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James Bond 007: Blood Stone (Nintendo DS)

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Title Screen

James Bond 007: Blood Stone

Developer: n-Space
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: November 2, 2010
Released in EU: November 5, 2010
Released in AU: November 3, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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James Bond 007: Blood Stone is a third-person shooter based on an original story. The game by itself reeks unoriginality: for instance, this very article is copy-pasted from the GoldenEye DS page!

Model Viewer

Use Action Replay code 0216463C 0216A4C6 (Europe). A debugging screen with a model viewer for various objects used in-game will appear. This viewer is shared with the DS GoldenEye 007, released on the same day as this game.