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Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time

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Title Screen

Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time

Developer: Career Soft
Publisher: Atlus
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: December 18, 2003, March 10, 2005 (Atlus Best Collection)

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

To do:
Document more of the second debug menu found in the Debug Menu section.
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

Main Debug Menu

Growlanser IV - debugmenu1.png

Much like the previous game, the same debug menu also can be found here. This contains sound tests, party member options, graphic viewers, level select, and many more. With the code below active, press L3 at any time to enable it.

SLPM-65408 codes:

Master Code (Only needed for cheat devices)
9010DC30 0C0436B4

Enable Debug Menu
004EA5B4 00000001

The code has not been tested on the Deluxe edition of the game, nor the Atlus Best Collection version.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

MenuTex Test

Growlanser IV - MenutexTest1.png Growlanser IV - MenutexTest2.png

This option allows you to view various icons and menu window graphics. You can also view various battle icons and cursor icons. It also gives you the ability to change the palette for each graphic.

Sound Test

Growlanser IV - Soundtest1.png Growlanser IV - Soundtest2.png

This menu allows you to listen to various types of sound fx and music from different categories.

Movie Test

Growlanser IV - Movietest1.png Growlanser IV - Movietest2.png Growlanser IV - Movietest3.png Growlanser IV - Movietest4.png

This menu allows you to view all of the pre-rendered movies in the game.


Growlanser IV - UNIT.png Growlanser IV - UNIT2.png

This sub-menu allows you to toggle various unit related debug information on-screen.

Text Text with Kanji Translation
マップトウカ マップ透過 Map Transparency
カツヤクBonus 活躍Bonus Activity Bonus
キャラ キャラ Character
クラス クラス Class
アイテム アイテム Item
ギノウ 技能 Skill
カイスウ 回数 Count
コウチョク 硬直 Stiffen
ジュンビ 準備 Prepare
ユウコウ 有効 Avaialble


Growlanser IV - SCALE1.png Growlanser IV - SCALE2.png

This menu allows you to change the scale settings of the map and characters.

Text Text with Kanji Translation
マップスケール マップスケール Map Scale
ユニットスケール ユニットスケール Unit Scale
ミニリミット ミニリミット Mini Limit
Keyソウサ Key操作 Key Control


Growlanser IV - spot test.png

This menu allows you to change screen effects and their color.


Growlanser IV - EVENT.png Growlanser IV - EVENT2.png

This sub-menu allows you to also toggle various debug information on-screen. It also allows you to toggle game related flags, and obtain items and money.

Text Text with Kanji Translation
イドウトリガー 移動トリガー Moving Trigger
チョウサトリガー 調査トリガー Investigate Trigger
ユウコウド 友好度 Friendly
セイチョウカウンタ 成長カウンタ Growth Counter
ショジMoney 所持Money My Money
グンシMoney 軍資Money War funds
コヅカイMoney 小遣いMoney

Common Flag

Growlanser IV - Common Flag.png

This presumably sets game related flags on or off.

Local Flag

Growlanser IV - Local Flag.png

Another flag editor menu. It's unclear what these all relate to.


Growlanser IV - SYSTEM1.png Growlanser IV - SYSTEM2.png Growlanser IV - SYSTEM3.png

This menu allows you to change the color of the debug menu as well as set various debug information on-screen.

Text Translation
DebugFontColor Debug font color
DebugFont Debug font
ザヒョウ ヒョウジ Show coordinate
MapDebug MapDebug
マホウ ヒョウジ Show magic
エイショウ コウソク Fast Cast
スクロール キンシ Prohibit scroll
スクロール キョウセイ Force scroll
Appendix Appendix
パフォーマンスメータ Performance Meter

Debug Menu

Growlanser IV - debugmenu2.png

This menu appears on-screen when selecting a level from the main debug menu.

Text Translation
何をする? What will you do?
×ボタンで抜けます Press X to quit
このメニューはSELECTを押すことで呼びだせます。 This menu can call on press Select.
マップユニットチェック Map unit check
メニューチェックモードへ To menu check mode
導入マクロ実行(顔やエフェクトチェック) Execute introduction macro (Check portrait and effect)
メッセージ関係チェック用 For check message related
デバッグ設定 Debug setting
音声&顔グラチェック Check sound and portrait graphics
ユニットチェック(現在無効) Unit check (Currently invalid)
ユニット配置 Place units
松田チェック Matsuda check
休暇チェックモード Vacation check mode
マップつなぎチェック Map connection check