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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Developer: Check Six Studios
Publisher: Universal Interactive Studios
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: November 3, 2002
Released in EU: November 29, 2002

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is a game published in 2002 by Universal Interactive. It is the only game ever developed by Check Six Games and Equinoxe Digital Entertainment. Plus, it has horrible frame rates, long loading times, and a heap of glitches.

Original Story

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The original story of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly was supposed to be very different than the story of the final game. The original story involved Gnasty Gnorc teaming up with Ripto to steal all of the Dragonflies. This story is hinted at in some of the early character dialogue which refers to the Gnorc enemies working together with the Riptoc enemies. An even earlier dialogue snippet mentions Rhynocs being the game's antagonists.

Removed Levels

Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest level is referenced throughout the code of the game, but is never mentioned in the gameplay of the final release. Some early character dialogue referring to the level was removed before the final version, and judging by the dialect of the dialogue that was supposed to be in this level, its animal inhabitants would most likely have been Scottish Foxes. In early versions of the game, the level was named "Emerald Forest", but the atlas code and text refers to the level as "Enchanted Forest," meaning the level's original title was Emerald Forest and was changed during development. The two minigames that were supposed to appear in this level are unknown. There is no dialogue for them nor is there any code that mentions them. Oddly, the music for this level, and the music for its two minigames exist in a Music CD given away at WalMart on release. The Disc contained the soundtrack for the game, including these 3 unused tracks. There is no known image of what this level would have looked like, and even during the development stages it didn't have an image where it should have in the atlas. In the atlas, the Enchanted Forest is listed as the last level of the game.

Leftover MAP files

In the main directory for the game, there is a leftover linker address map (with the same name as the executable) that contains some original sources.

Download.png Download SLUS_203.15.MAP Linker Address Map
File: Spyro ETD NTSC-U PS2 Map.7z (653kb) (info)

Evolutionary Changes

Level differences

Monkey Monastery

The level "Monkey Monastery" went through multiple large revisions over development. The earliest mention of this level is in some unused text in the pre-release, which refers to the level as "Monkey Monk Mountains". In early atlas text, the level is referred to as "Monkey Monk Monastery". This name is also seen in most of the final game's code, where it is called MMM. These changes could have been made either to make the name closer to the traditional two-word level names that the Spyro series uses, or to make the level name a bit less repetitive.

#Monkey Monk Monastery
	{0.1 0.48 Text 364 24}
	{0.9 0.48 PageLink 11}
Page 11
	#Monkey Monk Monastery
	{0.1 0.1 Text 364 24}
	{0.5 0.4 Image "icon_at_mmm.mrb" 22}
	{0.1 0.8 LevelField 1 Completion }

Code for the Atlas entry referring to the level as Monkey Monk Monastery.

Unused 3D Text Characters

Spyro the Dragon uses a 3D font to show words in 3D space. It is most notably used to show world interaction. In Enter the Dragonfly, it is only used for showing when you can talk to a character and in the HUD to show the count of a collected object. Due to the small use of this text, not many characters get used. But it turns out the modeler of the game actually modeled more than is used in the game!


In-game, the only letters ever used in 3D are A, E, K, L, O, P, R, T, U in the PS2 version, and B, N, O, T, and U in the Gamecube version. It turns out, the full A-Z alphabet of characters exist though and are modeled fully in 3D.

EtDA-L3D.jpg EtDM-Z3D.jpg


The only symbols ever used in the entire game are . and : for the Timers. There are models for just about every symbol on a regular keyboard.


On top of regular keyboard symbols being unused, the Playstation Buttons also have 3D models to show a button to press in-game. The only one that is used in-game is the Triangle button. The other buttons do exist and oddly are still present on the Gamecube port of the game. Note their different design from the Triangle. The Triangle model is only the Triangle shape colored Green as the symbol is on the controller. These have a circle around the shape of the button, all of which are colored the default gold.


Unused Music

This game has a few unused tracks due to the exclusion of a level (Enchanted Forest) in the final release.

Mid-Fluteː This song most likely was going to be the main theme for "Enchanted Forest" considering its place on the Audio CD.

Andesː This song was most likely supposed to be used for one of the two minigames in "Enchanted Forest".

Songaː This song was most likely supposed to be used for the other minigame in "Enchanted Forest".

Piratesː It is unknown where this music would have been used in the final game. The most likely speculation would be that it was used in an early build of the level "Cloud 9" as the first two clips are taken from a video of an earlier version of the game and heard in Cloud 9. The full clip of this song is not available since it wasn't included in the final game and was not in the game's soundtrack.

Unused Voice Clips

Dragon Realms

Various lines by Hunter about certain tutorials that are unused in the final game. Hunter is only seen one time in the Hub World in the final game.

Voice Text
"So check this out: If you press the triangle button while in the middle of a jump, you'll do a Headbash that is great for breaking stuff open! Why don't you give it a try?"
Voice Text
"Well whad'ya know, I found a baby dragonfly! Why don't you add it to the collection?"
Voice Text
"Yo Spyro! It looks like you've activated your first breath ability! If you wanna switch between your available breath abilities, just press the L1 button."
Voice Text
"You know, I heard that if you take a stone like that to the dragon statue over there, it will grant you a special power. Why don't you give it a try? Ain't dragon magic the best?"
Voice Text
"You've got Bubble Breath now! You can use your bubble breath to capture any dragonflies running loose all over the world. Look, there goes a dragonfly now!"
Voice Text
"You've gotta get close to him for the bubble breath to work! Of course, that's easier said than done."
Voice Text
"Why don't you try using your Ice Breath? I bet it'll be more effective."
Voice Text
"Electric Breath is the way to go! Try using it, and we'll see what happens."
Voice Text
"There you go Spyro, I knew you'd get it!"

