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Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy/Wilderness

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

Main Area

  • There are shadow realm gates, but in the real world! However, even if you enter the shadow realm and defeat the enemies there, the marker does not decrease. Since the enemies in the real world don't contribute to this gate either, it's impossible to remove it without hacking in some way. Thankfully, a well positioned jump and glide will allow Spyro to get around this inconvenience.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-SRGate.png SSL-SRGate.png
  • The boulders (and cave) aren't here yet.
  • Leaping over to Skipper will cause him to float around for a bit.
  • When sailing off to Avalar, Spyro never boards the ship like he does in the final. It just switches to Avalar (or the cutscene).
  • On the subject of the cutscene, text has been changed again. The prototype text ends as you would expect, whereas the final text suggests that there should be another scene.
Prototype Final
Victorious, Spyro sailed for Avalar. He had a long journey ahead of him.

The magic energy was beginning to return to normal.

But Spyro still had to find Hunter ...

... and the Professor ...
Victorious, Spyro sailed for Avalar. So much was behind him, yet his journey had just begun.

The magic energy was returning to normal.

But Spyro still had to find Hunter ...

... the Professor ...

Ice Minion

  • Different camera angles when the boss 'introduces' himself.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Boss.png SSL-Boss.png
  • The name tag is blank.
  • The shadow underneath the boss is lighter in the prototype.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-BossShadow.png SSL-BossShadow.png
  • The boss disappears rather unceremoniously in the prototype. No XP points are shown, no sudden explosion of stars. Once you've obtained his power, Astor does not appear to let Spyro know how to use his newfound power.