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The Tousou Highway

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Title Screen

SIMPLE 2000 series Vol.68 The Tousou Highway: ~Nagoya - Tokyo~

Also known as: Car Racing Challenge (EU)
Developer: Tamsoft
Publishers: D3 Publisher (JP), 505 Games (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: December 9, 2004
Released in EU: February 2006

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The Tousou Highway is a game that involves getting away from the police in a car, while driving to Tokyo.

Debug Menu

The Tousou Highway Debug (1).png

Use the following code to display a debug menu.

20107550 24020007
Text Translation Notes
本番:○ Production:○ Game Start.
道路:○ Road:○ Switch to the title screen.
車:○ Car:○ Switch to the car model viewer.
人:○ Human:○ Switch to the human model viewer.
BGビューワー:○ Background Viewer:○ Switch to the background viewer.
道路パーツ:○ Road Parts:○ Crash the game.
道路並べ:○ Place the Road:○ Crash the game.
オブジェクト配置:× Place the Objects:× Crash the game.
パーティクル:○ Particle:○ Switch to the particle viewer.
サウンド試聴:○ Sound Test:○ Crash the game.
その他:? ETC:? Switch to the continue screen.

車 (Car)

The Tousou Highway Debug (2).png

Car model viewer.

Text Translation
× 1つ進める × Model No increment 1.
○ 1台進める ○ Model No increment for one car.
△ 1つ戻す × Model No decrement 1.
□ 1台戻す ○ Model No decrement for one car.

人 (Human)

The Tousou Highway Debug (3).png

Human model viewer.

BGビューワー (Background Viewer)

The Tousou Highway Debug (4).png

Crash the game after selecting.

Text Translation
モデル選択 Select a model.
レバーの上下でモデル変更 Press Up or Down to change the model.
○ボタンで決定 Press Circle to decide.
VIEW中はスタートボタンでこの画面に戻ります Press Start in viewing to return to this screen.

パーティクル (Particle)

The Tousou Highway Debug (5).png

Press R3 to display debug text, however, Particle does not generate.