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Jet Ion Grand Prix

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Title Screen

Jet Ion Grand Prix

Also known as: Hresvelgr (JP), Hresvelgr: International (JP)
Developer: Gust
Publishers: Gust (JP), Ubisoft (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: June 22, 2000 (Regular Edition), December 21, 2001 (International Edition)
Released in EU: March 22, 2002

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Debug Menu

A debug menu is present in all versions of this game. Oddly enough, the only version that displays the main debug menu correctly is the European version. The font files are missing in the Japanese versions of the game and as a result, you will be presented with corrupted text on screen. Even in the European versions, the later debug menus and options are missing font files. You can apply the following codes for your version of the game to enable the debug menu at boot.

Hresvelgr (Demo Version) [SLPM_60112] codes:

Master Code (Only enable this on a real PlayStation 2)
90281F68 0C0A0780
Debug Menu Enable
D027BA86 00002410
0027BA84 0000000?

Hresvelgr [SLPS_20024] codes:

Master Code (Only enable this on a real PlayStation 2)
90283928 0C0A0DF0
Debug Menu Enable
D027D426 00002410
2027D424 0000000?

Hresvelgr: International [SLPS_20059] codes:

Master Code (Only enable this on a real PlayStation 2)
9029E3A8 0C0A7890
Debug Menu Enable
D02902B2 00002410
002902B0 0000000?

Jet Ion Grand Prix [SLES_50544] codes:

Master Code (Only enable this on a real PlayStation 2)
902A6338 0C0A9876
Debug Menu Enable
D029482A 00002410
00294828 0000000x

Replace "?" with one of the following:

0 = Main Debug Screen
1 = Main Debug Screen (with debug info enabled in game)
2 = Level Demo Mode (corrupted text)
3 = Same as 0 ?
5 = Ending Movie Selector ? (corrupted text)
6 = Two Player Debug Menu
7 = Trophy Viewing Menu (corrupted text)

Main Debug Screen

Jet Ion GP Debug.png

The main debug screen. You can select the course type, track, racer, item equipped, and lap count here. It is unclear what the options USERPARAM, MACHINECOUNT, FLAG, REPLAY CAM DATA and, REPLAYFILE do. The TAC evnt option appears to put you in a few exclusive demo event settings. The demo event settings are: FAMITSU, FAMITSU-PS, FAMITSU-BROS, GAMEWAVE and FAMITSU.COM. Perhaps these modes were shown off at certain game events.

Main Debug Screen (With Debug Info)

You will be presented with three menu options here. Choose the first one as the other two crash the game. Selecting the first option here will take you to the main debug screen. When entering any mode from this option it will enable a set of debug information on screen. Sadly, the information is all corrupted.

Jet Ion GP DebugOptions.png

Pressing select will bring up the (corrupted) debug display. You can edit options here but it's unclear what the text is. With the below code on, you can activate another background debug display for the EU version, although its also corrupted.

Enable Debug Display
D029482A 00002410
005C11E0 0000000x

Value "1" = 

"Light0 R"
"Light0 G"
"Light0 B"
"Light0 I"
"Light1 R"
"Light1 G"
"Light1 B"
"Light1 I"
"ambient R"
"ambient G"
"ambient B"
"ambient I"
"fogColor R"
"fogColor G"
"fogColor B"
"backdropColor R"
"backdropColor G"
"backdropColor B"

Value "2" = 

"Coll Margin"
"Coll Rep"
"Coll Slast"

Value "3" = 


Value "4" = 


Value "5" = 


Level Demo Mode

Jet Ion GP Debug2.png

You will be presented with one debug option here. Presumably you can select a list of levels to view a scrolling demo of the selected level.

Two Player Debug Menu

Jet Ion GP Debug2P.png

A two player debug option where you can select the course, vehicles and items.

Trophy Viewing Menu

Upon entering this menu you will be presented with corrupted text. The options here allow you to view the trophies in the game. Below is the text that was once displayed here in order of the menu options.

"Standerd A"
"Expert B"
"Expert A"
"Master C"
"Master B"
"Master A"
"Prime Time"
(Source: Original TCRF research)