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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: August 16, 1999
Released in EU: 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

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Soul Reaver is the second game in the Legacy of Kain series. Featuring a seamless open world and a morbid post-apocalyptic story, it helped innovate many conventions that are commonplace in action-adventure games today. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and over-ambition, the game had to be severely stripped down to meet its deadline, resulting in the entire last third being cut and an infamously abrupt ending. So it unfolds...


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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Maps

City 10 and City 11 are two passageways that would have connected to the Undercity, a large area cut from the final release due to programming issues, via the Human Citadel. While these can be loaded in-game with hacking, they are not programmed to connect to City 9 or with each other.

City 10 City 11
Sr1City10material.png Sr1City11material.png
Sr1City10spectral.png Sr1City11spectral.png

Unused Audio

While there's little map data left from earlier builds, there are still many audio files giving light to earlier content.

Misc. Alternate/Edited Lines

Variations on lines heard in final.

Audio: Transcription: Context:
“Beyond the maelstrom of the abyss, a subterranean tunnel leads northward to the clan territories of Dumah and Turel. Endowed with Rahab’s soul, you may swim to gain entry, where your progress was previously impeded.” Similar to final, except the Elder God also mentions Turel.
“Dumah and Turel - your brothers who bore you into the abyss - have both retreated with their clans into Nosgoth’s northern wastes. The gift of Rahab’s soul enables you to pursue them, past previously insurmountable obstacles." A variant on the above line.
“These forges are tuned to the Soul Reaver’s energy. One you have baptized the sword in these elemental fonts, the blade may be imbued with that element at any future time.” All but the Fire Reaver were cut, so this line was rewritten to be singular.
“Welcome, Raziel” Variant of what Moebius says at the very end of the game.
“Damn you! How many ages did you bind me in your grasp?” The context is unclear, but this and the following lines may have been intended for the Chronoplast visions.
“A millenium… or a moment.”
“We who stand outside the rim of time dwell not in past or future ages. There is only the now.”
“The Oracle’s Cave – where Kain’s first fateful meeting with Moebius occurred. Moebius played the role of a doddering soothsayer, stirring his pot of visions while dispensing enigmatic predictions to gullible visitors. Underneath the façade was Moebius the Time-Streamer, sorcerer of The Circle of Nine – a ruthless manipulator with the power to bend time. Since his murder at Kain’s hands centuries ago, these caves have stood vacant, though – like Moebius himself – they are rumoured to be only a façade, for a much larger, more elaborate complex.” This line is spoken by Raziel in retail instead of the Elder God.
You speak with Kain?” Intended to be used when speaking with Rahab. Was rewritten to be "You speak with the murderer?"
“Sarafan, Rahab… Sarafan.” Shorter version of a line Raziel says when speaking to Rahab.
“At last. I must say I’m disappointed in your progress. I imagined you would be here sooner. Tell me - after all your moral posturing, did it trouble you to murder your brothers?” Alternate version of Kain's greeting in the Chronoplast.
“I have been to the tomb of Sarafan, Kain. How could you transform a Sarafan warrior into a vampire?” Shorter version of what Raziel says to Kain in the Chronoplast. 'Warrior' was changed to 'priest'.
“You are lost in the maze of your moral relativism, Kain.” Alternate version of a line Raziel says when speaking to Kain in the Chronoplast.
“This place, these portents. What game are you playing now?” Alternate version of a line Raziel says when speaking to Kain in the Chronoplast.
“These chambers offer insight for those patient enough to look. In your haste to find me, perhaps you have not gazed deeply enough. Our futures are pre-destined; Moebius foretold mine centuries ago. We each play out the paths fate has written for us. We are compelled ineluctably down pre-ordained paths. Free will is an illusion.” 'centuries' was changed to 'a millenium'.
“Kain is deified. The Clans tell tales of him; few know the truth: he was mortal once, as were we all. I am Raziel, first-born of his lieutenants. I stood with Kain and my brethren at the dawn of the empire. I have served him a millennium.” Alternate version of what Raziel says in the intro.
“Kain is deified. The Clans tell tales of him; few know the truth: he was mortal once, as were we all. I am Raziel, first-born of his lieutenants. I have served Kain a millennium. I stood with him and my brothers at the dawn of the empire.” Alternate version of what Raziel says in the intro.
“Over time, we became less human and more… divine. Kain would always enter the state of change first, and emerge with new powers.” Alternate version of what Raziel says in the intro.
”I would choose integrity and balance over this… madness.” Variant of what Raziel says to Kain before their first fight.
“I thought I understood you, Kain – that your jealous hatred was the root of the wounds you inflicted, but this… this genocide of your own kind is unconscionable.” Appears to be a longer variant of Raziel's line to Kain before their first fight.
“Your efforts are futile, Raziel. Such objects are but shadows in the spirit world.” Variant of what the Elder God says when you first try to move something in the Spectral Realm.
“Return to the Pillars, Raziel. Zephon’s soul has endowed you with the means to gain entry. Beware, however – this hollow derelict is abandoned, but not uninhabited.” Raziel was originally intended to visit the Silenced Cathedral before fighting Kain for the first time.
“Seek out Zephon’s lair, Raziel – beyond the ruins that greet your exit from the underworld. Endowed with Melchiah’s soul, you can gain entry where your path was previously blocked.” Raziel was originally intended to visit the Silenced Cathedral before fighting Kain for the first time.
“Spirit! I did not mean to disturb your rest.” Said to Ariel after the first Kain fight. The use of 'spirit' implies Raziel does not know who Ariel is, which was removed with the final line.

