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Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs

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Title Screen

Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs

Also known as: Spyro Adventure (EU)
Developer: Digital Eclipse
Publisher: Universal Interactive
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: October 27, 2003
Released in EU: November 20, 2003

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Professor creates a peephole to trap Ripto in another dimension. Robot butler destroys it. Professor sends Spyro off to locate some magical artifacts known as "Hearts" to send Ripto back. Spyro has to complete loads of quests to get them. Since a bunch of toddler dragons without their toy are more scary than the end of the world as they know it, for example.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Sprites

Ripto has several sprites that go unused.

SAttack-Ripto1.gif SAttack-Ripto2.gif

A couple of early Ripto statues.

SAttack-RiptoA1.gif SAttack-RiptoA2.gif SAttack-RiptoA3.gif SAttack-RiptoA4.gif SAttack-RiptoA5.gif

Ripto attacking from five different angles, seemingly from a much earlier version of the game. The retail release has a different cape colour, whereas this one matches his cape from the other games.

A comparison of this Ripto versus the one in the final:

Used Unused
Spyro-AttackRiptoUsed.png Spyro-AttackRiptoUnused.png

Last but not least, these probably early sprites labelled DON'T USE.

Spyro-AttackDONT1.png Spyro-AttackUSE1.png Spyro-AttackDONT2.png Spyro-AttackUSE2.png

(Source: Mr.C)

Unused Map

The map with the ID 23 is not included in the game data and thus goes unused. The name shows that it was another section of "Yeti Serengeti - Frontier Region".

Unused Text

Placed between the item descriptions:


Placed between conversational text:

(Source: Raymap)

Regional Differences


Not only does the European game load the credits faster (despite adding more text on for the localization team), the text has been moved left to match the rest of the sequence.

Spyro-AttackCredit.PNG SpyroAdventure-Credit.PNG

Text Changes

This crowbar is stong and light! This crowbar is strong and light!

Typo fixed.

Woah! Whoa!

Spelling changed around.

This is a stethscope! This is a stethoscope!

Typo amended.

Now if only this little rugrat will fall asleep! Now if only this little rug rat will fall asleep!

Space added.

Maybe you could beat that time, SPYRO! Maybe you could be that time, SPYRO!

A typo was introduced to the European release, strangely.

We found it in a purple chest in the Rabbbit Habitat We found it in a purple chest in the Rabbit Habitat

Typo corrected.

This fell out of a statue that crumbled when we solved the 9-square puzzle in the Kangaroo Hoodoos. This fell out of a statue when we solved the 9-square puzzle in the Kangaroo Hoodoos.


Momkey gave this to us in the Banana Savannah after you helped her serve soup in her kitchen. We found it inside a red chest in the Banana Savannah.

This text was rewritten for the European release.

We've found all of Sgt.Byrd's medals! We've found all of Sgt. Byrd's medals!

A space was removed.

Looking for Game Boy™ Advance Game Link™ game Looking for Game Boy Advance™ Game Link™ game.

™ was swapped around.

(Source: Raymap)

Unused Music

There are two unused music tracks and also a couple of jingles: