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GoldenEye 007 (Wii)

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Title Screen

GoldenEye 007

Developer: Eurocom
Publishers: Activision (INT), Nintendo (JP)
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: June 30, 2011
Released in US: November 2, 2010
Released in EU: November 5, 2010
Released in AU: November 3, 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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GoldenEye 007 is the Wii remake of the famous Nintendo 64-based first person shooter. It was a cult classic on the Wii for its online multiplayer.

To do:
  • Time to start documenting all those changes in the prototype article...
  • There is a huge amount of unused content and leftovers included in the game data, including images, textures, fully playable maps, character models, menus, and videos. There are 50+ unused maps alone which is more than the quantity of maps actually used by the game.
  • Check if the first two guards encountered on Dam, which Bond and Trevelyan knock out with a melee attack, have dialogue before you can normally hear them.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info
Unused Maps
So many unused maps, so much space for them to be in a subpage.

Unseen Weapon Content

Several weapons have content that cannot normally be seen.

  • Wolfe .44:
    • When firing the pistol, the muzzle flash lights up the back area around the hammer, but this is not noticeable due to happening so fast.
    • On the side near the hammer there is an icon consisting of a reversed "e" in a circle that is normally covered by the player character's right thumb.
    • The weapon has a trigger that is normally covered by the player character's right index finger.
    • The weapon has an extractor that the player character actually pushes but cannot normally be seen as the reload animation goes by so fast.
  • The melee animation of the Vargen FH-7 has a part that cannot usually be seen due to the speed of the animation. While it appears that the player will just slam the gun in front of them, this actually happens but preceding the animation the player character pulls the gun off the screen that executes the melee slam animation.

Unused Weapon Stats

To do:
  • All shotguns sans Masterton, MJR, Golden Gun, and Grenadier have a rate of fire of 1. Is this used?
  • What are the units of range?

The following weapons have minimum and maximum ranges defined despite having no damage drop off. Minimum range is the range when damage starts to drop off, and maximum range is when the drop off stops. For comparison, assault rifles in general have a min-max range of 20-45. Of specific note is that the Golden Gun has the worse range in the entire game.

Name Min Max
Vargen FH-7 13 21
Golden Gun 8 20

Inaccessible Mini-Map Areas

The mini map throughout the game has peculiar areas mapped out on it that Bond can never reach.

  • Training mission:
    • On the first floor, there are two visible rooms that have space on the mini-map but cannot be accessed: office rooms to the left of the first guard and a partially open room in front of the guard. The player can slightly look into the room with the partially opened door, but cannot see most of it. The office rooms cannot be viewed at all except by ADS tilting with the Nunchuck, whereupon a black screen on the wall can be seen.
    • At the end of the stage there are doors on the wall. The mini-map shows there is a bit of space behind them. The extra mini-map detail may be leftover from past revisions of the stage found in both the PS2 version of Quantum Of Solace as well as GoldenEye itself. The version of the map used as the training mission is heavily modified, though very clearly based on the opening of Casino Royale.
  • Dam:
    • There is mini-map content for the platform that Bond and Trevelyan initially meet. This can be seen by approaching the area and trying to go up the wall the was slid down during the scripted event.
    • The on-rails section where Trevelyan drives a truck and Bond shoots enemies has superfluous mini map content for areas that are not on the path of the truck.
      • After coming out of the second tunnel, the mini map has on it a connecting adjacent road that was removed during development.
      • While passing the building right before entering the fourth tunnel, the mini map has mapped out on it a small bit of area in front of the building's entrance.
      • The segment with the tower has a fully mapped out floor, although no map segments for going up to the second floor of the tower.
      • In the segment with the truck that crashes into Bond and Trevelyan, next to the building this truck comes from is a small area with stairs that has stone on either side and leads up to platforms. While the mini map includes the stairs, it also includes the stone, which is irregular since the stone cannot be walked on and the maps for this on-rails segment only map out walkable areas.
      • During the part where the truck crashes into the tower, as the truck approaches the tower the mini map has mapped out a small area behind the tower, which Bond never gets to access or see since upon crashing a cutscene is played where Bond gets out of the truck debris and him and Trevelyan take an elevator down the tower.
      • Also, as the truck slides into the tower, the mini map for around 3-4 seconds shows the map for the second floor of the tower right before the entire mini map is removed.
    • At the end of hallway adjacent to the breach room, there is a fence and a fence-like door that prevent access to a small area. This door cannot be opened, yet the mini-map has space for this area.
    • After going down the stairs from the breach room, the mini map has space behind a wall indicating there is a room behind the wall, even though the wall has no door.
    • The final part of the level is mapped out, but the player cannot fully see it.
  • Facility:
    • The part where Bond has to trigger an alarm to distract the scientists so Trevelyan can escape, it can be seen that there is mini-map content for part of the vent that is not visible.
    • The final room in the mission where Trevelyan is shot appears on the player's mini-map before they enter it and has the conveyor belt on it, even though the game switches to a scripted event and disables the mini-map once the room's door is open.
  • On Airfield during the scripted part where Bond exits the final building and slides down a wall to get to the motorcycle, the mini-map right before he exits the building shows a rectangular part of the outer platform that is sticking out from the main platform. This part of the platform cannot normally be seen in-game.
  • At the end of Nightclub, just before Bond exits the building, the mini map has a road to the left of the motorcycle that the player cannot see.
  • Carrier:
    • The start of the level puts the entire bottom floor of the room on the mini-map, even though the player can only walk in a small part of it, and an adjacent room which the player cannot even see.
    • The end of the helicopter sprint section has the entire hull on the player's mini-map, even though the player cannot walk on the top part because a scripted event ends the level. Oddly, the top part of the mini-map lacks a white line on the edge and the door passageway is constructed as if it leads to another map segment.

