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James Bond 007: From Russia with Love

From The Cutting Room Floor
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Title Screen

From Russia with Love

Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: March 2, 2006 (PlayStation 2 only), May 11, 2006 (PSP)
Released in US: November 1, 2005 (PS2, Xbox), November 15, 2005 (GC), April 3, 2006 (PSP)
Released in EU: November 18, 2005 (PS2, Xbox, GC), April 13, 2006 (PSP)

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

From Russia with Love is a 2005 video game adaptation of the movie of the same name that was released in 1963.

Audio Placeholder

"This is a placeholder for an SE or an IGC."

Plenty of these can be found in the audiostream file of the game.