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Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

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Title Screen

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

Developer: H2O Entertainment
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: March 14, 2001
Released in EU: August 3, 2001

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
Figure out what the unknown cheats do.

Unused Cheat System

AidynChronicles-unusedcheat1.png AidynChronicles-unusedcheat2.png
AidynChronicles-unusedcheat3.png AidynChronicles-unusedcheat4.png
Lightreaver 2.png Aidyn Chronicles Hockey Stick 2 .png
Lightreaver 1.png Aidyn Chronicles Hockey Stick 1 .png

Hidden within the game is a half finished cheat system. Most of the cheats still work, but some will crash the game. Apply the GameShark code below to enable this system. With the code active, enter New Game and type one of the cheats below as your character name. After you have typed your cheat in, press Z + L buttons to activate. Your text will change red, then press OK to confirm. After you are done inputting the cheats, you must turn the cheat system off with Z + R buttons. Your text will return to white if done correctly.

Version GameShark code
USA D10E4266 2020
800D955B 0001
D10E4266 2010
800D955B 0000
PAL D10E45B6 2020
800D98AB 0001
D10E45B6 2010
800D98AB 0000
Cheat Input Effect
 !balloon Your character will now have a big head.
 !bigw Makes weapons and shields much larger, for player characters and enemies that use weapons/shields, ones that don't aren't affected.
 !flea Your character will become very small.
 !slashing Play the game until you return to Gwernia Castle, in the training room will be a pile of coins on the floor, press A on it to obtain the Hockey Stick.
 !darkside Play the game until you're poisoned by goblins, and saved by Oriana, after the cutscene ends Press A again on the bed, you will obtain the sword Lightreaver(it looks like a star wars light-saber in battle).
 !crawdaddy Plays a strange SFX jingle. It's unknown what else it does.
 !fatboy Plays a strange SFX jingle. It's unknown what else it does.
 !tweety Plays a strange SFX jingle. Sets the weather to rain at all times.
 !cheater Crashes the game.
 !bingo Crashes the game.
Keepbusy Displays the humorous text: "For further information, enter the following cheat: Imadoofus".
Imadoofus Displays the humorous text: "For further information, enter the following cheat: Keepbusy".
 !gene This is a valid cheat name, but has no function and will crash the game when inputted.
 !gotmilk Crashes the game.
 !version Displays the game's version number and build date.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

Present at 0xD1578 in the US ROM and 0xD1838 in the EU ROM is some build info.

US Version EU Version
Aidyn Chronicles
Version: 02.02a-LOT-CHECK
Compile: %s-%s
Code: %lu
Feb  2 2001
Aidyn Chronicles
Version: 04.27a-LC-PAL
Compile: %s-%s
Code: %lu
Apr 27 2001

Starting at 0xCDD78 in the US ROM and 0xCE038 in the EU ROM is some development related text.

CRASH - 02
Manual Crash
Thread: %ld
Position: %08x
Cause: %s
Last gGlobals.text:
Normal Resolution
High Resolution
32 Bit Color

Center scene not in Borg
Player Pos: (%3.4f, %3.4f)
New Grid: %d-%c%02d
Index: %d
type: %d
Scenes: (%d, %d, %d)
Address: %08x
Finished RenderVoxelScenesInZone

Render Player Shadows
Render Players (Water)
Render Players(trans)
Finished Render Zones

Handle Zone Engine Frame
pZ->map: %d
pT->map: %d
doReset: %d - %d
End Zone Engine Frame

Wanderer Not Found
PlayerName: %d

Scale: %3.2f
ScaleRad: %3.2f
Sphere Rad: %3.2f

InvalidNode. Node (%d) > 7
Called from %d, %s

Current: %lu
Allocated: %lu
Overwrite: %lu


GameTrekInit WanderHead

GetMapData().Data not Found
C = %d, map = %d, x = %d, y = %d