The Chronoplast

Audio: Transcription: Context:
“Even this small measure of Kain’s soul has conferred on you a great gift: like your master, you may now shift into the material plane at will. While your health must still be fully restored, you no longer require a portal.” Obtaining Shift-At-Will.
“Kain has withdrawn to his mountain retreat. Your only means of reaching him cut straight through the lair of your brother, Turel.” The context of this line is ambiguous, but would most likely have been used after leaving the Undercity.

Human Citadel/Priestess

Lines pertaining to the Human Citadel, the Undercity, and the cut Priestess boss fight.

Audio: Transcription: Context:
“Return to the Human Citadel, Raziel. The Temple, despite its innocuous façade, is rotten to its core - and like a cancer, spreads its corruption throughout the city.” This most likely would've been used right after exiting the Chronoplast with the above lines.
“Mysterious figures moved under cover of darkness, their robes betraying occult intent. This temple seemed to be a source of contagion. I would find a way to infiltrate this vampire lair.” May be the 'inaccessible' line used if you don't have the abilities to enter the Undercity.
“I watched, unseen, as shadowy figures slipped down the temple walls. The city slumbered, oblivious to the danger creeping just outside.” May have been the line used when returning to the Citadel.
“Heretic! Welcome to your undoing! Your sorcery is useless in this holy place.” This and subsequent lines would have been used when entering the Priestess' temple at the end of the Undercity.
“My faith in destiny is all I need to prevail.”
“Faith? (Laughs) Faith left you when you were excommunicated by our lord Kain.”
“I was executed, not excommunicated. You will learn the difference.”
“Your faith has failed you. Where are your precious vampires now? Where is your holy Kain?” This and subsequent lines are said after the fight with the Priestess.
“You are the one who has betrayed his faith – his brethren – his creator. I have served my gods.”
“And now, you will meet them.”
“In her long service to her vampire masters, The Priestess had learned a measure of sorcery. In devouring her soul, this power is conferred on you. You may project your spirit, and in so doing take possession of your victim’s body.” Reference to the deleted Possession ability.

Turel/The Smokestack

Lines pertaining to Turel, one of Raziel's brothers who was cut from the game. Many of Turel's lines were re-recorded and used for the short Morlock miniboss fight in the Drowned Abbey. Once defeating Turel, Raziel would've gained the Amplified Force Projectile, an ability cut from final.

Audio: Transcription: Context:
“Though the room seemed vacant, these banners clearly identified it as Turel’s audience chamber.” Would've been used when reaching said room in the smokestack.
“Leaving so soon, brother?” Turel would've blocked the way to the smokestack for a fight.
“Let me pass, Turel. I have enough blood on my hands today. My quarrel lies with Kain.”
“Poor Raziel, your rage blinds you to the bond of gratitude that we owe our master.”
“Gratitude? Toward one who would have you grovel at his gate like a dog? You once had noble aspirations, Turel. Now how humbled are your goals? Do you prosper on the scraps he casts you?”
“Your insults will do nothing to blunt the agonies of your demise.”
“You killed me once - behold the result. I have no more to fear from you.” The variant Kain killed me once is used when speaking to Morlock in final.
“You try my patience, Raziel.”
“I smell water. Tell me, have you – like Rahab – learned to swim in all these eons?”
“This smokestack will permit your ascent to the summit of Kain’s mountain sanctuary.” Presumably would've been said after killing Turel.

Kain's Mountain Retreat/Ariel's Death

Dialog that most likely would've been used for Raziel's final confrontation with Kain. While it's unclear where exactly Ariel's death to fuel the Soul Reaver would've taken place, Kain's response to Ariel suggests it would've been during the battle.

Audio: Transcription: Context:
“You have your father in you after all.”
“My father?! You’re nothing but a grave-robber, Kain.”
“True enough.”
“You and I have both been to Moebius’s chamber, Raziel. The future has always been written. You have served me well. Even now, you fail to disappoint. Shall we see if you pass the final test?”
“Do you have the will to do it, Raziel? Could it be after all your posturing you do not possess the resolve for this final act? Can you have come this far only to fail now?”
“Raziel, I am your only hope. Only my spirit can empower the Soul Reaver to destroy Kain and restore balance to Nosgoth. You know this is true.”
“More of your lies?”
“Only truth. Believe me, Raziel. Believe."
“Listen to her, Raziel. Strike me down if you can, but without her essence the blow will barely sting.”
“No! Please!”
*Sounds of Ariel crying* Producer's voice: "Good. Very good."
“Such a dire fate - their souls commingling, fettered eternally – just as Kain’s refusal had bound them together centuries before.”
“Such a dire fate - their souls commingling, fettered eternally – just as Kain’s refusal at the Pillars had bound them together centuries before.”