Moneybags complaining about Gems. If he played a larger role in the story, this would be the way he repays you at the end of the game.

Voice Text
"That's it, I've had it! I've had enough of dragons and dragonflies and gems. The gems, they're makin' me mad! Mad, I tell you, MAD! I need to change. Gold! Yes, that's it, Gold! Curse these gems they never get me anywhere! You take them Spyro, you seem to be awfully fond of them anyhow."

Zoe telling Spyro how to keep Sparx Healthy. The final game has Sparx teach Spyro this himself.

Voice Text
"Be sure to keep your friend, Sparx the Dragonfly, healthy Spyro. If his health is low, flaming or charging fodder for butterflies is a good idea. Sparx loves butterflies!"

Spyro asking if there's any way to aim while spitting. The only level that even uses the spitting mechanic is Honey Marsh. Aiming is used in other levels, but not the Dragon Realms.

Voice Text
"Is there any way to aim when I'm spitting rocks?"

Cloud 9

The game contains alternate voice clips for all of Cloud 9's NPCs. These are probably placeholder recordings that were used before the character's final voice was decided.

Voice Text
"Hey Spyro, the riptocs have invaded our palace and sabotaged the machines powering our hourglass. Your electric breath would be perfect for powering the machines. Please help us."
Voice Text
"Are you making any progress powering the machines?"
Voice Text
"Great job Spyro! Thanks for helping us out."
Voice Text
"That thief has stolen my magic wand, and I need it to activate the swirly thing next to the machine. Could you get it back for me?"
Voice Text
"Have you managed to catch that thief yet? I really miss my wand."
Voice Text
"Thanks Spyro, now I can power up the swirly thingy."
Voice Text
"Are you making any progress powering the machines yet? I'm gettin' sleepy. I don't know how much longer I can stay up."
Voice Text
"These lightning clouds are electrifying the pools. Could you use your superflame breath to get rid of them? Use the portal to power up your flame breath. That should do the trick."
Voice Text
"There are still some clouds to get rid of Spyro. Get back out there!"
Voice Text
"Great job Spyro! Can you swim to the next machine? I'm too scared of the water, and I never learned how to swim."
Voice Text
"I already gave you a dragonfly, what more do you want? I'm going back to bed."

Dialogue from the Cloud 9 Minigame "Defend the Puffy Palace" that is for a second, unused challenge (for which the reward would be an additional dragonfly). The final version of Cloud 9 only has one challenge.

Voice Text
"Uh oh. It looks like another wave of battleships is on the way!"
Voice Text
"Great job Spyro! This dragonfly fell out of one of the airships and I caught it just in time. Why don't you take it?"

Monkey Monastery

Dialogue from the Monkey Monastery Minigame "Destroy the Riptoc Turret Factories" that is for a second, unused challenge (for which the reward would be an additional dragonfly). Like Cloud 9, the final version of Monkey Monastery only has one challenge.

Voice Text
"Oh no. The Riptocs have rebuilt the factories. Can you destroy them again?"
Voice Text
"Those Riptocs won't be bothering us anymore! Here, I found another dragonfly in the wreckage."

Honey Marsh

Alternate dialogue for the NPCs of Honey Marsh. These may be from early in development before the final voice was decided. The first clip, "Hey!", is actually used in-game, but it is used on Sparx at the end of the level and is clear that the voice is not meant for Sparx.

Voice Text
Voice Text
"Spyro, thank goodness you're here! These honey stills are drainin' all the honey from Honey Marsh. Uh can you help us? But be careful, if you fall into that honey you may not make it out."
Voice Text
"Good job Spyro! I knew we could count on ya'!"
Voice Text
"Thanks Spyro! Now we'll be able to preserve the purity of our honey!"

Alternate Dialogue for one of the NPCs who wants you to destroy some Beehives by spitting rocks at them. These clips were also probably before they finalized the voice. They are mildly amusing though...

Voice Text
"You know, if you grab one of them rocks on the ground, you can get the bees to buzz off by pickin' up one of the rocks on the ground, and spittin' on em."
Voice Text
"You always come through Spyro! Thanks for the help."

An alternate version of the dialogue for the first NPC you meet. This could have just been a mistake to leave in the game and the final one could have been a retake of the clip.

Voice Text
"I tells you what, I'll make you a deal as sweet as honey! There are some honey stills drainin' all the honey from Honey Marsh. You help us get rid of em, and any of them there dragonflys you're goin' on about that you find along the way, you can keep. Just keep that between us now, ya hear?"

Thieves Den

Alternate dialogue for all of the NPCs in Thieves Den. Interestingly, the first clip talks about an early idea for the level which is having their den turned upside down.

Voice Text
"The Riptoc wizards have turned our den upside-down! Our own treasure is running away from us! Take care of the Riptoc wizards and meet me at the end of the tunnel."
Voice Text
"Hah hah! I knew you were the right dragon for the job Spyro!"
Voice Text
"Unfortunately, I forgot my water wings. Say, maybe you could do it? You know, if I could swim, I'd dive under the water and press that switch to open that door."
Voice Text
"Yeah, not bad! But if I had those water wings, I would've taken care of it myself."
Voice Text
"Hey Spyro! Did you drop this? Are you losing things again?"
Voice Text
"Well, if you drop any more of those little bug things around here, I'll be sure to send them your way!"