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Inuyasha: Feudal Combat

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Title Screen

Inuyasha: Feudal Combat

Also known as: Inuyasha: Ougi Ranbu (JP/KR)
Developer: Eighting
Publisher: Bandai
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: June 16, 2005
Released in US: August 24, 2005
Released in KR: September 15, 2005

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

To do:
Document Debug Pause more.

Debug Menu

Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu1.png

Applying the below code will enable this menu when first starting the game. This will enable you to listen to music, listen to sound effects, view movies, view models, and quickly choose game modes along with other options.

US codes:

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
90300458 0C0C00BE

Enable Debug Menu At Startup
00100374 00000004

SYS MODE changes the game category to test. You can choose between the following:

  • TEST tests various game modes.
  • EXIT exits the game.
  • DEBUG does nothing.
  • START starts the game without debug enabled.

SUB MODE changes the sub category based on the SYS MODE chosen. Below are the options for this category:

  • OCHI. Does nothing.
  • KURO. Unknown. This doesn't start because it's missing a font file.
  • NISHI. Loads a blank map?
  • ISHIKI. Does nothing.
  • MURA. This is a non existent game mode.
  • SEQ. This is a model viewer.
  • EFFECT. This is an effect viewer that doesn't work.
  • MODEL. Doesn't work.
  • MOTION. Doesn't work.
  • WORLD. Doesn't work.
  • TXD. Doesn't work.
  • MAKE TXD. Doesn't work.
  • MOTION2. Doesn't work.
  • MISSION. Allows you to enter missions quickly.
  • STORY. Allows you to enter story matches quickly.
  • SURVIVAL. Starts a survival match.
  • ARCADE. Starts a versus match.
  • PRACTICE. Starts a practice match.
  • GAME. Starts an unknown game type.
  • ECT. Contains a BGM and movie test menu.

Press Start button to enter a sub mode while in this screen.

(Source: Punk7890)


Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu2.png Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu3.png

This allows you to view models in the game. You can also change the expressions of the character by following the on-screen debug prompt.


Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu4.png

This doesn't work.


Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu5.png

Starts a mission mode.


Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu6.png

Starts a story mission.


Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu7.png Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu8.png

Starts a survival match with specific settings. Setting the Muteki option on a given character will grant them invulnerability.


Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu9.png Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu10.png

This allows you to listen to music and play movie files.

Debug Pause

Inuyasha Feudal Combat - Debugmenu11.png

Entering a sub mode when the debug menu is enabled will enable this screen when you pause in-game. This contains a handful of other special debug features.