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007: The World Is Not Enough (Nintendo 64)

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Title Screen

007: The World Is Not Enough

Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: November 1, 2000
Released in EU: December 8, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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You can access levels and cutscene areas using code 80102EDF 00??

007: The World Is Not Enough was the second and final James Bond game for the Nintendo 64. The first-person shooter received mixed reviews by critics, although typically was considered superior to the PlayStation game.

Unused Levels

Crate Yard


A rectangular level with a broken sky that is empty apart from a large amount of crates. It looks like a multiplayer level, but whether it was meant to appear in the game or whether it's just a test room is uncertain. Use the code to appear here upon selecting a level.

Version Gameshark code
US 80102EDF 0008
Europe 80103B5F 0008


A level that consists of a tower, as well as a large cave, somewhat reminiscent of the Caverns level in GoldenEye 007. Use the following code and press L + R while in the main menu (since you die if you fall down into the cave, use the inbuilt moonjump code to safely get down):

Version Gameshark code
US D00E0779 0008
813B002C 3FF0
80102EDF 0011
811FFFD8 C300
811FFFE8 C300
811FFFEC C300
D00E0779 0030
80102EEF 0001
800E0931 0000
800E0933 0000
50002610 0000
803B0164 0001
Europe D00E12A8 0008
813B002C 3FF0
80103B5F 0011
811D5768 C300
811D5778 C300
811D577C C300
D00E12A8 0030
80103B6F 0001
800E12BD 0000
800E12BF 0000
50002610 0000
803B0164 0001

(Source: SubDrag)
Judging by the level's start at the top of the tower (where "Fallen Angel" left off), this mission was probably intended to be placed between "Fallen Angel" and "A Sinking Feeling." For whatever reason, it wasn't finished and was left out of the game. This might also explain why the Mission Select screen has an uneven grid of 14 missions instead of 15, which would make 3 even rows of 5 missions for each line.

Unused Main Menu Options


To do:
Label each cinematic by the number of down presses in this menu. There's a few unused ones and different version of one cutscene.

A hidden leftover debug feature allowing you to view all of the cinematics in the game can be accessed and seen below. Unfortunately, all of the text in this menu is stripped from the game. You will have to count the number of times you press down in this menu and remember where you left off.

GameShark Code Version
D10E0778 8020
810E1092 DAF4
D10E12A8 8020
810E1C62 E0B0

With the above code on, press L+A at the main menu to access it.


Cutscene order from top to bottom:

  • Midnight Departure End Cutscene
  • Midnight Departure Opening Cutscene
  • Courier End Cutscene
  • Courier Middle Scene
  • Courier Opening Cutscene
  • Masquerade End Cutscene
  • Masquerade Middle Scene #1
  • Masquerade Middle Scene #2
  • Masquerade Opening Cutscene
  • GAME OVER (Unused)
  • Turncoat End Cutscene #1
  • Turncoat End Cutscene #2
  • Turncoat Opening Cutscene
  • Thames Chase End Cutscene
  • Thames Chase Opening Cutscene
  • King’s Ransom End Cutscene
  • King’s Ransom Opening Cutscene
  • Cold Reception Opening Cutscene #1
  • Cold Reception End Cutscene
  • Cold Reception Opening Cutscene #2
  • A Sinking Feeling Mission Failed - Alarm
  • A Sinking Feeling End Cutscene
  • A Sinking Feeling Mission Failed - Sub dives
  • A Sinking Feeling Unused Middle Scene
  • A Sinking Feeling Opening Cutscene
  • Meltdown Middle Scene
  • Meltdown Opening Scene
  • Blank
  • Underground Uprising End Cutscene #2
  • Underground Uprising End Cutscene #3
  • Underground Uprising Mission Failed - Bomb
  • Underground Uprising Intro (Different map and visual glitching)
  • Underground Uprising End Cutscene #1
  • Underground Uprising Mission Failed - Balloon
  • Underground Uprising Opening Cutscene
  • Game Complete - JAMES BOND WILL RETURN
  • Fallen Angel End Cutscene
  • Fallen Angel Opening Cutscene
  • Fallen Angel Middle Scene #1
  • Fallen Angel Middle Scene #2
  • Night Watch Unused Opening Cutscene
  • Night Watch End Cutscene
  • Night Watch Mission Failed
  • Night Watch Middle Scene
  • Night Watch Opening Cutscene
  • City Of Walkways I End Cutscene
  • City Of Walkways I Middle Scene
  • City Of Walkways I Opening Cutscene
  • City Of Walkways II End Cutscene
  • City Of Walkways II Opening Cutscene
  • Meltdown End Cutscene
  • Masquerade End Cutscene #2
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Password Menu

At one point in development, it looks there there was a planned password system for this game. The menu doesn't work anymore, however.

GameShark Code Version
D10E0778 8020
810E1092 DA54
D10E12A8 8020
810E1C62 E010

With the above code on, press L+A at the main menu to access it.


(Source: Original TCRF research)

Castle Thane cutscene map

Using GameShark code, 80102EDF 0006, you can access this cutscene map, which depicts the Castle Thane island that appears on the custscene after completing mission Underground Uprising, where the camera shows a short aerial preview of the island, which is between the cutscene where Bond tried to reach the female assassin who was trying to escape on an aerostatic balloon, and the cutscene where Bond and M talk about Renard's return, how he survived a headshot by 009 and his revenge plans.

After enabling the cheat, select any mission, and you will then start on the map's own unique spawn point, which depicts Bond falling from a slight distance as if he jumped, at a solid sea as the floor, this may imply the map was once at a playable testing during development. The map itself is mostly flat, as the Castle Thane island has mostly no collision, and has some obscure areas you never see by the camera, which aren't completely modeled and have some broken textures, as the map is only meant to be for the cutscene, and is also large as a result or the sea being solid. The only solid areas from the island are the small tunnels below the "bridge" from the right. While Bond appears to walk on the water, however, there's still floor collision outside the water making Bond appear to be floating if walked on. There is also some broken water texture on obscured areas by the island, but there are invisible walls outside the water so Bond won't go out of bounds. It should be noted that when selecting any mission with harder difficulties than Agent, Bond will spawn stuck underwater, locking up the game.

Texture Resolution

The game uses high (for the Nintendo 64) resolution textures, mainly 64×64, with 8-bit color depth. However, these textures are applied to surfaces at too low a proportion, so at closest distance they appear using their second level mipmap – a quarter of their normal size – in-game.

(Source: Zoinkity)

Regional differences

There is a yellow dumpster in the beginning of Turncoat in the US version, it was removed from the EU version for some reason.

Europe US
TWINEN64EU-Turncoat-item.png TWINEN64US-Turncoat-item.png