Unused Level Content

  • The first area of Dam has lights underneath the floor. While meant to create the effect of light being reflected in puddles, the lights do not align with anything above ground.

Unseen Single Player Content


  • On-rails truck segment:
    • The second-final tunnel has a unique rock formation above its exit, where the rocks from both sides project diagonally up.
    • The soldier who fires the RPG when the truck crashes actually goes down the stairs of the tower instead of teleporting to the steps.

Dam Door

The giant door at the start of the level has an animation for opening and letting the AK-47 flashlight soldiers into the level, which cannot normally be see since Bond is up in the area's tower. The open door, and sometimes the animation, can be seen by killing both the tower guards and running over to the aforementioned door.

Trevelyan Truck Enter Animation

Trevelyan has an animation for entering the truck that normally cannot be seen because Bond enters on the opposite side. The animation also has a unique sound effect for the door closing, which the player can never hear even if they are on the other side of the truck. This animation can be seen by following Trevelyan to the truck and watching him enter. Interestingly, it seems that the game may wait for Trevelyan to enter as the prompt to enter the truck does not immediately appear if the player races to the truck.

Sprinting Soldiers

During the on-rails truck segment, after the truck crashes and Bond gets up from it, he sees the EMP hardened helicopter land. At the corner of Bond's vision are Russian soldiers running toward him, which cannot usually be seen due to the focus on the helicopter.

First Bunker B1F Configuration

After Bond and Trevelyan crash the truck, they rappel down an elevator line and glimpse a room with Russian guards in them. The player never sees this, but these guards have initial placements in the room that are different from where they are initially seen: the talking guard is placed near the left door, the far guard is attending to something at a computer, and the right-hand guard is sitting on a computer. How they proceed to where they are first seen is that the guard walks in, and then both guards approach him. This can actually be seen in-game via a glitch where the elevator door doesn't load, which can be seen here starting at 7:28.

Concrete Slab

At the end of the level, during the exact scene Bond hands over his parachute and is seen from the front, the mountain behind him has a structure made out of concrete that is virtually impossible to see as the focus of the scene is on Bond and due to the resolution it cannot be seen on normal hardware. It isn't apparent why it exists.


  • When Bond enters the room overlooking the lab that Trevelyan enters, it appears that his arms suddenly disappear, but what actually happens is that he lowers both of his hands, although this cannot be seen due to how fast the animation plays. The animation is also glitchy and Bond's P99 drops straight out of his hands.
  • During the same segment, when Trevelyan first enters the room and speaks to Bond, his lips actually move but this cannot normally be seen due to Bond's distance from Trevelyan.


Bond's arms at the start of the level where he has no weapon has movement animations for when he is moving, even though the player can never see these.

Unseen Animation Parts

  • The animation for Bond putting back his smartphone has a part where his right hand immediately switches to his left pocket, which cannot be seen because it occurs far off screen.

Unused Graphics

GoldenEye-007-Wii-Daniel-Craig-Cover-Mode.png GoldenEye-007-Wii-Daniel-Craig-Environmental-Finish.png GoldenEye-007-Wii-Daniel-Craig-Interrogate.png

Three images of Daniel Craig used for various development purposes.

(Source: Ehm, Wiimm)


  • Dam:
    • Friendly characters appear as green dots on the mini-map, cannot be shot at, and turn the cursor green, but can be hit with a melee attack. While the character's entire model is identified as friendly, this is not the case for Trevelyan's model in two spots in the mission.
      • At the start of Dam before getting into the truck, Trevelyan's entire model is identified as a friendly character except for the end of his arms and his hands, which have no specific identification.
      • During the truck sequence, only Trevelyan's torso is identified as friendly.
    • At the start of the level, when the two guards near the truck are killed, the back flap on the truck flips down. It isn't apparent why this happens.
    • During the on-rails truck segment, when Bond exits the second tunnel an enemy is spawned out-of-bounds in the area near the inner curve of the tunnel then de-spawned (although this may be him dying).
  • On Facility, after the opening scripted event where Bond and Trevelyan split up, Trevelyan walks to a nearby wall and goes down a passageway, all of which the player can see except him going down the passageway. What is unusual is that the model walks an irregularly long amount of time down the passageway before the model is de-loaded even though it cannot be seen at all. The model's movement can be seen from the green dot on the mini-map.
  • Nightclub:
    • The man on his phone right before entering the main nightclub room is identified as an enemy.
    • When first entering the main room of the Nightclub, the door to Zukovsky's office does not load. This can be noticed in-game if the player enters the main room and looks in the direction of the door.
    • Prior to Zukovsky being killed, the door in the lower area of Zukovsky's office is a special type of wall that cannot be passed through with a normal walk through walls hack. After he is killed, it becomes a regular door.
    • Sergeant Garcia is identified as an enemy, as indicated by the smartphone cursor turning red. It is never explained why this happens.
  • On Carrier during the helicopter sprint part, after going down the first set of stairs an enemy is spawned and then de-loaded. This can be seen in this video at 38:12 by looking at the mini-map.