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Fighting Angels

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Title Screen

Fighting Angels

Also known as: SIMPLE 2000 series Vol.55 The Catfight: Joneko Densetsu (JP)
Developer: Tamsoft
Publishers: D3 Publisher (JP), 505 Games (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: June 24, 2004
Released in EU: November 16, 2005

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Fighting Angels is an all-girl fighting game released straight to the bargain bins. It's best described by the following quotes from the game:

I'm Riho Futaba! My measurements are 37-23-33! Give me your support! ...'cause up to now you've been doing nothing but staring at my tits!

Misuzu Niiyama! My measurements are 36-18-32. My breasts are still growing... Will they ever stop!?

Build Date

Present in the SLES file.

Sep 22 2005