The Ending

Dialog for the original ending to the game. It is uncertain if it was intended to be a playable part of the game or a cutscene.

Audio: Transcription: Context:
“From this summit, the pinnacle of The Silenced Cathedral is within your reach. Hurry, Raziel – with The Soul Reaver thus enhanced, no obstacle can thwart your progress, no enemy obstruct your path, but take heed: the vampires of this world can sense your intentions, and will hound you in their desperate fury.”
“As they swarmed after me, I felt the terror that must have filled their wizened hearts. They knew what I had to do here, that it would spell their downfall – and that I too might perish in the very act. This tower had stood too long as a grotesque symbol of Kain’s perverse intent. The time was ripe – indeed, past due – for me to exploit my newborn talents and send a hymn of death across this land. Enough to banish sanity; enough to set the children of the night plucking at their eyes, tearing open their own throats; enough to destroy every vampiric creature on the face of this bruised and bleeding land. My goal was within reach, all that remained was to open each and every sounding pipe.”
“It is done; your destiny is fulfilled. The cycle of birth and death, stalled and stagnant these long years, once again begins to flow. You have done well, my servant.”
“It is done, Raziel; your destiny is fulfilled. Though you have destroyed every creature who might call you kin, the world is born anew. The cycle of birth and death - stalled and stagnant these long years - once again begins to flow. You have done well, my servant.”


  • The Underworld is normally inaccessible in Material Realm due to it being closed off, and even using Shift-At-Will, which allows Raziel to shift without a portal, the game will still disable shifting when Raziel gets near. Despite this, if the game is hacked so Raziel can shift anyway the Underworld can be accessed in Material. The geometry is slightly different, but most notably the entrance tunnel is underwater, indicating that the entirety of the Underworld is intended to be underwater like later games.
  • Under very rare circumstances, such as moving so fast via glitches the game can't keep up, a 'Streaming' message will display on-screen, indicating the game needs time to stream from the disc before continuing.

Debug Menu Remnants

Despite the debug menu itself being removed from the final game, several pieces of dialog still remain in SLUS_007.08 at the following hex offsets.


unknown format control: %s
FRTE %d 
INS  %d
Focus XYZ(%d,%d,%d)
Far Plane =%d
Fog Near = %d Fog Far = %d
Military Time %04d
FMEM %d  FreeSaveMem %d
Loading From CD: In Queue(%d)
Sound RAM usage...

Sfx ID %3d loaded  Ref count=%d  Using wave ID %3d  
Sfx ID %3d **LOAD ERROR**

%ld sfx loaded (%ld waves) using %ld bytes SRAM
Free Sram:%ld  Largest Free Sram Block:%ld


Cameraunit: %s
Processing unit %s
Military Time %04d


Spline %s%ld playto %d preveFram=%ld frame=%ld endOfSpline=%ld, maxFrames=%ld
Spline %s%d : clip(%d,%d) prevFrame=%d, frame=%d
Spline %s%d prevFrame=%d, frame=%d


Some PlayStation games released after 1998 (especially in PAL regions, like Europe, Oceania and South Africa) contain the LibCrypt protection system developed by Sony, in order to curb modchips and illegal copies on the system.

The LibCrypt functions on the software level in two ways: by detecting a modchip upon bootup of the game and by detecting an illegal copy through a 16-bit key located in the subchannel data of the disc. The first check is to see whether or not a modchip is installed on the system. As earlier modchips are active by default, all that is necessary to detect one is for the program to return data from a modchip. If it detects it, the game crashes immediately. This was mitigated by pirates with so-called "stealth" modchips, which turn off immediately when loading disc region data during boot-up. However, the second check now comes into play. The second part functions as a part of the game. It decrypts the 16-bit LibCrypt data key stored in the subchannel of the disc and stores it in the coprocessor of the system. If the data is incorrect, the game implements its anti-piracy measures. As most CD burners cannot properly replicate subchannel data on the disc, a pirated copy, whether burned directly to another disc or as a disc image, trips the anti-piracy measure by default.

A modded system allows for a backup, a pirated copy, or a legitimate copy of the game from a region different than the console, to start normally. However, with LibCrypt, the game can crash, freeze or perform tricks to prevent pirates, depending on the title.

In the case of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, the game freezes upon encountering the very first enemy in the tutorial section. Note, however, that this protection is present only in the PAL version of the game; it is not present in the North American NTSC (NTSC-U/C) version.

(Source: Copy Protected PlayStation games list, MVG's video about copy protection schemes on PS, tested through Mednafen and Duckstation emulators)