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Hybrid Heaven

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Title Screen

Hybrid Heaven

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: August 5, 1999
Released in US: August 31, 1999
Released in EU: September 24, 1999

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Hybrid Heaven is a rather odd role-playing game with a confusing story. It's also one of the few N64 games to have widescreen support.

Debug Modes

Several debug modes which display debug info on-screen, enabled a camera control debugging tool, and others can be enabled in their sections below.

Debug Info Display

Hybrid Heaven Debug Info.png

A debug info display with various statistics for player coordinates and the current level you are currently in can be enabled with the below GameShark code. With it on, press L + Z to enable, and R + Z to disable. You will need to enter the pause screen and exit after disabling it to clear the text on-screen.

Version GameShark code
Japan D105D8D0 2020
8101E90C 0800
D105D8D0 2020
8101E90C 6EC5
D105D8D0 2020
8101E90E 0000
D105D8D0 2020
8101E910 0000
D105D8D0 2010
8101E90C 27BD
D105D8D0 2010
8101E90C FED0
D105D8D0 2010
8101E90E AFB1
D105D8D0 2010
8101E910 001C
USA D105CE50 2020
8101DFFC 0800
D105CE50 2020
8101DFFE 6C81
D105CE50 2020
8101E000 0000
D105CE50 2020
8101E002 0000
D105CE50 2010
8101DFFC 27BD
D105CE50 2010
D105CE50 2010
8101E000 AFB1
D105CE50 2010
8101E002 001C
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Camera Debug Tool

Hybrid Heaven Debug Cam1.png Hybrid Heaven Debug Cam2.png

A mode that lets you change various angles of the camera can be enabled with the below GameShark code. With the code on, to enable it, press the GS button while in a level, while standing. To see the debug info of this mode, enable the Debug Info Display code as well.

Version GameShark code
USA 881BBE9D 0004
881BBE9E 0004
88114BA7 00A0
88114BBF 00A0
88114C03 00A0
88114C47 00A0
88114F5F 00A0
88114F83 00A0
88114F8F 009E
88114FF3 009E
8811500F 009E
8811502B 009E
88115047 009E
88115063 009E
8811507F 009E
881150B3 009E
881150C7 009E


  • D-Pad to move through options.
  • B to decrease selected value.
  • A to increase selected value.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Animation Test

Hybrid Heaven Animation Test.png

With the below code on, enter a Battle Mode option. You will be able to control your opponent and cycle through all possible animations for them. You will need the debug display as well to view info in this mode.

Version GameShark code
USA 811BBC1C 0001

Known controls:

  • START to change animation category.
  • D-Pad Up / Down to change animation.
  • B to shift actor left / right.
  • R to reverse animations.
  • A to stop animations.
  • Analog Stick to move actor around.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Mode

Hybrid Heaven Debug mode.png

The level select option. This was where the level select was at one point in development. To re-enable it, apply the below code and press D-Pad Up + Z before the PRESS START screen appears. You will also need the expansion pack in for this code.

Version GameShark code
USA D105CE50 2800
811C1D3C 0000
D105CE50 2800
811C1D3E 0000
D105CE50 2800
811C1D48 2404
D105CE50 2800
811C1D4A 0006
D105CE50 2800
811C1D4C 2405
D105CE50 2800
811C1D4E 07D0
D105CE50 2800
811C1D52 ECDC
D105CE50 2800
801C1D5B 00A8
D105CE50 2800
801C1E47 0005
D105CE50 2800
801C1E87 0005
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Level Select

Hybrid Heaven Level Select.png

A level select can be accessed by entering one of the following GameShark codes and pressing A at the main menu:

Version GameShark code
USA 801CC8C4 0005
Europe 801D74A4 0005
Japan 801CFB94 0005

Developer Text

Japanese version (encoding EUC-JP):

8004CEE0 当たりを見に行きます1p->2p
8004CEFC 当たりを見に行きます2p->1p
8004CF18 当たった
8004D170 InitFlat
8004D210 err mot_set_suu = 0!! in RotatePolygon2_parts
8004D300 picDecode: unknown format
8004D31C PIC: decode overrun(pset). x=%d, y=%d
8004D344 PIC: decode overrun(reset). x=%d, y=%d
8004D36C PIC: decode overrun(pset). x=%d, y=%d
8004D394 PIC: decode overrun(pset8). x=%d, y=%d
8004D3E4 0123456789abcdef
8004D3F8 PIC: warning: use frame buffer
8004D418 PIC: fatal: no memory
8004D430 セグメント展開情報テーブルを全クリアしました
8004D460 セグメント展開用の固定領域を %x 以降に %x Hbyte 確保しました
8004D4A0 seginfo_Tail エラー
8004D4B8 romNo[%d] は展開領域に存在しません。
8004D4E0 romNo[%d] の展開領域を解放しました。
8004D508 romNo[%d] は展開領域に存在しません。
8004D530 固定展開領域は確保されていません。%x
8004D558 固定展開領域 %x を解放しました。
8004D57C 展開領域:[%x] は segw に存在しません。
8004D5A4 展開領域:[%x] を segw から消去しました。
8004D5D0 新しいセグメント呼び出し %d
8004D5F0 登録オーバー split_info_Add
8004D60C セグメント呼び出し%d回目
8004D628 セグメント開放 split_info_del %d
8004D64C split_info_del 開放終わり
8004D674  Tail->
8004D67C (%02d):romNo[%04d]adr[%08x]
8004D69C (%02d):romNo[%04d]adr[%08x]
8004D6C0 split_seginfo:
8004D6D0  split_seginfo [%x] romNo[%d] counter [%d]
8004D700 sx sy sf wa fa
8004D714 px py sx sy sf wr wg wb fr fg fb
8004D738 px py sx sy sf wr wg wb fr fg fb wa fa
8004D760 wa fa
8004D768 wa fa
8004D770 sx sy sf wa fa
8004D780 wa fa
8004D788 sx sy sf wa fa
8004D8E0 fade flag %d
8004D8F0 fade out %3d  fade_time %d
8004D90C glist_page_back %d
8004D920 sw.glist_page %d
8004D934 fade_setで disp_off に2 *************************
8004D984 fade wait %3d  fade_time %d
8004D9A4 WAIT
8004D9AC OUT
8004D9B0 IN
8004D9B4 OUT_IN
8004D9BC Error gw.fade_flag に FADE_LOCKが立ったままです。現在 FADE_%s中です
8004DA04 Error gw.fade_g が存在しないのに FADE_LOCKされているので gw.fade_flagを消去します
8004DA58 fade_set ok
8004DA68 Error! GOBJ不足で Fade task を発生できませんでした
8004DAA0 >案÷ 牛>案÷ 牛>案÷ 牛>案÷ 牛MRLLOCりょういきかくほしっぱい
8004DAE0 こていりょういきかくほしっぱい
8004DB24 mallocの管理構造体が破壊されています。修復できませんでした
8004DB60 Warning: free しようとした領域が見当たりません...
8004DB90 領域をfree します %x
 << malloc 用メモリ使用状況 >>
8004DBD0  %4d  byte	: 未使用
8004DBE8  %4dk byte	: 未使用
8004DC00  %4d  byte	: 
8004DC10  %4dk byte	: 
8004DC20 romNo[%04d]がseginfo NO %dで%xから%xまで使用。
8004DC50  %d のテーブルNOが使用しています。