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F1 Pole Position 64

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Title Screen

F1 Pole Position 64

Also known as: Human Grand Prix: The New Generation (JP)
Developer: Human Entertainment
Publishers: Human Entertainment (JP), Ubi Soft (US/EU)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: March 28, 1997
Released in US: September 30, 1997
Released in EU: October 1, 1997

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

F1 Pole Position 64 is a Formula One game that started out as unlicensed (in sense of having the FIA Formula One World Championship license) in Japan, but turned into an officially licensed title when localized (only for the localizer to lose and regain the license again).

Debug Menu

F1PolePosition64-debugmenu1.png F1PolePosition64-debugmenu2.png F1PolePosition64-debugmenu3.png

A small debug menu can be enabled with the below code. You can view various result screens and enter a model viewing option.

Version GameShark code
USA D10B06C0 0010
8002046F 0000
D10B06C0 0008
8002046F 0001
D10B06C0 0002
8002046F 0002
D10B06C0 0001
8002046F 0003
D10B06C0 0004
8002046F 0004
Japan D10AEE60 0010
8001F88F 0000
D10AEE60 0008
8001F88F 0001
D10AEE60 0002
8001F88F 0002
D10AEE60 0001
8001F88F 0003
D10AEE60 0004
8001F88F 0004
Europe D10B0DD0 0010
8002046F 0000
D10B0DD0 0008
8002046F 0001
D10B0DD0 0002
8002046F 0002
D10B0DD0 0001
8002046F 0003
D10B0DD0 0004
8002046F 0004

With the above code on, press and hold R while the game is booting. To enter different menu options, press the following buttons:

  • C-Up for GAME. This enters the game normally.
  • C-Left for KONNO. This enters a race. It will finish immediately then crash the game.
  • C-Right for NOGUCHI. This enters a sub menu.
  • C-Down for KATOU. This enters the game normally.

COLOR and FLLOAD controls:

  • Analog Stick to move model around.
  • R/L to move model in/out.
  • Z to reset model position.
  • A/B to tilt model.
  • C-Up/C-Down to move model up/down.
  • C-Left/C-Right to move model left/right.
  • Start to change option selected.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Build Dates

Version ROM Address Build Date
U 0xA5638
1997 May 04 10:51:12
E 0xA5CC8
1997 May 04 10:51:12
J 0xA4570
1997 Jan 27 19:00:24
(Source: Ferrox)

Development Text

Present at 0xA58D0 in the ROM is what appears to be additional supporting text relating to the debug menu.

<../indysrc/system.c> LAUDA Aug 22 1997 21:43:06
Push start button to continue

Regional Differences

Japan US/Europe
HumanGrandPrix-title.png F1PolePosition64-title.png

The Japanese version is known as Human Grand Prix: The New Generation and features a completely different title screen and word order in the "press start" prompt. In addition, the Japanese version is unlicensed and features fake brandings and driver names as well as 1997 championship year (although the game's content is still based on the 1996 season), while the international versions is an officially licensed FIA Formula One World Championship product with real names and sponsors based on the 1996 season (all references to 1997 are changed to 1996 as a result), except for Jacques Villeneuve (in which he was instead referred as an American driver named "Driver-X"), due to a licensing dispute not resolved until 1999.

Additionally, the following changes were made:

  • The Japanese version has slideshow intro with car models occasionally appearing, while the international ones jump to a live demo gameplay.
  • The Japanese version features a rename option to rename driver, team, and engine names.
  • All drivers have their portraits reshot/redrawn for international versions. This includes the free agent drivers, where almost all of them were completely altered, with subtle ones in Driver-2 only having a suit change and Driver-4 having the mustache shaved.
  • Free agent/original drivers were significantly altered to remove connections to F1 drivers not driving in 1996:
Human Grand Prix: The New Generation F1 Pole Position 64
T.Toragi (Toranosuke "Tora" Takagi)
Japan, 1974/02/12
Canada, 1971/06/05
S.Rauhmacher (Ralf Schumacher)
Germany, 1975/06/30
Germany, 1975/01/26
P.Arost (Alain Prost)
France 1955/02/24
USA, 1955/07/28
M.Nansell (Nigel Mansell)
England, 1953/08/08
England, 1953/11/29
S.Azuki (Aguri Suzuki)
Japan, 1960/09/08
France, 1960/12/27
N.Sakajima (Satoru Nakajima)
Japan, 1953/02/23
USA, 1963/09/04
S.Anna (Ayrton Senna)
Brazil, 1960/03/21
Italy, 1960/10/12
P.Niquet (Nelson Piquet)
Brazil, 1952/08/18
France, 1952/06/23

It should be noted of all free agents that are in the Japanese version, two of them were still in lower series in 1996 (Ralf debuted in 1997 and Takagi in 1998), and one of them had passed away two years before the game was set.