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The Saigo no Nihonhei

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Title Screen

SIMPLE 2000 series Vol.120 The Saigo no Nihonhei: ~Utsukushiki Kokudo Dakkan Sakusen~

Developer: Tamsoft
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: August 30, 2007

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

The Saigo no Nihonhei (The Last Japanese Soldier) is a soldier game.

Debug Menu

The Saigo no Nihonhei Debug Menu.png

Apply the below code then press R3 in-game to enable this menu. Press Select to disable it.

Master Code (only needed for cheat devices)
902E0098 0C0B7FCE

Press R3 For Debug Menu, Select to Disable
2029BF80 080B5CAA
202D72A8 8F829638
202D72AC 10400006
202D72B0 3C03016C
202D72B4 8463B982
202D72B8 2401FFFB
202D72BC 14610002
202D72C0 24030001
202D72C4 AC430004
202D72C8 03E00008
202D72CC 00000000
(Source: Athena & Punk7890)
Text Translation Notes
○:無敵モート ○:Invincible mode
×:壁無視モード ×:Wall pass mode
□:場所表示 □:Display position For details, refer to the following.
△:未発見モード △:Non search mode
L1:超高速モード L1:High speed mode
L2:弾無限モード L2:Infinite ammo mode
L3:手投弾無限モード L3:Infinite grenade mode
R1:体力超回復モード R1:HP super cure mode
R2:体力最大回復モード R2:HP max cure mode
R3:マガジン無限モード R3:Infinite magazine mode
↑:ゴーストモード ↑:Ghost mode
START:倉庫に全アイテム追加 START:Add all items to inventory Open the pause menu and close the debug menu.
↓:アイテム落とし:「XXXXXXXXX」 ↓:Drop the item:"XXXXXXXX" Drop the selected item and close the debug menu.

場所表示 (Display Position)

The Saigo no Nihonhei Debug Display.png

Display the player coordinates and motion frames.

調整項目 (Adjust Entry)

The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-1.png

This allows you to adjust various lighting, and test sounds. It also contains a free camera mode. You will need a second controller to navigate the menu.

Replace Pause Menu With Adjust Entry Menu
10208C34 0000E330
(Source: Punk7890)
Text Translation
フォグ調整 Fog adjust
カメラ調整 Camera adjust
ゲームUI Game UI
フィルター Filter
ライト調整 Light adjust

Fog Adjust

The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-2.png

This allows you to adjust fog parameters.

Camera Adjust

The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-3.png

This toggles a free camera mode.


The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-4.png

This allows you to play music.


The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-5.png

This allows you to play sound effects.


The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-6.png

This allows you to play voice samples.


The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-8.png

This presumably allows you to edit a filter type of some sort.

Light Adjust

The Saigo no Nihonhei - Debugmenu2-7.png

This allows you to adjust ambient lighting.