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Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy/Dragon Shores

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

Game Start

  • Spyro snores after Hunter's speech in the prototype, instead of before.
  • Mild change to that dialogue. In the prototype, he snores twice. In the final, he snores once.
  • An extra red gem can be found in Spyro's room. The gems are also spread out more.
  • The key has been moved down a little in the final.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-SpyrosRoom.png SSL-SpyrosRoom.png
  • The egg in the room next door has been replaced with something else.
  • The door's model to the room on Spyro's right is absent.
  • Hunter, Blink, Skipper and Bianca appear to be floating on the ship instead of standing on it. The ship is also placed too close to the dock, so Spyro can walk through some of it.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-SpyroShip.png SSL-Ship.png
  • A little of Hunter's text renders incorrectly.
  • Cutscene has different text in the prototype (and a mild error during the second sentence).
Prototype Final
Ominous clouds filled the sky. The air crackled with magic. There was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.

The clouds part 0 and with a deafening crack, a bolt of energy rushed towards earth ...straight towards Spyro.

A wave of dark magic spread across the land, pushing everyone in sight into a strange dimension.

While Spyro drifted off to sleep once again, ominous clouds appeared above the land. They crackled with magic, signaling the approaching threat.

A deafening crack! A bolt of energy rushed toward earth, right for Spyro!

A wave of dark magic pulsed across the land, pushing everyone into a strange dimension known as the Shadow Realm.

  • A little of Tomas' text is changed (and a blank message is displayed just before this text):
Prototype Final
your attacks are useless against these creatures: you must run from them! First, your attacks are useless against these creatures, you must run from them!
  • When Spyro reaches the portal, the land changes back to the normal world briefly.

Second Visit

  • You can move Spyro a little before the cutscene starts in the prototype.
  • Mr. Funderlic and Laird walk around in their cages in the cutscene. The other dragons' locations are not even shown.
  • There's a tree stump near the top of the level, which is absent in the final.
  • One of the fire torches were moved.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-TorchesDV.png SSL-TorchesDV.png
  • The fountain is already working in the prototype, whereas in the final Spyro needs to track down the talisman first. Despite this, the dragons still label it as 'gone' during a cutscene.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Fountain.png SSL-Fountain.png
  • Nearby, a fire torch has been moved over, and a sign has been added.
  • A sign just beneath the fountain stating "Residents only!" was removed in the final.
  • In the top-right hut, the four red gems have not yet been placed.
  • In the hut just below it, the other gems have also not been placed. In the final, the gems go through one of the stumps for some reason.
  • Skipper and the ship are still here. If Spyro gets too close to it, the ship overlaps both Spyro and Skipper until he moves away. You cannot interact with Skipper.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Boat2.png SSL-Boat2.png
  • A blue gem which is missing in the final can be found on one of the smaller islands leading to Brigid in the real world.
  • The camera focuses in on Brigid only as you approach her, rather than when you enter her area.
  • Once saved, Brigid moves around in the final, but she's stationary in the prototype. You can't talk to her yet, whereas in the final you can.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Brigit.png SSL-Brigit.png
  • The basket and iron chest were moved around (the placement for the iron chest in the final can be seen in the image above).
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Ironchest.png SSL-Ironchest.png
  • After saving everyone and returning to the real world, the cutscene activates, but no one is actually in the area. Not even Spyro.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-DVScene.png SSL-DVScene.png
  • When Artigan is about to make a rude suggestion, Spyro usually has a voice clip that activates. In the prototype, there's no such clip, making it seem strange that Brigid would mention Spyro straight after.
  • At the end of the cutscene, Artigan stands around outside. You can't talk to him, and he still appears in the hotel when you visit.
  • After everyone has been rescued, speaking to Brigid will automatically complete her mission, regardless of whether or not Spyro has spoken to Mrs. Funderlic beforehand or not.
  • After accepting Artigan's quest, speaking to him again straight after will bring up Mr. Funderlic's text.
  • The trash that Artigan asks Spyro to burn use tree stumps, presumably as a placeholder.
    • It's also not possible to complete Artigan's quest, due to one of the "stumps" not burning.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Trash.png SSL-Trash.png
  • The first dragon egg of the game can be found north-east of the level, just in front of a cave.