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Blood Omen 2 (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Blood Omen 2

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: May 21, 2002, 2003 (Greatest Hits)
Released in EU: May 28, 2002
Released in AU: May 29, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Grab more screenshots of debug modes.

Blood Omen 2 is the fourth game in the Legacy of Kain series and the second in the Blood Omen arc of the series.

Debug Modes

This game contains a lot of debugging material that can be enabled. Most of these modes show information on-screen, or print debug information to a PlayStation 2 debugging unit. Some of them also enable exclusive features, such as invincibility or slow motion. All of the codes in the below sections are for the USA version of the game (not the Greatest Hits version) and are named after game-related debug sections of code.

In order to activate or disable a certain mode, take the address of a debug mode and append a 00000001 to enable it, or 00000000 to disable it. For example, 00493e3c 00000001 would enable "Show Bone IDs". The code 0049559C 00000000 would disable Draw UI".

Known debug modes that do not appear to work:

  • "show camera Z lag"
  • "debug trajectories"
  • "use original kain (requires level reload)"
  • "show memory stats"
  • "Show Xbox pushbuffer Stats"
  • "Show XBox Compression Stats"
  • "Enable debug menus (Console)"

Blood Omen Specific Flags

00491460 ("display rendered font test")
0049146c ("show camera Z lag")
00491478 ("show captions")
00491484 ("dont show monster prints")
00491490 ("show superjump debug stuff")
0049149c ("allow abort from cinematics")
004914a8 ("weapons are not breakable")
004914b4 ("show weapon hitpoints")
004914c0 ("show analog controller")
004914cc ("disable kains headtracking")
004914d8 ("show ladder pivot points")
004914e4 ("draw pushable grids")
004914f0 ("debug trajectories")
004914fc ("draw path from Kain to charm victim")
00491508 ("debug rumble effects")
00491514 ("draw wardgate detection fields")
00491520 ("show detector debug stuff")
0049152c ("Dell's secret flag")
00491538 ("print weapon states")
00491544 ("show weapon animations")

BO2 Kain Debug Flags

00491550 ("draw Kain's enemy SENSE stuff")
0049155c ("show Kain's behaviors")
00491568 ("show Kain's position")
00491574 ("debug Kain's grab attacks")
00491580 ("show Kain's velocity")
0049158c ("show Kain's platform info")
00491598 ("show Kain's animations")
004915a4 ("show Kain's facing")
004915b0 ("show Kain's select aiming")
004915bc ("show Kain's lore")
004915c8 ("show Kain's hit points")
004915d4 ("don't use debug health")
004915e0 ("kain's invulnerable")
004915ec ("hide Kain during dark gift targeting")
004915f8 ("show Kain's charge move points")
00491604 ("show elapsed player time")
00491610 ("display ladder and edge grab probes")
0049161c ("show kain clip changes")
00491628 ("Dark gifts always available")
00491634 ("ignore water for Kain")
00491640 ("show checkpoint info")
0049164c ("show Kain's blocking preference")

BO2 Enemy Debug Flags

00491658 ("timings")
00491664 ("COMBAT messages")
00491670 ("COMBAT stuff")
0049167c ("sight view volume")
00491688 ("hearing range")
00491694 ("chase stuff")
004916a0 ("flee stuff")
004916ac ("range combat stuff")
004916b8 ("names")
004916c4 ("behaviors")
004916d0 ("animations")
004916dc ("polywalk")
004916e8 ("gotopos lowlevel")
004916f4 ("position")
00491700 ("show enemy clip changes")
0049170c ("disable enemies")
00491718 ("enemies always block")
00491724 ("sound paths")

BO2 New Feature Enable Flags

00491730 ("invert select up down")
0049173c ("don't use death dust effect")
00491748 ("enable save/restore game UI")
00491754 ("show super jump areas")
00491760 ("track ranged combat target")
0049176c ("use right stick in menu (requires restart)")
00491778 ("allow attack thru walls")
00491784 ("show dark gift name in menu")
00491790 ("use original kain (requires level reload)")

BO2 Most Used Flags

None of these modes appear to work at all. These are likely old versions of debug modes. Most of these appear in "Debug Common" again which work.

004917a0 ("reset creatures")
004917ac ("disable enemies")
004917b8 ("show memory stats")
004917c4 ("show fps")
004917d0 ("show kains position")
004917dc ("show current region")
004917e8 ("show helpers")
004917f4 ("always allow abort from cinematics")
00491800 ("kains invulnerable")
0049180c ("slow motion")

PS2 Debug Options

None of these appear to work.

