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Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy/Big Forest

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

Main Area

  • Like in Dragon Shores, the fountain is already working upon arrival.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Maze-Fountain.png SSL-Maze-Fountain.png
  • When approaching Mrs. MoneyBags, her model (and those surrounding her) jitters a little. She also has a mild text error ("MamaÓ's coming!").
    • Her later text also has this error.
  • Merton also has an erroneous 'Ó' in his text.
  • The weevils are all in the same place, as opposed to spread out in the final.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Weevils.png SSL-Weevil2.png
  • You can't push the Lookout guarding Maxwell over the house like you can in the final.
  • Moneybags doesn't hint at Spyro what to do if the switches don't work. Also, the conveyors never actually work, even though Moneybags thanks him for getting them to do so.
  • The shadow platforms are scrambled a little, making it hard to see where Spyro is jumping.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-ShadowPlatform.png SSL-ShadowPlatform.png
  • The two Periscopes appear in the real world, instead of the shadow realm like they're supposed to.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Periscopes.png SSL-Periscopes.png
  • At the top, each of the chests contain a key. One of the chests contains the Crystal of Fortuity. The final does not have this crystal, nor do all of the chests contain a key.

Maxwell's Area

  • A strange sound error occurs here. Occasionally, you can hear the sound of a yeti. The yeti doesn't show up until later.
  • Maxwell's sign reads 'Marvin Moneybags' Marvelous Miniporium'. This was fixed in the final.