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James Bond 007: NightFire (Windows)

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Title Screen

James Bond 007: NightFire

Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: November 28, 2002
Released in EU: December 6, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

James Bond 007: NightFire features Pierce Brosnan in an action-packed adventure, where he prominently uses x-ray specs to view women's lingerie.

Rather than a port of the console version, this is a complete rebuild of the game in a modified version of the Half-Life engine.

Unused Weapon

The Heckler and Koch P11, referred to ingame as UP11, is complete, but is not accessible in the game without cheats. To use it, type give weapon_up11 in the console. It has the fairly unique property of being usable underwater, a quality that it shares with the laser rifle. Interestingly, this weapon does appear in the console version of the game, but as a nonlethal dart gun.

Development Related Text

When warping to a new map with the noclip cheat enabled, this message appears in the console:

Can't savegame with a dead player.

Unused Graphics


Filename Graphic Notes
i_ctf_space_station.png 007NightfirePC - i ctf space station.png Remnants of two levels, apparently planned as part of a patch, but canceled. These would've taken place on a space station.
i_dm_space_station.png 007NightfirePC - i dm space station.png
i_dm_phoenix_nic_nak.png 007NightfirePC - i dm phoenix nic nak.png Remnants of a cut playable Multiplayer Agent, Nic Nak. Unfortunately only these icons exist.
i_tm_phoenix_nic_nak.png 007NightfirePC - i tm phoenix nic nak.png
i_mission_failed.png 007NightfirePC - i mission failed.png When the mission is failed, it simply dumps you to the main menu without a mission failed screen, rendering this fullscreen graphic unused.


Filename Graphic Notes
640_ammo_battery_empty.png 007NightfirePC - 640 ammo battery empty.png Batteries don't show a meter on the HUD. Either they are displayed as a number (in the case of the car keys)or as a different graphic (in the case of the Q-specs).
640_ammo_battery_front.png 007NightfirePC - 640 ammo battery front.png
640_balancebeam_icon.png 007NightfirePC - 640 balancebeam icon.png Balance beams don't appear, rendering this icon unused.
640_climbing_icon.png 007NightfirePC - 640 climbing icon.png The only climbing section in the game uses a FMV video when the player comes near and puts the player on the wall, rendering this icon unused.
640_gadget_wheel.PNG 007NightfirePC - 640 gadget wheel.PNG
640_grapple_icon.png 007NightfirePC - 640 grapple icon.png The grappling hook doesn't use an icon.
640_health_amt.png 007NightfirePC - 640 health amt.png Either intended as a "second layer" of health in addition to armor, or an older version of the armor display on the HUD.
640_health_bg.png 007NightfirePC - 640 health bg.png
640_rope_climb_icon.png 007NightfirePC - 640 rope climb icon.png Vertical rope climbs don't appear in this game. Horizontal rope climbs use a different icon (640_handoverhand_icon.png)
640_use_explosives.PNG 007NightfirePC - 640 use explosives.PNG Explosives are placed automatically and don't show an icon on the HUD.
640_use_grapple.PNG 007NightfirePC - 640 use grapple.PNG As stated above, the grappling hook doesn't use an icon.
640_use_watch.png 007NightfirePC - 640 use watch.png The game doesn't display an icon when you hover over a lock that the watch can destroy.
640_wall_hang_icon.png 007NightfirePC - 640 wall hang icon.png Traversing ledges as displayed doesn't appear in this game.
640_wallhug_icon.png 007NightfirePC - 640 wallhug icon.png Wall-hugging sections don't use icons; the player enters wall-hug sequences automatically.
dive_mask_overlay.png 007NightfirePC - dive mask overlay.png A fullscreen overlay which would've been used for some kind of scrapped underwater mission. There's an item that can be given to the player (item_scubasuit) as well as the cut weapon described above which lends credence to this theory.
mission_failed.PNG 007NightfirePC - mission failed.PNG Another variation on the "mission failed" screen, which also goes unused.
space_suit_overlay_cracked.png 007NightfirePC - space suit overlay cracked.png An early version of the space suit overlay. Presumably this would've been used if the player received a lot of damage.


Filename Graphic Filename Graphic
clip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-clip.png hint.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-hint.png
nodraw.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-nodraw.png origin.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-origin.png
skip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-skip.png trigger.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-trigger.png
bsp.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-bsp.png enemyclip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-enemyclip.png
npcclip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-npcclip.png playerclip.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-playerclip.png
opaque.png 007-Nightfire-PC-Assets-opaque.png



Some extra space in this chest texture was skillfully labelled as GLORIOUS WASTED SPACE.


There are multiple copies of this texture. They're named default_envmap_back, default_envmap_bottom, default_envmap_front, default_envmap_left, default_envmap_right, and default_envmap_top. This image can also be found in Half-Life: Blue Shift.


These two textures (aptly named howto01 and howto02) describe how to get through the Power Station area.









Unused Music

The main theme used for the opening credits and menu is a short, remixed edit of a four-minute song. The song is called Nearly Civilized, and was written specifically for the game by singer-songwriter Esthero. A slightly longer variant of the song can be found online.

Original Song (frontend_full.ogg) Final Loop (frontend_ectest.ogg)

Unused Movie

In Nightfire/bond/movies is a short intro for Gearbox Software that never gets played.