.

Interestingly, it seems someone at Nintendo doesn't like this cutscene being posted on YouTube, as pretty much any upload there gets manually blocked worldwide.

(Source: Ehm)

Revisional Differences

v1.0 v1.1
WarioWare-Gold-Old3DS-1.0.png WarioWare-Gold-Old3DS-1.1.png
v1.0 v1.1
WarioWare-Gold-Old3DSXL-1.0.png WarioWare-Gold-Old3DSXL-1.1.png

The original release accidentally swapped the X and Y buttons on the 3DS and 3DS XL models. This was fixed in v1.1.