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Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

In May 2018, a prototype of the game was added to Hidden Palace by Voodooween. The prototype appears to be a fairly late build, but there are still many differences between it and the final game.


Dragon Shores
Differences right off the bat.
Dragon Dojo
Includes surrounding areas.
Dragon Village
Lookouts in the real world?
Big Forest
Includes surrounding area.
Cliff Town
One of the least developed areas.
Mountain of Magic
Warning: Can get glitchy.
Requires more effort to reach the boss.
Several enemy changes.
Includes nearby area.
Skelos Badlands
Includes Fire Minion boss.
Forgotten Worlds
Requires hacking to reach.
Sorcerer's Land
Also requires hacking to reach.


  • There's a small animated dot which appears when casting a spell. SSL-Proto-Dot.gif
  • You can carry 2499 gems from the beginning. In the final, you can carry up to 999 gems until you purchase a small wallet. Later, the game allows you to carry even more, but without letting you know.
  • In a few areas of the game, the background tiles can become garbled. When this happens, it's recommended to leave the entire area as soon as possible (not by phasing out), because otherwise, the tiles multiply and eventually cause the game to crash.
  • Whenever Spyro enters a cursed area, including those where, in the final, he is unable to walk, he is still able to walk around a little and the normal song for the level will play for a brief time.
    • Most times, the usual level song will play, even in a cursed area. In the final, the cursed song will play first, and will only play the usual level song if Spyro phases in and out of the world.
  • Most enemies don't move around when being hit, making it much easier to defeat them without getting hurt.
  • Spyro's charge attack has no running sound effects.
  • A lot of the purple text coloring is different in the prototype.
  • Due to a glitch, Spyro is unable to learn the Shock spell or the Cyclone spell.
    • The Shock spell has no animation for it just yet.
  • Dragon Eggs appear much later in the game, and do not use the usual egg icon from the final.
  • Spyro's Tail Hammer attack can be used much faster when used consecutively in comparison to the final. This is because the Tail Hammer animation takes longer to complete in the final.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-TailHammer.gif SSL-TailHammer.gif
  • Tomas does not explain what happens when Spyro gets a level up.
  • Sparx's second sprite on the pause menu is broken.
  • Sparx doesn't bother to tell Spyro how to defeat enemies.
  • Sparx doesn't explain the red butterflies to Spyro. Tomas does, even though he isn't likely to have been introduced at that time...
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-TomasSpeaks.png SSL-SparxSpeaks.png
  • Tomas also explains the use of crystals, even though Sparx does this job in the final, too.
  • In the prototype, Sensei explains how to use the block gates, whereas Tomas does so in the final.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Gates.png SSL-Gates.png

Title Screen

  • One of the opening screen backgrounds is different.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-BG.png SSL-BG.png
  • Most text is the same, save for "Spyro Shadow Legacy" having quotation marks surrounding it on the prototype. The final removes them.
  • Also, this screen is absent entirely in the final:
  • The title screen has an additional option at the bottom right (which seems to be a little out of place, graphics-wise).
  • When selected, you're taken to an extra settings screen, which doesn't mesh well with the top screen.

Unused Crystal

An unused item, known as Dingy Crystal of Undefined01 can be found in the Cliffs, appearing as a light blue crystal. Spyro can pick it up, and the information will read as Crystal of Undefined01, and show the icon of a butterfly bottle. It is unknown what this crystal does or was supposed to do, or if it was a placeholder for a future crystal.


Item Differences

  • Crystals that are dropped are lost, instead of falling to the floor like in the final.
  • Crystals fade away if not picked up fast enough, like most other items in the game.
  • The Crystal of Elusiveness has 'PageBreak' written before it.
  • Dragon Eggs appear much later in the game, and do not use the usual egg icon from the final. Instead, they closely resemble the Minidragons from Wizard Peak.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-DragonEgg.png SSL-DragonEgg.png
  • Boll Weevil Juice has a placeholder icon.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Juice.png SSL-Juice.png
  • Mushrooms have a slightly different icon, with different shading.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Mushroom.png SSL-Mushroom.png

An early version of the gem can be found in Cliff Town. Unlike the gems in the final game, this uses a model rather than a sprite.


Shop Differences

The items are not highlighted like they are in the final.

Item Prototype Price Final Price
Key 50 150
Mushroom 75 50
Butterfly 75 50
Large Keychain 499 1400
Boll Weevil Juice 199 500
Bag 199 500
Large Bottle 499 1400
Crystal of Intelligence 1499 2800
Crystal of Strength 1699 2900
Crystal of Ferocity 1499* 4400
Crystal of Duck Feathers 999 2500
Crystal of Luck 999 2500
Small Wallet N/A 500
Bottle 199 500
Keychain 499* 300
Large Leather Bag 699 1200
Magic Bottle 699 2500
Crystal of Elusiveness 1499 2700
Crystal of Power 1999 3500
Crystal of Fortuity 1999 3500
Crystal of Dragonskin 2499 4500
Crystal of Shadow 2499 4500
Magic Bag 899 2600

*Marshall adds on an additional 1g in his text.

Debug Level

The debug level is still in the prototype, and remains mostly the same. The two differences are that Sensei is not here, and the Plush Toy Octopus (known as Quest Item 33) is here.

Prototype Final

Unused Files

  • As with the final, a bunch of files for a Sims game are still present.
  • Since the area for it is pure black and lacks any graphics, the "tongue door" goes unused in the prototype.
  • You start off with the small wallet automatically, so you never see the graphic for it in store.