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James Bond 007: NightFire (Windows)

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Title Screen

James Bond 007: NightFire

Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: November 28, 2002
Released in EU: December 6, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

James Bond 007: NightFire features Pierce Brosnan in an action-packed adventure, where he prominently uses x-ray specs to view women's lingerie.

Debug Mode

Since the game was built on a modified version of GoldSrc, it features a debug console very similar to many early Valve games. To activate the console, follow these steps:

1. Create a shortcut to Bond.exe

2. Right-click this shortcut, and select Properties

3. Add +console 1 to the end of the target and click OK

The target should look similar to this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Nightfire\Bond.exe" +console 1 -sv_cheats 1

Now load up any level, and press the tilde (~) button to bring up the console. Pressing the tilde button again closes the console. Then use any of the following commands:

  • god - God mode; no damage taken.
  • impulse 101 - Gives the player all weapons (or at least it tries to). The player can only carry four guns at once, so the first four are given. Some grenades, a briefcase turret, and the space gun are also given. Pressing backspace in-game while cheats are enabled achieves the same thing.
  • noclip - Allows the player to fly around maps. Certain key items and all people are invisible when the player is out of bounds. If the player warps to a new map while noclip is enabled, they will not be able to move. Loading another map with the console can fix this issue.
  • notarget - Makes the player invisible to enemies. This one is a bit buggy, and doesn't work all the time.
  • map - Loads a specific map. Usage: map M1_AUSTRIA01

It should be noted that some commands will not work when loading a save file. To fix this, simply load a new map.

Development Related Text

When warping to a new map with noclip enabled, this message appears in the console:

Can't savegame with a dead player.

Unused Graphics


Filename Graphic Filename Graphic
clip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-clip.png hint.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-hint.png
nodraw.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-nodraw.png origin.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-origin.png
skip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-skip.png trigger.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-trigger.png
bsp.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-bsp.png enemyclip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-enemyclip.png
npcclip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-npcclip.png playerclip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-playerclip.png
opaque.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-opaque.png



Some extra space in this chest texture was skillfully labelled as GLORIOUS WASTED SPACE.


There are multiple copies of this texture. They're named default_envmap_back, default_envmap_bottom, default_envmap_front, default_envmap_left, default_envmap_right, and default_envmap_top. This image can also be found in Half-Life: Blue Shift.


These two textures (aptly named howto01 and howto02) describe how to get through the Power Station area.









Unused Music

The main theme used for the opening credits and menu is a short, remixed edit of a four-minute song. The song is called Nearly Civilized, and was written specifically for the game by singer-songwriter Esthero. A slightly longer variant of the song can be found online.

Original Song (frontend_full.ogg) Final Loop (frontend_ectest.ogg)

Unused Movie

Among the files is a logo for Gearbox Software. This does not play at all, however.