00493130 ("Show debug text")
0049313c ("GIF dont prune MIPMAPs")
00493148 ("GS no trilinear filtering")
00493154 ("GS force trilinear filtering")
00493160 ("VIF drop sprites")
0049316c ("VU show code stats")
00493178 ("VU drop geom")
00493184 ("VU drop creatures")
00493190 ("VU drop terrain")
0049319c ("VU drop VMOs")
004931a8 ("VU drop sprites")
004931b4 ("VU drop clipped geom")
004931c0 ("VU ignore clipping")
004931cc ("VU drop scissored tris")
004931d8 ("Show scenemem stats")
004931e4 ("Show LowRes")
004931f0 ("No Fog")
004931fc ("No Fill")
00493208 ("No Textures")
00493214 ("No Texture Transfer")
00493220 ("No GIF Overlap")
0049322c ("Show OverDraw")
00493238 ("Disable sprite CTXT2")

Debug Engine Lighting

00493ec8 ("Draw Lights")
00493ed4 ("Enable Multitexturing for Lightmaps")
00493ee0 ("Write Lightmaps to Targa Files")
00493eec ("Don't Build Lighting at Load Time")
00493ef8 ("Don't use angle of incidence decay")

Debug Effects

None of these appear to work anymore.

00493f18 ("Disable effects")
00493f24 ("Disable effect drawing")
00493f30 ("Show effect bounding volumes")
00493f3c ("Effect statistics")
00493f48 ("List simulated effects")

Debug Timing

00493f68 ("Subsystem Times")
00493f74 ("Collision Times")
00493f80 ("Creature times")
00493f8c ("Creature EndOfTick Times")
00493f98 ("Only show Creature Times > 10microsec")

Debug Common

00495530 ("Fileout creature list")
0049553c Nothing.
00495548 ("Slow Motion")
00495554 ("Display AnimInfo")
00495560 ("Display BoneOrients")
0049556c ("Show Additional Warnings")
00495578 ("Force Keyboard Controls")
00495584 ("Global Region Edit Mode")
00495590 ("Enable creature lighting")
0049559c ("Draw UI")
004955a8 ("Flythru Camera is not the culling camera")
004955b4 ("Characters are deaf")
004955c0 ("Characters are blind")
004955cc ("Draw lines of sight")
004955d8 ("Disable Simulation Cull")
004955e4 ("Spline Draw")
004955f0 ("Don't draw cameras")
004955fc ("Debug conversation stuff")
00495608 ("Reset Creatures")
00495614 ("Disable Terrain Marks (footprints)")
00495620 ("Disable Creature Shadows")
0049562C ("Debug Creature Shadows")
00495638 ("Draw Helper Creatures")
00495644 ("Display Current Regions")
00495650 ("Display Regions Loaded")
0049565c ("Disable script debug print")
00495668 ("Show UI debug info")
00495674 "Enable debug menus (Console)"
00495680 ("Display EType")
0049568C ("Show Mem Totals")
00495698 ("Exit game")
004956A4 ("Show camera info")
004956b0 ("Sound ignores walls")
004956bc ("Disable scripted region loading")


00493D10 ("Draw Collision Geometry")
00493D1C ("Use Old Cell Render Params")
00493D28 ("Mute Sounds")
00493D34 ("Show Symbol Stats")
00493D40 ("Show Terrain Rendering Stats")
00493D4C ("Show Cell Crossings")
00493d58 ("Print Texture Stats at Startup")
00493d64 ("Print Tile Warnings at Startup")
00493d70 ("Render Terrain Without Texures")
00493d7c ("Show AnimAligns")
00493d88 ("Show Skeletons")
00493d94 ("Draw Terrain Wireframes")
00493da0 ("Render in TRON Mode (Wireframe ONLY)")
00493dac ("Debug AnimStreams")
00493DB8 ("Draw cells")
00493dc4 ("Draw traversed portals")
00493dd0 ("Do not cull against view volume")
00493DDC ("Show Render Totals")
00493de8 ("Show Bounding Volumes")
00493df4 ("Debug Rendering System")
00493e00 ("Print AnimEvent Warnings")
00493E0C ("Draw All Cells")
00493e18 ("Show Sound Stream Usage")
00493e24 ("Show Sound Channel Usage")
00493e30 ("Show Memory Usage")
00493e3c ("Show Bone IDs")
00493e48 ("Disable Software VMOs")
00493e54 ("Show FPS")
00493e60 ("Show Xbox pushbuffer Stats")
00493e6c ("Show XBox Compression Stats")
00493e78 ("Show music vars 0")
00493e84 ("Show music vars 1")
00493e90 ("Enable Model LODs")
00493e9c ("Show Free SRAM")
00493ea8 ("Show SoundGroup Volume")
(Source: Original TCRF research)